Rediscovering Love

Edward and Bella met in High School. After graduation they lost contact and went on with their life. Years later they meet again. Both have a lot of secrets. They're both unhappy and when they bump in to each other, they start to realize that there is more than just friendship. A/H OC ExB

All disclaimer are the same... I don't know anything but the plot!


10. Chapter nine: Moving on…

Edward’s age: 21 years old – Savannah’s age: 2,5 years old
Bella’s age: 21 years old – Nathan’s age: 13-14 months

Edward’s POV

“Well,” I start. “There are things we discovered about my lovely ex-wife.”

“It sounds very serious,” Lindsay assumes.

“It is,” I agree. “First of all, I caught Lauren cheating on me. You already know that her relationship with Savannah wasn’t what should be, but from the moment I told her that I would divorce her, she threatened to take Savannah away.”

“You could use the fact that she wasn’t present in Savannah’s upbringing. Any judge would give custody to you,” she claims.

“That’s the problem,” I explain. “Any judge would give custody to the biological father.”

“But you…” she gasps. “Oh my, are you sure you aren’t her biological father?”

“Not sure, but she threw it at my head, from the moment I said that I wanted a divorce,” I answer. “It explains why she doesn’t look of me.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Lindsay muses. “But I still don’t understand what can I do?”

“My lawyer thinks that if we find enough witnesses who can testify that she isn’t a fit mother and that she wasn’t there in Savannah’s upbringing, the judge can give me custody,” I tell her.

“Is that possible?” she asks.

“It can be possible, if we can prove that she doesn’t care about Savannah,” I answer. “And if the biological father doesn’t show up.”

“Oh my,” Lindsay gasps. She looks ahead, thinking. “I will help you, Edward.”

“Thank you,” I say while hugging her.

“I hope it will help you,” she says.

“I hope so too.” I stand up and look at her one last time. “Really, thanks for your help. I will call you with more details.” I kiss her cheek and leave her apartment.


Three years later…

Edward’s age: 24 years old – Savannah’s age: 6 years old
Bella’s age: 24 years – Nathan’s age: 4 years old

Edward’s POV

“Daddy,” Savannah yells.

I turn around and see her running to me. I can’t believe that she is still with me. The divorce, the research, the case, and the judgment took almost a year. It was the longest year of my life, but eventually it turned to my benefit. Savannah lives with me. After a lot of mistakes Lauren Mallory was arrested for possession of cocaine. She was put in jail for a couple years and her father cut her off. He didn’t want an addicted daughter, because it would harm his reputation as Mayor. A few weeks after she was put in jail, the judge decided that she was an unfit mother and gave temporary custody to me, but they were going to look for the biological father. In the beginning, the search was hard and gave me hope, because if they couldn’t find him within the year, I would get full custody of my Princess.

Three months before the year was over, Garrett called me saying that they had found the father. I started to cry, but Garrett told me that I didn’t have to be afraid. The father OD’ed and he didn’t have any living family. The judge decided I could get full custody after Lauren signed the papers for the divorce. The only problem in that case was, that Lauren refused to sign it. Everything was in my favor. She didn’t get any money from me; she didn’t get to see Savannah and a lot more. She wanted at least the money. Garrett decided to take everything to a judge, who decided that Lauren didn’t need the money, because she was in jail. Lauren had to sign the papers. It took another couple of weeks after the trail, but she finally signed the papers and my divorce was finalized.

Two years later, I’m a happy single father with an amazing daughter.

“Yes, Princess?”

“When am I going to school?” she asks impatiently. We just moved to Seattle and tomorrow she is starting her first day of school. We already visited the school and she loves the place. When she heard that she had to wait another few days, she started to cry. Today was Sunday and tomorrow she will start at the school.

“Savannah, today is Sunday,” I answer. “The school isn’t open.”

“Oh,” she says disappointed.

“Tomorrow you can go to your new school,” I tell her.

Her smile grows big and she starts to jump up and down. She spends way too much time with my sister. Since when do kids like to go to school?

“Are we going to Auntie Ally’s?” she asks when she’s done squealing and jumping.

“In an hour. Go get ready,” I answer.

She turns around and runs up the stairs. One day she is going to fall down.

I walk into the kitchen and start to put the dishes away. I’m thinking about Alice. Ever since she discovered that Lauren was out of my life, she started stalking me. At first, was when I changed my relationship status on a socializing network, she commented with the words: ‘Finally, your eyes are open!’

