Rediscovering Love

Edward and Bella met in High School. After graduation they lost contact and went on with their life. Years later they meet again. Both have a lot of secrets. They're both unhappy and when they bump in to each other, they start to realize that there is more than just friendship. A/H OC ExB

All disclaimer are the same... I don't know anything but the plot!


11. Chapter ten: Another meeting

Edward’s age: 24 years old – Savannah’s age: 6 years old
Bella’s age: 24 years – Nathan’s age: 4 years old

Edward’s POV

I walk into my class and put my stuff down. After everything cooled down, I finished my studies to become a music teacher. It wasn’t my dream, but still part of what I wanted to do, was now my job.

“Hi, Mr. Cullen,” one of my students greets me.

“Hi, Peter,” I greet back. “Everything okay?” Peter is one of the few students that chose music, because he loved music. My other students chose the subject because they couldn’t decide what to do.

“Great, I finally got the notes right that I played wrong yesterday.” He smiles.

“That’s great. I will be listening to it when the class starts,” I tell him.

It’s weird to be teaching music to teenagers. I never thought I would do this job, but I still love to do it. Some of the students are very grateful for what I teach. In my free time I still write my own music and Savannah plays the songs after they are done. She is learning to play the piano and has started to become really good.

The students are filling the classroom and I start my first class of the day.


At the end of the day, I go to the school where Savannah attends and pick her up. I wait at the gate for my Princess.

“Are you here to pick up your kid?” someone asks me.

We are at a school, so isn’t it obvious? I turn to see a blond woman smile at me. I just nod and look at the building.

“I’m here to pick up a friend’s son,” she says. Is she flirting with me? “You would like her.”

I turn my head around and look shocked at her.  “What?!” I question her.

“You would be a great date for my friend,” she repeats.

“Are you trying to set up your friend with a complete stranger?” I ask her.

“I am!” She smiles.

“Daddy!” my daughter yells while running towards me. The woman walks over to what appears to be about a four year old little boy. I shake my head and open my arms for my daughter.

“Hello, Princess,” I greet her. “How was your day?”

“Super! We painted.”

“Can I see it?” I ask her.

“Oh, silly Daddy.” She laughs. “It’s still drying. I’m going to bring it home tomorrow.”

I start to laugh and take her hand. We walk to my car and she gets in the back seat and put her seatbelt on.


Days pass by and Savannah is happier as ever before. We’re going back to Forks for a family dinner with my parents. Alice and Jasper are also invited, but Jasper’s sister would be there too. I haven’t seen her since high school and I can’t believe that she is back in Forks.

Savannah is sleeping in the back seat when I finally arrive at my childhood home. I get out of the car and open Savannah’s door.

“Princess, wake up.”

She flutters her eyes and looks at me with a sleepy look.

“Are we there?” she asks sleepily.

I nod and take her out of the car.

“Go ring the bell,” I tell her.

She suddenly seems wide awake and runs up the stairs and jumps up and down. She can’t reach the doorbell, but always wants to ring it. I smile at the scene and close the door and walk up the stairs. Eventually Savannah decides to knock on the door. I hear footsteps and several seconds later Mom opens the door.

“There is my favorite granddaughter.”

“I’m your only one,” Savannah pouts.

“That is true, Sweetheart.” Mom picks her up and gives her kiss. “How are you?”

“Great, Nana,” she answers proudly. “I learned a lot of new stuff at my school.”

“You’ll have to tell me all about it.” She walks with Savannah and leaves me at the door. I shake my head and follow her to the living room. There are my father, Alice and Jasper.

“Hi, everybody,” I greet them.

“Hi, Edward.” Alice jumps up and walks to me. She gives me a hug. “How are you?”

“Fine,” I tell her. “I started my new job last week.”

“That’s great, Son,” my father says. “How is Savannah doing?” I know that he asks that as a doctor and not as a grandfather.

The last couple of years, Savannah has had nightmares about her mother. Apparently, I was not careful enough, when it was about Lauren. Her nightmares were always memories of the bad things Lauren did or said. She couldn’t remember it when she was conscious, but in her sleep the memories kept her awake.

“She’s finally sleeping through the night,” I tell him. “I think completely starting over is helping her.”

“That’s great,” Dad says. “If there are other problems, don’t hesitate to call me.”

“I won’t, Dad,” I answer. I walk to the sofa and sit down. “Where is Rosalie?”

