Rediscovering Love

Edward and Bella met in High School. After graduation they lost contact and went on with their life. Years later they meet again. Both have a lot of secrets. They're both unhappy and when they bump in to each other, they start to realize that there is more than just friendship. A/H OC ExB

All disclaimer are the same... I don't know anything but the plot!


20. Chapter nineteen: The Kidnapper

Chapter nineteen: The Kidnapper


"Well, he certainly isn't Mr. Cullen."

Amy comes stand behind me and looks over my shoulder at the screen.

"Oh my…"

Edward's age: 24 years old – Savannah's age: 6 years old
Bella's age: 24 years – Nathan's age: 4 years old


Edward's POV

Thirty-six hours, twenty-five minutes and twelve seconds. That's how long that I've been missing my little princess and my boy. That's how long we have had to do without any information of them.

Bella and I are cuddling in my bed. It's hard to show our love with all these strangers in our house, but we try to be as close as possible.

Bella's phone rings. She looks surprised at me and I can only nod. She takes the phone and looks at it. I look over her shoulder.

Unknown number

She accepts the call and puts it on speaker.

"Hello," she whispers.

"Hello Isabella," the person greets her. She gasps and looks at me. I can see tears forming.

"P-Paul?" she stutters questioningly.

"Oh, so you do remember me," he taunts. "I really thought you had forgotten me after your little adventure with your loverboy."

"What do you want?" Bella asks strongly.

"Well my little girl," he says. "Aren't you missing something that is very important to you?"

I look shocked at Bella. Recognition dawns on us.

"Where are they?" I scream into the phone.

"I can hear that loverboy is present."

"You asshole, where are our kids?"

"If I were you, I would stop screaming," Paul says calmly. "You see I'm the one with the advantage."

"Please, Paul," Bella starts begging. "Give them back, I will do anything."

"Anything?" he repeats. "That sounds interesting."


"Oh Isabella, I don't want anything from you," Paul says. "I want your loverboy. I will text you with more information."

He hangs up, before we can react.

"What are we going to do?" Bella asks.

"We will see what he is going to text," I tell her, while hugging her close.

Her phone beeps and see looks at him.

"It's a text," I tell him. She opens it.

1258, 5th avenue. Loverboy comes alone without the cops. Bring $5 million. In two hours.

"Oh my…" Bella puts a hand before mouth.

"Don't worry," I tell her.

"You can't go, Edward. He will kill you!"

"Don't worry, baby, it will be fine."

"You can't know that and what about the money?"

"I already told you not to worry."

"The cops?" she asks.

"I will tell them I have to go somewhere."

"Aren't they going to wonder why you would go away during such a time?"

"It will be okay."

I stand up and walk to my closet.

"I'm scared," she whispers. "He's going to kill you, Edward."

I turn around. "I won't let him, I promise."

"Don't make promises you can't keep."

"I will do my best to keep this promise." I put on a shirt, walking back to the bed. "I mean it."

Kissing her lips, I take her phone.

"I love you," she mumbles against my lips.

"I love you too."

I walk downstairs, straight to the front door.

"Mr. Cullen." Lindsay, a female officer stops me. I turn around. "Where are you going?"

"The school principal called me about a school play," I lie fluently. "I'm the music teacher so I have to help them with the music."

"Do you have to go?"

I nod my head. "Otherwise I wouldn't be leaving."

She nods. "It's just if the kidnappers calls…"

"Then my girlfriend will handle it." I leave the house and step into my car.




I park the car and look at the building. I hope the people won't ask any questions, otherwise I would have some problems.

I walk into the bank and immediately to an available clerk.

"Good morning, Sir," the girl greets me.

I give her my information. "I want to withdraw five million from my account."

She look shocked. "Sir, that's impossible."

"No, it is possible. I know what is in my account and I have that kind of money."

"Sir, you have to call us up front so we can prepare everything."

"Just call your boss."

She does what I tell her to do and her boss arrives several minutes later. "Mr. Cullen, how can I help you?"

"Mr. Volturi, your employee doesn't want to give my money."

"The amount of money you ask is very high, Mr. Cullen," he says. "It will be impossible to give you that."

"And why is that?"

"Because we possible don't have that amount of cash available."

"Just try."

Mr. Volturi nods and goes with the clerk to the back of the bank. I hope they don't call the cops, because otherwise we would have a problem.


Bella's POV

I'm still sitting in Edward's bedroom, or should I call it our bedroom. Eventually, I decide to go downstairs. I put some clothes on and leave the room.

Downstairs are different officers busy with some stuff.

"Miss Swan." I look up to see Gary Taylor standing in the living room, looking at me with a worried look.

"Yes, Detective."

