Rediscovering Love

Edward and Bella met in High School. After graduation they lost contact and went on with their life. Years later they meet again. Both have a lot of secrets. They're both unhappy and when they bump in to each other, they start to realize that there is more than just friendship. A/H OC ExB

All disclaimer are the same... I don't know anything but the plot!


8. Chapter seven: Making decisions

Edward’s age: 21 – Savannah’s age: 2 years old
Bella’s age: 21 – Nathan’s age: 7-8 months

Isabella’s POV

“Whitlock Residence, hello,” my mother answers the phone.

“Mom,” I cry.

“Bella, baby. Is everything okay?”

“No, Mom. Things are not okay and there are some things I need to share with you and dad.” I look at Tanya and she is urging me to tell her everything, but I want to tell my parents everything face to face.

“Bella, what is going on? You sound like you are crying,” she states.

“Can you come to LA and bring dad with you?” I ask her without answering her question. Tanya looks at me questioningly. I shrug my shoulders.

“What are you doing in LA? Is Paul taking you there on a vacation? Is Nathan sick?”

All her questions put me off and I don’t know how to answer them.

“Bella, what are you doing?” she whispers.

I still can’t seem to form words to answer her questions.

“Darling, I’m becoming very worried,” my mother says when I still don’t say anything.

“I will explain everything when you come here,” I respond eventually.

Mom stays quiet at the other end of the line

“What is she saying?” Tanya asks me.

I don’t answer and concentrate on the phone conversation. My Mom still hasn’t said anything.

“Please, Mom, tell me that you can come to LA,” I plead.

“Wait, a second. I have to speak to your father.” I hear some muffled voices and several seconds later, my mother comes back on the phone. “We will come, but we have to see when we can catch a plane. Is it okay to send you a text with the information?” she asks.

“Uh, yeah. Let me know when you’ll arrive with Dad and I will pick you up at the airport,” I tell her.

“I miss you, Sweetheart,” Mom says.

“I miss you too,” I tell her. “Goodbye.” I hang up the phone and give it back to Tanya.

“Why didn’t you tell her?” she questions me.

“I want to tell them face to face,” I admit. “It’s hard enough to tell them, but I want to see their faces, so I can gauge their reaction.”

“You could’ve heard her reaction on the phone,” she argues.

“They could react with words, but totally do another thing with their body language. I want to see their reaction,” I explain. “I hope you understand that.”

Tanya doesn’t say anything as I stand up from the sofa.

“I was hit by my ex,” she suddenly begins. “His name was Riley and we were together for five months when we decided to marry. Everything was fine, until one day when he saw me with another male student. He thought I was cheating on him. When I denied everything, he didn’t believe me. That was the day he hit me for the first time.”

I sit back on the sofa and look shocked at Tanya. She looks me in the eye and I can see the pain she still holds. “What happened afterwards?” I ask her.

“The next day, Riley apologized and told me it would never happen again. Several days later, he beat me again, for the same reason. Another guy was talking to me and that meant I was cheating on him. For months, I thought that I could not escape his abusive ass.” She takes a breath and closes her eyes. “That was until a friend of mine told me that she saw my husband with another woman. I couldn’t believe her, but once I saw it with my own eyes, I had to believe it. The same night I confronted him with what I had heard and seen, he denied it of course and accused me that I didn’t trust him. I said that I didn’t believe him and he started to hit me over and over again, till I was unconscious. I woke up in the hospital with a police officer next to my bed. He told me that a neighbor called them and that they had arrested Riley, but that he was already bailed out by his parents. I filed for a restraining order and when I was released from the hospital, I went back to my parents. At first I didn’t tell them anything, but my behavior told them that something was wrong. I was scared of men and by every sound that was made; I jumped in the air, because I was afraid.”

Tanya stops talking and opens her eyes. She gives me a watery smile and wipes away the tears.

“Did you tell your parents what happened?” I ask her.

“Eventually, and they stood by me. It’s because of them that I went to a shrink. I talked about it, with someone who didn’t know me and she let me help comprehend everything.”

“But you are okay now?”

“Not completely. Sometimes I think I see Riley or that he will find me.”

“What do you when that happens?”

“I call my shrink and I talk to her. I still go to her every couple of weeks,” she tells me. “It’s something you should do. It can help with dealing with the emotional pain.”

Can I talk with a complete stranger about my problems? I know that I can’t keep it inside, because it will hold me down from starting a new future. I’m also scared about the reaction of everyone, when this comes out. What will a stranger say about my weakness?