“My sister should be here within an hour. She and her husband are coming from Tucson,” Jasper answers.

“Is she still living there?” I question him.

“Yes, she worked as a mechanic in a garage,” Jasper replies. “She is now going to move to Seattle in a few weeks.”

“What does her husband do?” my father asks.

“He is a gym teacher and a football coach at a local school there,” Alice tells him.

“Where is he going to work?” I ask.

“He applied at a high school in Seattle,” Alice says. “If I’m correct, and I’m sure I am, he will be teaching at your school.”

“But he isn’t going to start for another month. Something about another teacher that is going to retire next month,” Jasper adds.

“That’s correct. The current gym teacher still has a month to work and then he is going to retire,” I tell them. “I hope he and I become friends, it would be nice to have a good buddy.”

“You should already know him,” Alice says. “He was a friend of Bella’s.”

I try to refresh my memory, but I can’t remember any guy that was friend of Bella, except Paul, her boyfriend and I’m doubting Alice meant him, or Jasper.

“Hmm, I don’t know him.”

“Yeah, because Bella and Rosalie went to the University of Arizona. Rose became a couple very quickly with the guy,” Alice explains.

“I don’t remember that.”

“Oh well, you will meet him soon.”

“Daddy,” Savannah yells. “Look, what I got from Nana!” It was just now that I realized my mother wasn’t in the room with Savannah. Savannah comes running and shows me a beautiful charm bracelet. I look up at Mom and then back at my daughter.

“It’s beautiful, Princess,” I tell her. “Did you thank Nana?” Savannah nods and runs away.

“Savannah, be careful,” Mom orders. She goes to sit next to my Dad and smiles at me.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Mom.”

“Oh, shush,” she says. “I can spoil my granddaughter whenever I want.”

I laugh and shake my head. It doesn’t matter what I tell my mother, she will not listen to me.

Conversation is flowing and everybody talks about the past few months. Alice has a new store in Seattle and Jasper decided to open a law office on his own. His father wanted him to be a partner in his business, but understands Jasper’s motivation and supports his every decision.

My father is thinking about retirement, but isn’t so sure what to do with his life. Mom tells him as long he likes what he does; he has to keep doing it. So I don’t think he’s going to retire anytime soon.

I talked about school and about the strange woman at Savannah’s school.

“You are kidding us,” Alice says. “She tried to set you up with her friend?”

“Yes, and if Savannah wasn’t yelling for me, she wouldn’t have stopped doing just that,” I tell them.

“Strange story.” Mom smiles.

“It’s actually very funny.” Jasper laughs. “That somebody wants to set up a strange guy with her friend. I so wish I could’ve seen your face, when she told you that she wasn’t flirting, but trying to set you up.” I can’t help but laugh and soon the whole family joins me.

The doorbell rings and my mother tries to stop laughing as she goes to open the door. She is still laughing when she opens the door.

“Rosalie, I’m glad for you could come.” I can hear her say. “Come in.”

“Hi, Mrs. Cullen,” a male voice greets.

“Esme,” Mom corrects. “Mrs. Cullen is my mother in law.”

“Emmett McCarthy.” The voice presents himself.

“Come in,” Mom says. “The rest of the family is already here.”

The footsteps come closer to the living room. Savannah is coming inside from the garden and sits next to me. At the same moment Mom and the guests step into the room.

Rosalie waves at everybody. “Hi,” she says shyly.

“Hi,” the guy booms. Savannah cringes and leans closer to me.

“Daddy,” she whispers. “The big guy scares me.”

I take a closer look at the guy and he is indeed very big. Suddenly, I remember him. He was present at our graduation.

“Emmett, you already met my brother, Jasper and his wife Alice,” Rosalie introduces us. “This is Edward, Alice’s brother, and next to him is his daughter…” She looks at me with a questioning look.

“Savannah,” I tell her. Savannah was still leaning into me.

“Savannah,” Rosalie smiles. “And Esme and Carlisle Cullen, Alice and Edward’s parents. This is Emmett, like you already heard him yell, my husband.”

“Nice to meet you,” my father and I say together.

“Nice to meet you all!” Emmett booms.

“Savannah, go greet Emmett,” I whisper in my daughter’s ear.

“But Daddy, the big man scares me,” she pouts. Emmett walks up to her and crouches down to her level.