I can’t believe she would put something like that on my Facebook page, but after some thinking I had to admit that she was right. My eyes are finally open. It took years to see that Lauren wasn’t honest during our relationship. But back to Alice and her stalking. I didn’t react on her comment and went on with my life. Sometimes I put up some pictures of me and Savannah. Alice wasn’t happy that I didn’t say anything to her and started sending private messages. Eventually, I answered one: ‘Last time you ignored me and my family and now you are expecting me to jump back in your arms. I’m sorry Alice, but it’s not easy to forget what you said about me.’ After that message, she stayed silent. I thought she got that I needed time, but a week later she stood at the door of the guest house.


“Alice,” I greet her shocked. “What are you doing here?”

“Can’t your favorite sister visit you?” she asks.

“You are my only sister,” I answer her dryly. I take a step aside and let her in. She walks immediately to the living room. I follow her like a lost puppy, because I don’t know what to do otherwise. Alice sits on the couch and looks around.

“Wow, it doesn’t look very homey,” she says disappointed. “I really thought you would have made it like your home.”

“Alice, I don’t expect you to come visit me and tell me that my house doesn’t look homey,” I say desperately. “Can you say what you want to say? Savannah will wake up soon.”

“Oh, is she home? Can I see her?” she asks in one breath.

Suddenly Savannah cries and I go to her room. I can see Alice following me. I stop and look at her.

“Alice, please. You’ve never seen her. Do you think she knows you?” I ask her. She pouts, but I ignore her and walk in my Princess’ room.

“Good afternoon, Sweetheart. Did you have a good sleep?” I smile at my daughter. She shakes her head and I’m immediately worried about her. “What happened?”

“Nightmare,” she mumbles. “Miss Mommy.”

“Oh, my sweet Princess.” I hug her and kiss her head. “Everything will be alright. I know you miss her.” Savannah didn’t see Lauren after the fight that was a year ago. There were several reasons. First of all, Lauren did not want to see her or to take her with her. I couldn’t trust her, so I tried to protect Savannah. The other one is very easy. It wasn’t really helpful that Lauren is now currently sitting in jail.

“Who’s lady?” Savannah points behind me and I follow her little finger.

“Hi, I’m Alice,” Alice presents herself. “I’m your Auntie.” I shake my head and take a deep breath.

“I no auntie,” Savannah replies.

I take her from her bed and walk into the living room. I take the phone and call my mother.

“Mom, can you come get Savannah?”

“Of course, is there a reason?” she asks worried. I look back at Alice and take a deep breath.

“Alice is here.”

“Oh my… I told her not to come to you until you wanted to see her again.”

“It’s nothing, but Savannah is now wondering who she is and I want to talk to Alice first.”

“I understand that. I’m on my way.” Mom hangs up and I put the phone down. I walk back in Savannah’s room and put some clothes on her.

“You are going to Grandma’s. Doesn’t that sound fun?” I ask her.

She nods and a big smile appears on her beautiful face. There is a knock on the door and I put Savannah on the floor; she runs through the house. I follow, hearing some voices.

“I told you to wait till Edward contacted you,” Mom says.

“Yeah, and when would that be?” Alice questions. “It’s not like he is waiting for me.”

“You did this to yourself, Alice. He is your brother, but you didn’t support his decision three years ago.”

“And where did that decision lead?” Alice asks.

“That’s none of your business,” Mom answers.

“Ladies, Savannah can hear you,” I tell them as I walk into the room.

“Savannah, Sweetheart,” Mom greets her grandchild. “Are you ready to spend some time with me and your old Grandpa?”

Savannah nods and takes my mother’s hand. They walk out of the door and I go sit down on a couch. I put my hands in my hair and then look up. Alice sits in front of me on the sofa.

“You should have listened to Mom,” I tell her.

“Why?” she asks.

I don’t say anything, but just look at her.

“You don’t get it, do you?” I ask her. She only shakes her head. “You were the first to ignore me, when I announced that I was marrying Lauren. I was your brother, but you didn’t care. If I was marrying Lauren, you didn’t want anything to do with me.”

“Look, I’m sorry,” she apologizes.

“That’s easy to say, isn’t it?”

“I can’t take it back.”

“No, that’s true, but you expect me to accept it.” I sigh. “And that’s the problem. I can’t. When I needed you the most, you weren’t there. You made our mother choose between her children. If I was there with Lauren, you would leave. You didn’t take anyone’s emotions into consideration. You thought only about yourself,” I rant. Alice starts to cry and I don’t know what do. I want to console her, but I also want her to feel what I did when she ignored my family.

“I never wanted to hurt you, but you were so blind to Lauren’s mistakes. She cheated on you through all of our high school years. People knew, but you ignored it or didn’t see it. When you told us you were going to marry her, because she was pregnant, I was so mad,” she cries. “I could see how you were ruining your life.”

“Did you ever think that I’ve learned from my mistakes?” I ask her. “Now I realize that I was blind, but sometimes love makes you blind. I learned from that, but I can’t say I regret Savannah.”

“Will I ever get to know her?” Alice asks.