“I don’t know if I’m ready for it.” I admit. “I just told you about my problems. When my parents are here, I’m going to tell them, but telling a complete stranger that my husband hits me… It’s scary.”

“I know it’s a scary thing, but you have time to think about it. It is just something I advise you to do.” She stands up and walks out of the room. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. The last twenty-four hours were taking a toll on me. I take the cup of tea from the table and take a sip. My cell beeps and I open the text I just received. It read: ‘We will arrive the day after tomorrow at 9a.m.’. I type an answer to my Mom: ‘I will pick you up.’ I put my cell on the table and lay back on the sofa.

“Are you tired?” Tanya suddenly asks. I look at her and give her a small smile.

“A little bit. I haven’t slept much in the past twenty-four hours,” I say.

“Come, I will show you around and then you can go to bed. You need to have a clear head for when your parents arrive.”

“You are right,” I agree. “My mother just sent a text letting me know that they will arrive at 9 a.m. the day after tomorrow.” I rise up and follow Tanya around the house.

It is a very big house. It has five bedrooms and as many bathrooms. It has also an office, a library, a very big garden. I didn’t know Tanya had so much money.

“This is your bedroom,” Tanya tells me when we arrive at the last room. “You have your own bathroom, so you don’t have to worry that I will storm in.”

“Thank you. You have a very beautiful house. It’s very big.”

“It is. When I was looking for a house in LA, I bumped into it and I fell in love with it. It is indeed a bit big for me alone. But it makes it easy for when there are guests.”

“I have to get my bags,” I say when I walk into the room.

“Wait here, I will get them,” she says and walks out of the room.

I sit on the bed and lay down. I’m happy to be here, but I’m scared for what is going to happen. A couple hours after I left the hotel with Nathan, my phone rang. I looked at it and saw that it was Paul. I ignored it, but several minutes later he called back. Eventually, I blocked his number, but I know that I have to call him. Tanya walks in with my bag and puts it on the bed.

“You look really tired,” she states. “Go to bed. We have enough time to talk. When Nathan wakes up, I will take care of him.”

I smile at her. “Thanks!” She goes away and closes the door after her. I take some clothes out of the bag and walk into the bathroom. I take a shower and let the hot water relax my muscles. When the water starts to feel cold, I get out and dry myself of. I put on my sleepwear and go back to the bedroom. I get in the bed and I fall immediately asleep.


The next morning I wake up with a fresh mind and I’m going to make some life changing decisions. First of all, I’m going to talk to Tanya about what I’m going to do. Then I will have to contact someone who can help me with all the legal stuff. I look for some clothes for the day and walk in to the bathroom. I freshen up my face and start putting my clothes on. I go to the nursery, but I don’t see Nathan in the crib. Guessing that Tanya is taking care of him, I walk downstairs and to the kitchen. Tanya is sitting at the table with my son in her arms. She is feeding him and cooing at him. I smile at the scene in front of me and go sit with them.

“You will be a wonderful mother,” I tell her. “You are great with him.”

“Thanks,” she begins to say. “But at the moment I’m just happy with taking care of someone else’s kids.” I start laughing very loudly. It sounds so funny.

“I can’t believe you just said that.”

“It is the truth.” Tanya smiles. “The few hours I babysit my friend’s daughter is more than enough.”

“So you love kids if they are not around you for more than twenty-four hours,” I analyze.

“Something like that.” She is done with feeding Nathan and puts the bottle on the table.

“Can I have my baby back?” I ask her.

“Of course. Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, I needed it.”

“I could tell that you needed the rest. I didn’t hear a peep out of you after I left you in your room. You slept over twelve hours.” I gasp at her statement, because I can’t believe that I slept for so long. “Don’t worry. When Nathan woke up, I was there for him. I took some of his toys and played with him.”

“I hope he wasn’t any trouble,” I say worriedly.

“He was an angel. He still is an angel.” Tanya smiles.

“I’m very certain that you are exaggerating,” I tell her.

“Oh, come on. You have to admit that he is a sweetheart.”

“Okay, he is a sweetheart, but he also has his moments,” I admit. I stand up to take a cup of coffee. When I sit back down, I look at Tanya and take deep breath.

“I did a lot of thinking.”

“And?” Tanya asks.

“I’m going to contact a lawyer and ask for advice,” I start. “I’m going to leave Paul behind and ask for the full custody of Nathan.”


“Yes, you are right. I have to do something,” I tell her. “And I’m going to start with telling my parents and contacting a lawyer.”

“It’s really good start. If you want a number for a psychiatrist, I can give it to you.” That is the one thing, I’m still scared of.

