Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


34. Dating & Fun On The Jet!

R: Whoa bro, im not leaving my girlfriend.

N: *blushes*

B: GIRLFRIEND?!? When were you gonna tell me!

N: Well I guess now. *laughs* So where are you gonna sleep?

B: Ill sleep on the couc-

C: Nope, you get the bed. I get the couch.

B: No!

C: Yes!

B: No!



R: They fight like a married couple and they aren't even dating.

N: I know.

C: *blushes*

N: Why don't you both get the bed?

B&C: fine.

N: Britanie can I talk to you?

B: Sure.


B&N walk away to the bedroom.


B: whats up?

N:When he goes to bed you can always go the couch.

B: Good idea. Well, im gonna get changed.

N: Same. *walks into bathroom and changes into short pajama shorts and a tank top both are purple. walks out*

B: *Changes into Short shorts pajama shorts and a tank top, both are pink*

N: are you trying to kill Chaz? *laughs*

B: are you trying to kill Ryan? And no im not, its just hot as fuck in this jet.

N: I know it is. and no im not.

N&B walk out and both R&C mouth drop.


N&B: *laughs*

B: Well, im going to bed, night Ry, night Nicole, night Chaz. *walks away & can feel eyes on her* Chaz, stop starring at my ass.

C: *blushes* im not.

R&N: you are.

B: *In the bedroom and under the covers pretending to sleep. has her phone in her bra*

C: Im going to bed.

N&R: Same. Night



Britanies POV: I felt Chaz get into bed and he kept his distance. in like 15 minutes I heard him snore. hes asleep. I snuck out with a pillow and there was a blanket on the couch and I layed down and was on my phone on  twitter, just wanted to see if anybody tweeted.



@justinbieber worst night ever, lost the girl of my dreams cause of a game and cause of my ex... if only you knew the truth...

(30 minutes ago)

@justinbieber did something I regret, felt eyes on me. hope no one saw.

(15 minutes ago) *I laughed at that*

@TMZ Justin Bieber sex tape with ex Girlfriend Caitlin Beadles?! Justin Bieber a cheater as well on 2 girls? Wow. Lets thank @selenagomez for sending this in. > link here <

(that was 5 minutes ago. my mouth droped open. She used me! I started crying. That bitch! UGH! )

@selenagomez I just wanna thank someone I have known all my life for something that has helped me get a TON of money. Thank you so much. hope you know when you get here you career will be done with. #bitch (;

(1 minute ago)

@justinbieber DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE @britanie94, @chazsom3rs, @itsryanbutler, or @Nicole is?

(Oh god he found out we left. worse of all, that was 1 second ago.)


I went to my mentions and had TONS from his beliebers.

@britanie94 where are you guys?!

@britanie94 you have to get back to @justinbieber whatever he has done to you im sure he didn't mean it.

*I replyed back* (you sure bout that? check out the sex tape on TMZ)

@britanie94 is that sex tape is true you had a right to leave him.

@britanie94 im glad that dumb fat ass bitch finally left him.

@britanie94 did he ever tell you what happened between him and Caitlin?

*replyed back* (no, what happened?)

*she replyed back* (they had sex, and she faked a pregnancy and threated him against it and said if he ever left her she would tell the paps he dumped her and made her get a abortion)

*replyed back* (So he didn't cheat. She has black mail on him. I just wish I knew earlier. Wait, I wonder if he has any proof that she would be lying about that.)

*She replyed back* ( you know, I bet he never thought of that.)

*I replyed back* (proub not.)

*she replyed back* (where are you?)

*I replyed back* (selena said I  could tour with her. but she used me to get proof fom Justin. she sold it to TMZ so when I get there, my career is gonna be ruined.)

*she replied back* (where is your jet headed to?)

*I replied back without thinking* (texas)

then she didn't reply for 15 minutes, but I waited. then he replied.. great.

*@justinbieber* (hey, I kinda had one of my beliebers find out where you were headed and what was going on. im on my way there, actually im like 10 minutes away from the airport)

*@britanie94* (how are you there that fast?)

*Justin* (im Justin bieber, when you need to get somewhere fast, you get there.)

*britanie* (we will be landing in 30 minutes)

*Justin* (will you,chaz,nicole, and ryan meet me at my car?)

*britanie (sure. bye)


Logs off.


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