Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


21. First concert!

Justins POV:

I woke up and Britanie wasn't there. So I got showered and went over to her bus. Ryan said they went out. I had a confused look on my face, but he said the girls. He said he didn't know where so im guessing she wanted to tell them what happened last night between us... great.. Well tonight is the first concert of the Believe tour and I don't need to be thinking about what she is saying. All I know is Selena is coming tonight, I gotta 'pretend' to be with her and 'love her' even though I don't. I mean after I was with her for a like 3 months I kinda grew feelings for her, and I sorta love her, but I know she isn't the one. When I saw Britanie I knew she was the one. I am completely in love with her. But Selenas mom wants me to date Selena. And I don't wanna break Selenas heart cause I KNOW she loves me.. What am I to do... I just hope she doesn't cause drama with Britanie tonight...


Britanies POV:
We got back and I told the girls to hush up about what we were just talking about that I didn't need ANYBODY to know that I was in love with. But they got wide eyes befor I could say it and yelled and turned me around I stoped talking as well. Justin was there talking to Ryan and Cody and when they saw us walk in and saw me telling that to the girls they were listening im SO glad they stopped me.


R,J,&C: So who are you in love with?

B: uhm.. Im in love with Chaz.. * I looked at the girls with a smile and they smiled to. Chaz was also a code word for Justin. We made that up on the walk back. Which sorta wasn't a lie, I thought Chaz was cute.*

R: Well he is gonna be there tonight. Infact I think he is gonna be touring with the rest of us for the year. * as soon a I said that Justin glared at me*

B: Really? YAY!

B,N,A,C,&R: *we all nnoticed that Justin was sad and he looked like he was jealous? So Britanie spoke up.*

B: Jealous Justin?

J: Nope, cause my beautiful girlfriend Sel is gonna be there to.


Britanies POV:

Before I had the chance to say something my phone went off, I had a text from... Ali? I looked at her like WTF your right there. But I read it anyways.



Britanie, just what we need. The slut is coming. I hope she doesn't cause any proublems with you OR Nicole. She did with me when she first saw/met me. She didn't even know I was dating Cody. She was all like ' Listen here. You better stay away from MY justy or else bitch.' And then she called ME a slut I just looked at her and said 'at least I don't sleep around with EVERYGUY and use them to make me MORE famous then dump their ass... Bitch' She just walked away. Don't worry, Ill be right by your side so will Nicole. Oh, and I will give you Chaz's number.



A: *pretends she didn't know* What let me see.

B: *Shows her & Nicole*

N&A: * die with laughter, then britanie quickly deletes the text.*

A: Oh, Britanie. Here is his number. *gives it to you, and you call him and go to your room.*

B: *you yell* THANKS ALI!

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