Rediscovering Love

Edward and Bella met in High School. After graduation they lost contact and went on with their life. Years later they meet again. Both have a lot of secrets. They're both unhappy and when they bump in to each other, they start to realize that there is more than just friendship. A/H OC ExB

All disclaimer are the same... I don't know anything but the plot!


12. Chapter eleven: Friendship

Edward’s age: 24 years old – Savannah’s age: 6 years old
Bella’s age: 24 years – Nathan’s age: 4 years old

Edward’s POV

“Edward,” she whispers. I’m shocked to see her standing in front of me. Alice told me Bella lived in LA. “How are you?” Suddenly someone slaps me on the arm and I see my daughter smiling.

“The nice lady is speaking to you, Daddy,” she says. I look up and I see Bella smiling.

“Uh, what did you say?” I ask her.

“I asked how you’re doing,” she says.

“I’m fine. I thought you lived in LA,” I state suddenly. She looks away and then back at me.

“How did you know?” she asks eventually.

“Alice,” I state.

“Right, I forgot,” she whispers. She takes some meat and puts it in her cart. “Is she mad at me?”

I look at her and shrug my shoulders. “Why would she be mad at you?”

“I kind of sent her out the door a few years ago,” she tells me.

Now I remember one of the conversations with Alice when she told me about her visit to Bella. She cried in my arms when she told me that Bella was cold. Alice told me that Bella showed her and Jasper the door and never contacted them again.

“Daddy, who is the nice lady?” Savannah asks.

“Your daddy and I went to the same school when we were younger,” Bella answers my daughter’s question.

“Maybe we should talk someplace else,” I suggest. Bella smiles at me and then looks at my cart.

“Can I suggest something else?” she asks eventually.

“Uhm, sure,” I say.

“I take it you are looking for meatballs,” she states. I only nod. “Well, I’m taking a guess here, but I think you are going to make spaghetti with meatballs for dinner?”

Savannah starts to squeal hearing the words spaghetti and meatballs. Bella smiles at her.

“I’m also making it and maybe you could come with Savannah to my house and just join us.”

“Daddy, can we, Daddy, can we?” Savannah asks me with a big pout. “Pretty please?”

“Oh God, she spends way too much time with my sister,” I mumble to myself. Suddenly Bella starts laughing and I look up to see her eyes twinkle.

“Savannah indeed acts like Alice,” she says. “But hey, don’t worry. I think it’s cute!”

“Okay, I will come with Savannah.” We start walking toward the check out. “But we’ll have to drop our things at home.”

“Don’t worry,” she says while taking something out of her bag. It looks like a paper and a pen. “This is my address. Just come with Savannah.” She gives me the paper.

“Thank you.” I pay the girl behind the register and say goodbye to Bella. With my shopping bags in one hand and Savannah in the other, I walk to my car.

“Are we going to that nice lady’s house?” Savannah asks. I look down and smile. It’s been a long time since I saw my daughter so happy.

“Yes, but first we have to take our groceries home and put them away,” I tell her. I open the car and she steps into the back seat. “Don’t forget your seatbelt.”

Savannah puts her seatbelt on and I close the door. I open the trunk and put the bags inside. I look toward the store and see Bella walking out to her car. She looks my way, waves and smiles, before going further. I close the trunk and get into the driver’s seat.


After we get home and get the groceries put away, I enter Bella’s address into my GPS.  Following the directions, we are on our way to Bella’s. Savannah is still smiling big and telling stories. It’s weird thinking that after all that has happened, going to eat at Bella is what makes Savannah so animated. I arrive at the address and park my car. Savannah loosens her seatbelt and wants to open her door.

“Savannah, wait!” I order. She looks at me with her famous Alice pout.

“I want to go, Daddy,” she pouts.

“We will go together.” I step out and walk around the car to open her door. She immediately jumps out of the car and runs to the door. I look at the building and see that Bella is living in an apartment.

“Daddy, there are lot of buttons,” Savannah screams. I go to her and look at the buttons.