“Maybe later.” Tanya gives me a look that tells me that I’m making a mistake. “I have some other things on my mind.” I take Nathan out of her arms and kiss his forehead.

“Bella, please. You have to talk with an outsider about this. You are bottling everything up,” she pleads.

“Can I use your computer?” I ask her, ignoring her pleading. This is not a subject I want to talk about. Tanya just looks at me like I have two heads.

“Yes,” she eventually answers. “You remember where the office is?” I nod, standing up and walking out of the kitchen. Nathan is sleeping in my arms and I go put him in his crib. Afterwards I walk to Tanya’s office and start the computer.

“You know.” I look up and see Tanya standing in the doorway. “You are ignoring the problem, and it won’t go away if you ignore it.  Burring it as if it didn’t happen will not help you.” I know she is right, but at the moment I’m not thinking about other things. My parents arrive tomorrow morning in LA and I’m thinking about ways to tell them. At the moment, I’m looking for a good lawyer, but I don’t know a thing about this stuff. Paul took care of that stuff. I sigh and look around the internet. I hear footsteps walk away and I look up to see that Tanya is gone. I close the browser and shut down the computer. I step outside the office and into my room. I hope I will find a lawyer soon and that my parents will help me.

Today is the day that things will get better.


Edward’s POV

I’m driving back to Forks. Last night I did a lot of thinking and today I’m going to make some important decisions. I look in the rear mirror and see that Savannah is sleeping. I had to wake her up very early, because I want to be home early. It is now 9 a.m. and we are already two hours on our way home. I still have to drive two hours before I arrive at my parents’ house. I sent my mother a text this morning to tell her that I was leaving. She asked me to come to her house first. I put on the radio and look for a good station.

At half past eleven, I arrive at my parents’ house. I park the car and get out. I walk around the car and open the door at Savannah’s side. She is sleeping in her seat and I take her out of the car. I close the door and walk to the front door. I go to open the door, but it opens before I get the chance.

“You’re here,” Mom greets me. “Come in.”

“Mom, I have to get the bags out of the trunk,” I tell her.

“Give Savannah to me and go get them.” She takes Savannah out of my arms, turns around and walks away. I stand in the doorway for a minute with my mouth open. After a minute I turn around, and jet down the steps to the car and open the trunk. I get the two bags out, and get ready to close the trunk, when I hear someone behind me.

“Edward,” someone whispers. I turn around and see Lauren standing there.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Lauren.” I close the trunk. “I just got back.”

“Please, Edward,” she pleads. “You can’t keep ignoring me.”

“Oh yes, I can,” I tell her. “I’m going to stay with my parents tonight.” I walk up the steps and open the door. I turn around and look Lauren in the eyes. “You know when you had your doubts two years ago, you could have given away your parental rights and I would have taken care of Savannah on my own.”

“I love you, Edward, I want you.”

“But not Savannah. You already told me.” I step inside. “When I’m ready to talk to you, I will call you.” I close the door in her face and lean against it.

“Everything alright?” my mother asks.

“Lauren was just outside and wanted to talk to me,” I answer.

“You can go. I will look after my granddaughter.” She smiles. “I don’t mind.”

“I know, Mom, but I’m not ready to face her. It hurts to think about the things she said.”

“Come into the living room and sit down. I think we need to talk,” Mom demands. I follow her and sit on the sofa.

“Is Dad home?”

“No, he had an emergency at the hospital,” Mom answers. “He will be home in a few hours, but you are backtracking. What in the world happened between you and Lauren?”

I sigh. “She confessed some stuff to me that I’d rather not heard, but the words are now constantly repeating in my head.” I stand up and go to the kitchen. Mom follows me and sits down at the breakfast bar.

“What did she confess to you?”

“Where is Savannah?” I ignore her question and ask her another.

“She is upstairs in her room sleeping,” she answers. “You are ignoring me.”

I take a glass and pour some wine. I take a sip and turn to look at my mother. “It’s hard to say the words out-loud, Mom.”

“You have to try, Son.”

I sigh. “She didn’t say it in so many words, but she hates Savannah.”

“What!?” my mother yells. “Where is that…” She swallows the last words.

“Mom, don’t,” I tell her. “I need some time and then I’m going to have a serious talk with her.”

“Are going to divorce her?” My mother asks me the ultimate question that I even asked myself the last couple of days.

“I don’t know. Savannah needs both her parents.”

“Lauren doesn’t love Savannah. How can she be a positive role model in her upbringing?”

“I still love Lauren, Mom. That is not going to change immediately,” I say.