"Where is your boyfriend, Mr. Cullen?"

"He had something to do," I answer.

"Yes, he told one of my officers," Gary says. "That he had to go to the shop."

"That's right."

Gary looks at Lindsay and she gives him a small shake.

"Is there a problem?" I ask them.

"Miss Swan," Gary says. "What is going on?"

"Nothing." My voice quiver and I can feel tears forming in my eyes. "Why do you ask?"

"Because Mr. Cullen told Lindsay a completely different story as to why he had to leave."

"Oh, sorry," I tell him. "I'm mistaken. I don't know where he went."

"Look, Miss." Gary takes a step closer. "I have found some information that helps this case."

"What information?"

"First, I want to know something."


"Has Paul Collins contacted you or your boyfriend?"

I gasp, but don't say a thing.

"That's what I thought," Gary says. He takes my arm and leads me to the couch. "Sit down."

I do what's told. "How?"

"My colleague, Amy Moore, and I found some interesting information," he tells me. A woman goes stand next to him.

"Is this your ex-husband?" she asks me showing me a picture.

I nod. "Why do you ask?"

"This a prisoner's log of Washington's Correction For Women's prison," she says. I take the paper and look at it.

I gasp seeing Edward's name on the visitor's log sheet. "That isn't possible. He wouldn't do this and not tell me."

I look up and look at both officers.

"He hasn't done it," Gary answers.

"What do you mean?"

"This is the person that went through security using that name." Amy gives me a picture and I drop it immediately.

"No, this can't be true."

"I'm sorry to tell you this, Miss Swan," Gary says. "But we believe that your ex-husband knows Lauren Mallory."

"No, no, no," I mumble. "This can't be true."

"We think that Edward is in danger," Amy says while coming closer to me. "When did Paul contact you?"

The nice gesture of Amy calms me.

"He called me an hour ago."

"What did he say?"

"That he has Savannah and Nathan."

Gary comes closer. "Miss Swan-"

"Bella," I interrupt him. "You can call me Bella."

"Bella," he says. "What does he want?"

I take deep breath. "He wants Edward to bring him five million dollars to an address."

"Which address?" Amy asks.

I try to remember it, but it was vague.

"Bella?" Gary pushed. "We really need that address."

"I know!" I scream. "I just can't remember it."

"How did he let you know?" Amy asks me.

"Through a text."

"Do you have the cellphone with you."

I shake my head no. "Edward has my phone. In case that Paul sends him another text."

They both nod their heads.

"We will track it." Amy tells Gary.

"Let's go to the lab," he says. "Bella, if there is a change or if Edward calls you, let us know."

I can only nod.

"We'll contact you as soon as we know more."

They both leave me behind and I sit down with my head in my hands.


Paul's POV

I'm sitting in the living room of my temporary home.

"You know," Lauren starts. "You could have looked for a better place."

"Oh shut up!" I yell. "Be at least happy that you aren't in a room that's two by two."

Savannah starts crying.

"Oh God," Lauren screams. "Can't she stop crying?"

"It's your daughter," I tell her. "Take care of her."

"If you had put a condom around your dick then she wouldn't even exist."

"If you had stuck to the plan, we would be rich." I counter back.

"Oh God." Lauren throws her arms in the air. "Blame me, like always."

"It's your fault."

"I know already. Just shut the fuck up!" she screams. I stand up and walk up to her.


"Remember who you are talking to." Her hand goes to the cheek I just hit. "Go check on your kid."

She walks out of the room.

I can't believe that I have to kidnap my own kids. Yes, you heard right MY kids.

Savannah is my first kid, a daughter. Lauren isn't of course the best mother, but damn, she was good in bed.

"I can't believe that she doesn't remember me," Lauren interrupts my thoughts.

I look at her with a raised brow. "It isn't like you've ever cared for her."

"That's true." She sits down on my lap. "Why did you have to bring them here?"

"We want money," I reply. "And they are the key to that money."

"If you want money don't you have to send them a message?"

"I'm going to wait a little bit longer."

"Why?" Lauren asks.

"They are going to talk with cops and they are going to tell them that a kidnapper doesn't usually let a kid live after twenty-four hours."

Lauren smiles. "You have a great mind."

"I know, we are now almost at twenty-four hours, but I want to make them sweat. So I'll contact them in about another six hours," I tell her. "Now I have time for some other stuff."

I kiss her and grab her breast through her clothes.




After the waiting time passes, I call the new number of my girl. I make sure that my number will be invisible.

"Hello," she whispers. I can't believe I'm finally hearing her voice again.

"Hello Isabella," I greet her.

"P-Paul," she stutters. I have to smile at her fear.

"Oh so you do remember me," I taunt her. "I really thought you had forgotten me after your little adventure with your loverboy."