“We have to look for the right one.”

“How do we know, what is the right button?” she asks me.

“We have to look for the name.” Savannah starts to look at the names.

“I can’t read it.” She pouts. It was indeed hard to read some of the names. I start to laugh.

“Savannah, you don’t even know the lady‘s name.”

“But I want to ring the bell,” she whines.

“I will let you do it,” I tell her while looking for Bella’s name. “Ah, here is it.”

Savannah presses the button and we wait for Bella to answer.

“Come on, Nathan,” a voice says from behind us. “Mommy is waiting for us.” A boy runs past me to the door and waits impatiently.

“Aunt Tan,” he yells. “I want to go inside.”

“One moment, Sweetheart,” she calls. “I’m looking for the keys.”

“Hello.” Bella’s voice sounds through the speakers.

“It’s Edward,” I answer.

“Come in,” she says. “It’s on the fourth floor, the apartment to the left.” There is a click and I push the door open. The boy runs inside to the elevator.

“Nathan!” the lady yells. She comes into the light and I recognize her.

“You?!” I say shocked.

“The handsome man from school pick up.” She smiles. “Do you live in this building?”

“Uhm, no, I’m visiting someone,” I answer.

“Oh, me too,” she answers. “You know, the friend I want to set you up with?” I only nod. “She lives here. I’m just here to visit her.”

“Oh, okay,” I mumble. “I have to go upstairs. Come on Savannah.” I walk to the elevator and the woman follows me. We wait together for the elevator to arrive.

“Do you come visit your friend often?” the lady asks me. I look at her and shake my head. That was the moment Savannah decides to open her mouth.

“It’s a lady who he went to school with.”

“Oh, so nice. A girl you liked, but never said anything?”

I shake my head, but I start to think about the past. Bella and I never had much conversations going on between us, but the moments I spent with her were always nice and fun. Even the night she was mad at me for trying to drive drunk. Did I like her? No, I always wanted to be a friend, but nothing more. The elevator opens and we all step in.

“I want to push button, auntie Tan,” Nathan says. Auntie Tan picks him up and he pushes the button 4.

“I want to push the button, also, Daddy,” Savannah pouts. I have to disappoint her because we’re already going to the correct floor.

“Oh, Savannah, the boy already pushed the right button.”

“Oh.” Savannah looks so sad, so I take her hand and pull her closer to me.

“It’s button number 4,” I whisper in her ear. She smiles and pushes the button. The lady smiles at the scene and reaches out her hand.

“I’m Tanya,” she presents herself.

“Edward,” I respond. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, too.” The door opens and Tanya walks out first.

I take Savannah’s hand and walk out of the elevator.  I look down and notice Savanna’s shoe is untied.  After we tie it together, we go to the left of the elevator.  There was only one door and I walk right up to it. I see a small bell right next to the door and I show it to my Princess. She rings the bell and we patiently wait until Bella opens the door.

“Just a minute!” I hear Bella’s voice yell and a minute later the door opens.

“Come in.” Bella smiles while she steps aside. “I hope you don’t mind that I’ve other company.”

“Oh, no. I’m just a guest,” I answer. I let go of Savannah’s hand and Bella crouches down.

“Do you want to meet my son?” she asks my daughter. “He’s two years younger, but maybe you two can become friends.” Savannah nods shyly and takes Bella’s hand that she has offered. Bella stands up and leads her inside. I follow them and we arrive in the living room, I see Tanya standing before the window.

“You know, Bella, this view is amazing,” she says while she turns around. “Oh, the handsome man.”

“Do you know each other?” Bella questions us. I look at her and give her a small smile.

“I’m guessing, that we do,” I begin and look at Tanya, “but Tanya wanted to set you up with me.”

Bella gasps and looks shocked at her friend. “Tan!”

“Can you blame me?” she asks casually.

“Yes, I can blame you,” Bella answers. “You don’t set me up with a complete stranger.”