“I respect that, Edward.” My mom stands up and comes in front of me. “But are you still going to love her, if she doesn’t care about Savannah?”

I sigh and take another sip.  “I don’t know, Mom,” I answer. “I really don’t know. I’m thinking about going to a marriage counselor, maybe that can help us.”

“If you think it would help you and your relationship, you have to do that.”

Mom walks out of the kitchen and I drink the rest of my wine. I follow my Mom to the living room and sit down.

“I’m not sure it would help, but we have to try. There has to be a reason to why she can’t accept her daughter,” I tell Mom. “I’m going to talk with Lauren, but I’m going to ask Dad for the names of some counselors.”

“Son, I only want what is best for you and Savannah.” Mom moves to sit next to me and takes my hand. “And if you think that going to counseling will help you, then you have to do that. I only hope you also think about your daughter. “

“I’m thinking about my daughter, Mom,” I declare. “Savannah misses her mother and she also needs her. If I can convince Lauren to work on her relationship with her daughter, then I’m going to try that.” I stand up, walk back to the hall, and take the bags.

“Where are you going to stay tonight?” My mother asks.

“I thought I would stay in my old room, if you don’t mind?” I answer.

“No, I don’t mind that you stay here.” I walk to the stairs.

“I’m going to put the bags in my room and lay down for an hour. It was a short night,” I tell her. I go upstairs and immediately into my room. I put my bags down and lay down on my bed. Every word repeats in my head and I hope I can convince Lauren to go to therapy.


When I wake up, I go to Savannah’s bedroom and look inside. She isn’t there and I know that Mom has her. I go downstairs and follow the sound of my daughter’s laugh. I arrive at the kitchen door and watch the scene in front of me. My mother and Savannah are fully covered in flour and laughing.

“What are you doing?” I ask them.

“Daddy,” Savannah squeals. “Nana and me making cookies.”

“Oh, and can I taste one?” I smile.

“No, they mine,” Savannah says seriously.

“Yeah, Son. They are for Savannah,” my mother adds. “If you want one, you have to bake them yourself.” I smile at their reaction and go sit at the bar. Dad walks in the room and kisses Mom’s clean cheek.

“Oh dear, is there any flour in the cookies or did you put it all on yourself?” he asks chuckling when he sees both his wife and grand-daughter are covered in it.

I have to laugh at my mother’s pouty face.

“Are you saying that I can’t make cookies?” she asks him.

“I’m not saying that, but you and Savannah are completely covered in flour and I’m thinking that you forgot to put it in the cookies.”

Mom is still pouting, but doesn’t say anything. I love that my parents still have the same look in their eyes as in the pictures of their first date or their wedding day. I have always hoped that I would have the same look with Lauren in twenty years, but every day my doubts grow bigger and the reality of a pending divorce is growing. My Mom looks at me and something in my eyes tells her that I want to talk.

“Carlisle, dear. Can you clean up Savannah?” she asks. “Her bag is in Edward’s room.” Dad takes Savannah out of her seat and walks out of the kitchen. I wait till I hear him going upstairs and then look at my mother.

“I’m going to go to the guest house and talk to Lauren,” I tell her.

“Do you think you are ready?”

“Even if I’m not ready, I can’t avoid the issue,” I say. “It’s just that I need to make some decisions and one of them is talking with Lauren about our problems.”

“Your Dad and I can take care of Savannah,” Mom says to me. “She can stay the night here.”

“Thank you,” I answer. I stand up and walk to the kitchen door. My steps are very small and I stop at the door.

“Are you really sure?” she asks.  “I thought you were going to wait for a couple of days before talking to Lauren.”

“I know I told you that a few hours ago that I was going to wait till I was ready,” I begin. “I thought about it when I was in my room. I have to do this for Savannah and as soon as possible.”

“Are you going to stay here?” she asks. “Or are you staying with Lauren?”

“I don’t know.” I turn around and walk back. “Thanks for your support, Mom. I really appreciate it.” I give her a big hug and walk out the kitchen. My Dad walks down the stairs with Savannah in his arms.

“Daddy.” Savannah smiles. She puts her arms out, showing me that she wants me.

“Savannah, Princess,” I start. “I have to go, but you can stay here with Nana and Grampy.”

“Daddy.” She pouts.

“I know, Princess, but Daddy has to do some things. I will see you later.” I kiss her forehead and then walk through the front door to the outside world. I take a deep breath and walk to the guest house.

When I arrive at the house, I sit on the sofa. I noticed that Lauren’s car is gone. I hope that she is home soon, because my nerves are growing and I know that if it takes any longer, I will back out.