"What do you want?" she asks strongly, but that feeling won't exist for long.

"Well my little girl, aren't you missing something that is very important to you?"

"Where are they?" her loverboy screams.

"I can hear that your loverboy is present." I smile.

"You asshole, where are our kids," he screams again.

"If I were you, I would stop screaming," I tell them calmly. "You see I'm the one with the advantage."

"Please, Paul. Give them back, I will do anything," Isabella begs.

"Anything, that sounds interesting," I say.

"Please," she begs.

"Oh Isabella" I say. "I don't want anything from you. I want your loverboy. I will text you with more information."

I hang up before they can say anything. Lauren comes out the bathroom and looks at me.

"Is everything alright?" she asks while drying her hair.

"I called them."

"So we will have the money soon," she says.

"I have to send them a text with more instructions, but yes…" I stop talking and look at her. "I will have the money soon."

"Where are we going when we have it?" she asks me.

I shrug and stand up. "I will see when the moment approaches."

I have to think of a plan to get rid of that woman. I have helped her out of the prison and I'm still surprised that they still don't know that she isn't there anymore.

I text a message and send it to my little girl.

In just over two hours I will be rich again.


Gary's POV

After confronting Bella with our information we got her information. Her ex-husband wanted money and lots of it. The only problem is that we don't know where Edward has to go.

My phone rings and look at the caller-ID. I don't recognize the number.

"Detective Taylor," I say when I take the call.

"Detective Taylor," the person greets. "You speak with Lisa Connors, the director of Seattle Female State Prison."

"Yes," I say. "How can I help you."

"One of my personnel told me you had contacted him about the visitors of Lauren Mallory."

"That's true."

"We have a problem," she says. "Lauren Mallory is now missing."


"Apparently, the person who claims to be Mr. Cullen was the last to visit thirty hours ago, when she was in the clinic."

"So how did she disappear?"

"We don't know, Sir."

"You can't tell me that she wasn't guarded while she was in the clinic. Every criminal or suspect in custody has to have a police or corrections guard in front of their room."

I can hear a take deep breath. "She was placed in a private hospital, because it was closer."

"And the guard?"

"All the people that were inside the clinic are dead," she answers.

Are these people dumb? "Can you explain me why it took you thirty hours to discover her escape."

"Because she was supposed to be released from the clinic this morning," she explains. "The people who were going to pick her up discovered the bodies."

"How many are dead?" I ask her, afraid of the answer.

"One doctor, two nurses and the police guard."

"Any suspects?"

"We trying to recover the security tapes, but we were hoping you would have the answer," she says. "Since you think that someone used Mr. Cullen's identity to visit Mallory."

"Look, I will send some of my officers to your prison," I tell her. "If you're right then we have a huge case."

"Okay," she says. "Thank you."

"I will call you later." I hang up and look out of the window into the city.

"Knock knock." I turn to see Amy standing in the door opening. "What's wrong, Gary?"

"Paul Collins," I tell her.

"We are looking for him," she says. "Don't worry."

"It's not that," I sigh. "It is possible that he killed four people."


"The director of the prison called me. Lauren has escaped from the clinic and left four bodies behind."

"So, she could've killed them?"

"Mr. Cullen was the last to visit her."

"The real one or the person who stole his identity?"

"My suspicion goes to Paul," I answer. "Why would Edward Cullen visit his ex-wife? Besides he didn't even know that she was in the clinic. Hell, I didn't even know that she was in the clinic."

"What are you going to do?"

"Can you go to the prison and the hospital?"

She nods. "First to the prison?"

"Yes, and report to me as soon as possible."

She nods before leaving the office. I'm guessing this will be one hard case. I hope I will find the kids alive.


Edward's POV

After thirty minutes waiting for my money, I can finally leave for the address that Paul gave us. I open his text and look at it.

1258, 5th avenue. Loverboy comes alone without the cops. Bring $5 million. In two hours.

I put the address in my GPS and starts following the instructions.

I'm afraid to what is going to happen. I hope everything will end well and that the kids and me will soon be back to the loving care of Bella.

I follow the instructions of the GPS and almost an hour later I arrive at the destination.

I can't believe that he would stay in this kind of neighborhood. The houses around here are not just old, but really old. Paint is falling off the walls and the shutters. I stop at the house and park the car.

The house where I have to be is even worse than all the other houses on this street. I sigh, stepping out of the car. I take the briefcase from the backseat and stand up.

I was shocked that they eventually gave me this briefcase with the money at the bank. I don't know what happened, but I'm happy it eventually went easy. Too easy.

I walk up the front door and knock. The person who opens it takes me by surprise.

"Hi hubby!"

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