Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about you and Justin. But instead of writing 'You' or 'Y' all the time, your name will be Britanie.

Justin is famous in this story. Britanie is a belieber and has been supporting him since the start. One her birthday she gets tickets to go see Justin in concert. Her and her best friend Lauren travel to go see him, even though Lauren isn't a belieber, or a fan.
Read to find out what happens.


1. Characters.

Britanie - Has shoulder length brown hair with natural high lights. Hazelnut eyes. Shes average size. Her birthday is March 26, 1994. She is a Senior and is graduating this year, she only has one bestfriend and her name is Lauren. They have been bestfriends since the 2nd grade. Britanie is a huge belieber and has supported Justin ever since he got discovered. Lauren doesn't like Justin at all. She thinks he sounds like a girl, but lets Britanie listen to him whenever she wants and doesn't say anything bad about him cause she knows it upsets her. I get picked on everyday at school because I like Justin. I always fight with my mom. I cut myself because I get picked on so much and from what my mom tells me. But Lauren doesn't know that, yet... Im from Ohio. Ive never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, and I have a purity ring. I love horror films, romance movies, and I want to become a actress after I graduate.


Lauren - I have black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, skinny, My birthday is January 15, 1993. Im a senior and am also graduating this year. I have a boyfriend/fiancé. We have been together since 8th grade. Hi name is Ted. I have many bestfriends, but I can only trust one of them, and her name is Britanie. Weve been bestfriends since the 2nd grade. She is a huge belieber. I dislike Justin though, I think he sounds like a girl. I told her if she ever goes to his concert though id go with her just to see her reaction xD. I love her to death. I don't talk bad about Justin because I know it upsets her and I know she gets picked on around school for it. I listen to rock music, mostly My Chemical Romance. I live in my own apartment, while my parents live upstairs. Its pretty cool. I live in Ohio as well. I have lost my virginity to Ted. Horror films are my life, I don't like twilight. After I graduate I want to become a tattoo artist!


Britanies Mom - Always fights with Britanie, cant wait for her to move out.


Britanies Dad - Works all the time, comes home and has to listen to his wife screaming at Britanie for no reason.


Ted (laurens fiancé) - Not much I need to tell. Hes a sophomore. He is in love with Lauren.


Laurens Mom - Works at a restaurant.


Justin Bieber -  We all know who he is. (;


Pattie Mallette - All know who she is.


Jeremy Bieber - Same.


Jazzy & Jaxon Bieber- same.


Ryan & Chaz - Justins bestfriends.

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