“I don’t know, Alice,” I tell her. “Will you ever let me live down any other mistakes I make?”

Alice stands up and walks back to the front door. She stops and turns around.

“I hope you will forgive me,” she says. She walks furthers I hear the door open.

“Wait!” I call. I stand up and walk up to her. “It will take time, but you are still my sister.” She starts to smile and hugs me.

“I’m so sorry for my behavior,” she apologizes. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay. We will get there.” I hug her back.

End of flashback

In the beginning our friendship was rough, but we worked it out. Savannah now has an aunt who’ll teach her about fashion. Today she is going to spend time with Alice, while I decorate her room. Mom is going to help me with it. Savannah and I moved a few weeks ago into this apartment, but I didn’t have the time to decorate it.

Today I’m going to paint Savannah’s room and buy some new furniture. I know what she likes, because I took her shopping last week. She pouted every time she saw something she wanted and I shook my head. Now, I’m going to surprise her and buy every single one of them. Thanks to my parents, I can give my little princess what she wants.

“Daddy, I’m ready,” Savannah calls. She runs into the living room. I smile and take my keys before walking to the front door. Savannah follows me and we get in the car.


“It’s a beautiful color,” Mom says. “Did Savannah choose it?”

“It’s her favorite color and I hope she likes it,” I answer while painting the wall in a light purple. Mom is painting the other wall in a light pink color.

“I can’t believe she’s already six years old,” Mom says. “It’s like time flies by.”

“It is, but I’m glad that everything with Lauren is behind us.” I put the paint brush down and look at my mother. “If everything had taken much longer, it wouldn’t have been good for Savannah.”

“I know, but Garrett did a great job.” Mom smiles while putting down her brush. “You know you are doing a great job. I really thought you would reject Savannah after the DNA test.”

I look shocked at my mother.

“I could never reject that little girl,” I tell her. “She is my whole world.”

“Even if she isn’t biologically yours?” Mom questions.

“I don’t care that she isn’t mine biologically. I love her,” I confess. “I always had the feeling that something was wrong. She had nothing of me in her, but I was blindsided. I didn’t want to know the truth.”

I start cleaning up everything, because we were done with painting.

“I understand your feelings and I’m glad that you are happy,” Mom says. She helps me pick up the paintbrushes and everything. I take a bucket with some cleaning soap and put the brushes inside. I take one look around the room and smile.

I’m ready to start a new life with my daughter.


Isabella’s POV

“Are you sure?” Tanya asks while packing some of my cups in boxes. I smile at her and nod.

“It’s time to move back,” I tell her.  “I finished pre-med, I took a year off to spend time with Nathan and now I’m going to University of Washington to finish my degree.”

“I can’t believe that you are finally taking life in your own hands,” Tanya says proudly. I can’t deny that I had a lot to go through. Carlisle and Garrett had found a nurse, who found my injuries weird and took photos of everything. Carlisle could also prove that all my other injuries could possibly be caused by violence of someone else. The judge decided that Paul was an unfit father and that I would have full custody of Nathan. Ever since I left Paul in the hotel in Seattle, I didn’t see or hear of him. During the case, the only contact with Garrett and me was through his lawyer. The lawyer advised Paul to sign the papers. After a year of fighting over custody and waiting for finalizing the papers, I was finally a free woman.

Now, two years, after finalizing the divorce, I’m starting my new life. I’m accepted at University of Washington and I’m going to move to Seattle. Nathan, who now is four years old, will go to the pre-kindergarten class in the neighborhood of the university.

“I’m going to miss you,” Tanya tells me.

“I’m not gone yet,” I say. “I’m leaving in a few days. We still have time to have some fun and say goodbye.”

“Mommy!” My sweet boy yells. I walk into his room and smile at the scene. He’s playing with his Duplex blocks.

“Nathan, Sweetheart,” I begin. “I told you to pack up your toys.”

“I want to play,” he says sadly.  I can almost see the tears in his eyes, as I walk up to him and crouch down to his eye level.

“Sweetheart, what is wrong?”

“I don’t want move,” he says. I sigh and take him in my arms and hug him closely to me.

“I know, Sweetheart,” I start. “But we have to move, because of school.”

“I’ll miss Auntie Tan. Granny and Grandpy,” he cries.

“Oh, my baby. Granny and Grandpy are going to move also and you will see them every day,” I console him. “And Auntie Tan will visit us a lot and we are going to visit her also.”


“I promise,” I say. Nathan takes his toys and starts putting them in boxes. I help him a little bit and then close the boxes.

I stand up and Nathan follows my lead. Together we walk out of the room and back to the living room. He sits down on the couch and watches some TV. Tanya and I are busy with packing our other stuff in boxes.

I’m ready to start a new life with my son.

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