“Savannah, right?” he asks her. Savannah only nods.

“My name is Emmett,” he says smiling. “But you can call me uncle Em.  Do you want know something really cool?”

Savannah nods her head and continues to look at him. She has always been a little curious.

“You are the only one who can call me that.”

Savannah smiles and then looks at me. “Will I see him a lot?”

“I don’t know, Princess,” I tell her.

“I will make sure that you will get to see me a lot,” Emmett says. Savannah smiles big and surprisingly gives Emmett a hug. I was glad that Emmett convinced Savannah that he wasn’t a bad guy.


The next day, Savannah and I leave to go back to Seattle. The evening was amazing. Savannah had a lot of fun with Emmett. He’s actually a big kid himself. Savannah laughed a lot at his jokes and I was glad that Rosalie was sitting next to him. Rosalie seemed to be the calming factor for the big guy, it was clear someday they would be great parents.

Today I’m going back to Seattle to spend a nice day with my daughter. Tonight I’m going to make Savannah’s favorite meal: Spaghetti and meatballs.

After a four hour drive we finally arrive in Seattle and I drive to a Thriftway. Savannah who woke up during the drive loosens her seatbelt.

“Savannah, wait for me,” I order her.

She nods and waits till I open her door. We take a kid friendly cart; I put Savannah in it and walk into the supermarket. I walk through the aisles and take everything I need for the next week. Savannah points to different stuff, but I only smile at her. When she sees the spaghetti, she points at it and I put the box in our cart.

“Yay!” she squeals. I pass by the candy aisle and take some of Savannah favorite cookies and also put them in the cart. Finally we go to the meat aisles and I look at the different kinds of meat. I’m not paying attention to where I’m going and suddenly I hear the sound of bumping carts. I look up and see someone I hadn’t see for a long time.


Isabella’s POV

Finally we have arrived in Seattle. We have lived here now for a couple of months and Nathan looks so happy. Not only did my parents move to Seattle, but also Tanya decided to follow us. I remember the conversations we had about her move.


Nathan is sleeping and I finally find the time to study for some of my courses. I’m glad the classes started back a couple of weeks ago, but with raising Nathan, my time was consumed between work, Nathan and of course studying. I sigh and high-light some of the important things in my book. My cellphone rings and I look to see who is calling me this late.

“Tan?” I greet her questioningly. “Why are you calling so late?”

“Oh, I have amazing news, Bells,” she answers. I smile at her enthusiastic tone.

“Tell me this amazing news,” I tell her. “It has to be really good if you are calling so late.”

“I found a vacancy in another hospital,” she says.

“Tan,” I say shocked. “This is the third change in jobs. When are you going to settle down?”

“Oh, I’m certain this is the last change.” I can hear the smile in her voice.

“And why is that?” I question her.

“Because it’s in Seattle!” she screamed. I have to put the phone from my ear, because it hurts.

“That’s great, Tan, but you don’t have to scream in my ear.” I smile.

“This is wonderful, isn’t it?”

“It is wonderful, Tanya, but couldn’t you wait till tomorrow to tell me this?” I ask her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Bells,” she apologizes. “I was so excited that I was going to move to Seattle. I just had to tell you!”

“It’s great, Tan, really, but I’m busy with some school work,” I tell her.

“Oh, I will let you work. I will email you all the details,” she says.

End of flashback

That was three months ago, Tanya moved a month later into a condo in my neighborhood. Nathan became the happiest boy, because of her. She babysat him, when I had to work or had to do a lot to do for school. Today is such a day. I have a paper to write, but Nathan constantly disturbed me, so I decided to call Tanya. My parents also wanted to help me, but I couldn’t keep relying on them. So I was more than happy when Tanya finally arrived in Seattle. I type the last words of my paper and saved the document. I can print it tomorrow, but now I have to go grocery shopping. I’ve nothing in house and Tanya is going to come over for supper tonight.

I get my purse and car keys.


I’m walking through the aisles looking for something to prepare. God, why did I invite her? I still don’t understand why I invited her to dinner, when I actually don’t have time to cook. I look through the vegetables and take some tomatoes. They look very good. Hmm, maybe I should make some spaghetti with meatballs? I take some more tomatoes and put them in a bag. I walk further, but I’m not looking where I’m going.  Suddenly I run into something or someone. I look up and see someone I haven’t seen for the past four years.

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