Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


29. Girl Talk.

Britanies POV:

When we got back I got a text from Lauren saying she wanted a girls night. Just me and the girls.


B: Hey, im staying wih Lauren and the girls tonight

J: Wont Ted be there?

B: Proubably. Wanna come?

J: Sure.


B&J pack clothes and went to Lauren & Teds hotel room. We knocked on the door and Lauren answered.


L: Hey britanie. I thought I said just you. Its a girls night.

B: Justin made a good point Ted will be here. Wont he want another guy to hang with?

L: No? Chaz and Ryan are staying here with him. And plus he is still kinda mad that Justin toke you back.

J: Well im staying.

L: *sighs* No. youre not.

B: Come on Justin, lets go back to your room. I don't need this.


B&J left.


With Lauren

N: Wheres Britanie?

L: She left.

A: Why?

L: She came with Justin.

R,C,N,A,&Cody: Why didn't he stay then since the gang is here?

L: *looks at Ted, then back at the crew* Ted doesn't like him since he forgave Britanie. And im kinda not to found of him either And since she left im not to fond of her either..

R,C,N,A,&CODY all get up with their stuff.

L: Where are you going I thought we were having a girls night? And the guys were staying with Ted.

R: We are leaving.

L: Why?

A: Cause you are being a bitch. I thought you were nice.

L: I am!

N: You were nice when I met you at the concert. You turned into a bitch when Britanie left Justin on stage. I was there for when when people caused her pain. When she almost died. Justin had to fucking BEG you to come back. You only care about yourself and your damn fiancé. When you came back I thought you had changed. But now I can see I was wrong.. YOur still a self centered bitch. And im telling Justin to have the staff kick you out of here. So be ready to leave. BYE! *looks at R,C,A,&CODY* come on guys. *they all leave*


With Britanie.


B: I cant believe she said that! *tears in her eyes*

J: Babe, I know me either. I cant believe he is trying to take me friends from me. *looks at you* Wanna stay here tonight?

B: *smiles* Sure.

J: Lets order pizza and watch some movies.

B: Ok. Im gonna go get dres-


*knock knock*


J: Whos here?

B: *shrugs* come on lets see.

J: *opens the door to revel Ryan, Chaz, Nicole, Ali & Cody* Uhm hey guys? *they barge in*

B: Yea come in...

J: So whats up?

R: *Tells them everything* and that's why you need to get them outta here ASAP!

J: Okay.


Justins phone goes off, he got a text.


J: Hey babe, can you get that while I take care of this?

B: Yea.


TEXT.     ( I have NOTHING against Caitlin. )

Cait: Hey Justy Poo, I heard you were gonna be in California today and for the next week. Im here too! I figured we could meet up and fix up our relationship. I mean since you never did break up with me. And you are done with Selena. And I figured that since you texted, face timed me, and called me everyday telling me that when she was out of your life how we were gonna get back together and how I was gonna go on tour with you and we would get married and everything. I still love you. and I know you still love me. <3 :* Since you told me you did like 4 hours ago. Cant wait to see / hear back from you!


Britanies POV:

WHAT?!? Hes already cheating on me! As I was reading this I started crying. I think Chaz noticed cause he came over and put his arm around me to comfort me. I didn't pull away I let him. I needed this. He lied to me. Im so mad at Justin.


C: Hey, whats wrong?

B: *sniffles and shows him the text* *and can see his expression change, it went from sad to angry, he looked pissed* Chaz, are you ok? Ryan, help me with him. I don't know whats wrong.

R: Yo' whats wrong?



Justins POV:

I walked through the door, and heard chaz yell ' HES STILL WITH CAITLIN HES CHEATING ON BRITANIE! ' SHIT! Why did I tell her to grab my phone and check it. Yea, me and Caitlin were still dating. I couldn't break up with her. she was my first love. I tried to replace her but couldn't. I promised when I dumped selena that id go back to her. but then britanie came and I thought shed help me but when we kissed I felt nothing. then I heard Britanie crying. I knew she had feeliings for me. I knew she loved me.


N: What do you mean?

R: She is in California right now. She wants Justin back. *tells them everything* And when she wants something... *looks at Britanie* She will do ANYTHING to get it.

Chaz: Well she isn't laying ONE finger on Britanie. I love her! *and after I said that I froze. I didn't even know britanie... what has this girl done to me? I guess love at first sight?*

Cody: Guys don't mean to run your day but Justin is here...

J: Hey guys. *walks up to britanie* Hello gorgeous *goes to kiss her*

B: *smacks him* DONT YOU 'HELLO GORGEOUS' ME! YOU ARE A FUCKING CHEATER I THOUGHT YOU CARED. I WAS WRONG! WE ARE THROUGH! *walks to bathroom to get into pajamas. gets into pajama short shorts and a tank top. walks out* hey guys. im kinda hungry, so im gonna order pizza. Want any?

Chaz: Yea, you should order 5 boxes.

B: ok.  *calls and orders 20 minutes later it comes and just as we are about to eat the doorbell rings and Justin answers it and he walks in with Caitlin.*

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