The front door opens and closes and Lauren walks into the living room. She puts down her bag and puts her coat on the wall hook. She turns around and jumps in the air when she sees me sitting here. She puts her hand on her heart and takes a deep breath.

“Edward,” she whispers. “You scared me.”

“I’m sorry,” I say.

Lauren stands frozen in her spot and doesn’t say anything. I don’t speak either and we only look at each other. The silence is deafening and I hope she starts talking. Neither of us starts speaking and I’m chickening out with every second that passes. Eventually, I decide to take initiative.

“We need to talk,” I tell her. “Take a seat.”

Lauren still doesn’t move and I wait till she comes out of her shock. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait long and she walks to one of the chairs and sits down.

“Are you back?”

“I’ve stayed away for only two days, Lauren. Don’t be a drama queen!” I order. “I needed time to think.”

“I know, but I just missed you,” she tells me. “I know I made mistakes the past two years and I will to do anything to make them right.” Silence falls again and I don’t know how to react at her statement. She is crying and I want to console her, but on the other hand I want to punish her for her past actions.

“You said that you didn’t love Savannah. What did you think that my reaction would be?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to love her, but I never wanted kids and Savannah was so unexpected.”

“Why didn’t you talk to me before she was born?” I demand. “We could have made some decisions together. I could have taken care of the baby on my own, so you could go on with your plans.” She wants to say something, but I hold up my hand. “Let me speak. The whole time I thought you wanted the baby, but you fooled me. I don’t know what to think of your confession. It took some time to realize what you said.” I stop talking and look at her. She wipes away the tears on her cheek and looks at me with a small smile.

“At first I wanted an abortion, but you were so against it. I love you and at the time I thought I was going to lose you, if I aborted the baby. Then I thought if I agreed with you, I could grow to love the child within me. Months went by, but my love for the baby didn’t grow. The only thing that went through my mind was that it was ruining my future plans. I wanted to go to college, become a lawyer and then I was pregnant with something that would ruin everything.”

It’s the first time I heard the full story and I can’t believe my ears. I know she isn’t done, but I keep my mouth shut, so she can finish her story.

“I started to think about adoption. I even contacted an adoption agency,” she continues. I gasp and I want to say something, but Lauren’s look keeps me silent. “There was only one problem, I couldn’t fill in the papers truthfully, because you didn’t know about my decision and had to fill in if the father knew about the baby and if he wanted the adoption. I had to talk you about it, but I was scared of your reaction, so I kept my mouth shut.” Lauren takes a deep breath, but doesn’t go further with her story.

“Is that all?” I question her. I have the feeling that she is hiding some stuff.

“Finally I gave birth to our daughter, but still I didn’t tell you about the adoption. I cancelled the appointment and decided to go for it. I still thought I would grow to love Savannah, but days passed and I still couldn’t love her. I saw her as a mistake and I was happy that you said that you would work and stay home the first year. I started my college studies and focused on my studies and friends. They asked me to go out and instead of saying I had to go home to my family, I said yes and went with them. I stayed home less and returned late, so I didn’t have to deal with her. I now know that I had to talk to you, but I cannot go back in time to take it all back. I made mistakes and I regret them, but I cannot do anything about them.” She finishes her story.

“I can’t believe that all happened. If you had thought clearly, you would’ve realized that simply talking to me was enough. I would have looked for solutions for these problems. I told you this morning that you could give away your parental rights and I would have taken care of Savannah.”

“That would have meant that I lost you. That was not what I wanted, I loved you and I still love you. I would do everything and anything so I don’t lose you,” she cries.

“You realize that what you did is always going to be a big problem between us. I’m only talking to you, because I’m thinking about OUR daughter and not because I’m thinking about our relationship,” I tell her. “Savannah needs both her parents and that’s the reason I’m going to give you a chance to prove yourself. There will be some conditions.” I stop talking and look at her. She looks at me with hope in your eyes.

“What are these conditions?” she asks. “I will do anything to save our relationship.”

“We are going to a relationship therapist and we are going to talk about our problems,” I begin. “From now on you have to be honest with me. No more lies, and last but not least: you have to be home every night. Family will be a priority in your life, not your friends. I can accept that you have study groups and classes, but if you don’t have either you can study at home. Are you agreeing with these conditions?”

“Yes,” she says smiling. “I will follow them and I will start today.”

I smile at her and stand up. She follows my lead and also stands up. I take a few steps to her and I hug her. I kiss her head and I’m happy that we had this talk. Now I know much more about what she was thinking all this time.

Today is the day that things will get better.

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