Rediscovering Love

Edward and Bella met in High School. After graduation they lost contact and went on with their life. Years later they meet again. Both have a lot of secrets. They're both unhappy and when they bump in to each other, they start to realize that there is more than just friendship. A/H OC ExB

All disclaimer are the same... I don't know anything but the plot!


1. Prologue

A/N: I don't own a thing, except new characters and the plot!



If you told me ten years ago, I would be standing in front of the love of my life’s husband. I would have laughed in your face and told you that I would be already married to the love of my life. Ten years ago everything started which led to this point. Ten years ago, my life was supposed to be completely different. I would have been a musician who studied in a dream school, I’m married to my high school sweetheart and had a kid or two. Now my life looked completely different and not what I expected.

Okay, I am married to my high school sweetheart, but she isn’t a sweetheart anymore. I also have a kid, but I’m not even sure the kid is mine.

I look at the guy in front of me and I punch him.

Before I can hit him for a second time, he punches me back and I hit the ground. I come back to my feet looking my attacker in the eyes.

“Is this how you handled her?” He starts laughing.

“No, I hit her far worse!” I punch him in the face again, but I make sure it’s harder than before. He falls backwards.

“I barely felt it, ‘cause you hit like a girl.” I sneer. That is the stupidest thing to say, but at this moment I just don’t care. He hurt my girl and he is going to pay for it.




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