“One: he is not a complete stranger, and two: ever since the divorce you act like a nun,” Tanya explains.

“Maybe, Savannah and I should go home,” I say quietly. I reach my hand, wanting to call her.

“Oh no.” Bella stops me. “You have to stay. Tanya is going to stop harassing us.”

“Oh, come on…” She screams. “Are you kidding me?”

Bella starts to laugh. “You know I can say the same about you.”

Tanya looks at Bella and her smile disappears. “What?!”

“Come on, Tan, how long have you been single?” Bella asks and I’m looking at them like I’m in a tennis match. Savannah, who is still holding Bella’s hand, pulls at her sleeve.

“Miss,” she whispers. “When can I meet your son?”

“You can call me Bella,” Bella says. “And we are going to meet him right now.” She leads my daughter to the stairs and starts climbing them. I look back at Tanya and she is still smiling at me.

“How long have you known Bella?” she asks.

“I met her when we both were sixteen,” I tell her. “But we didn’t see each other for almost four years.”

“Wow, that’s almost eight years,” she say. “How come you didn’t keep in contact with her?”

“We were actually in different crowds when we were in high school,” I say. “My high school girlfriend was, how do I say it…”

“Jealous.” I hear Bella’s voice say. I look at her with a questioning look. “What? Isn’t it true?”

“Actually, that would be putting it really mildly,” I say eventually.

“I can’t believe it,” Bella says. “Edward Cullen actually has opened his eyes.”

“Uhm, not to interrupt you or something,” Tanya says. “But I cannot follow you two.”

“I will tell you a little story,” Bella begins.


Isabella’s POV

“When I was sixteen, my parents decided to move to Forks,” I start to tell. “I literally bumped into Edward on my first day at the new school.” I look at Edward and I see a small smile appear on his face. I remember that day as if it happened yesterday. I already knew Paul, but those green eyes have haunted me my whole life.

“Everyone at school thought you were a boy,” he says. “Even my girlfriend at the time.”

“So, Edward helped me find my class room,” I tell. “His girlfriend was in the same class and she didn’t like the fact that I was talking to Edward. She actually threatened me and that was the first and last conversation of that year.”

“Are you telling us that Lauren said you couldn’t talk to me?” Edward asks. He looked shock at me. “I always thought Alice was the reason, you didn’t talk to me.”

“Alice, as in the girl from LA?” Tan asks. I look at her and only nod, than I look at Edward.

“Edward, did you ever ask yourself, why your sister didn’t speak to you?”

“Yes, of course. She hated Lauren,” he answers.

“Yes, but that was not all.”

“What do you mean?” he asks.

“I mean that Lauren threatened every girl that spoke to you. The only girls in your presence were the girls that Lauren trusted.”

“You are saying that she threatened my own sister?!” Edward’s look told me he has a hard time to believe me.

“Bella, are you saying that Edward’s girlfriend threatened his own family?” Tan asks. “That would be unbelievable.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Edward reacts. “Why would she threaten my own sister?”

“I don’t know, Edward,” I say. “I’ve never knew her motivation for what she did.”

“I should go,” Tan suddenly says. “This is something you two should talk about alone.” Tan takes her bag and comes to me.

“You don’t have to go,” I say to her.

She hugs me and whispers in my ear. “There is more going on than a jealous girlfriend. Take your chance, girl!”

She pulls away and gives me a knowing look. She could read me like no other, but this was something I’ve hidden my whole life.

“How?” I whisper.

“It’s in your eyes.” Tan turns around and look at Edward. “It was nice meeting you. I hope to see you again.” She walks to the door and leaves my apartment.

I’m still too shocked to do something. I can’t believe that Tan saw the things I’ve never wanted to admit. I close my eyes and thought about the past.


It’s already a few weeks since I started at Forks High. The conversation between Lauren me and still hangs in my mind, but that was not what kept me busy. I’m sitting at the table waiting for my friends. At that moment Edward walks in with Lauren. I try to look away, but every time he is in the room, I can’t look away. What the hell is wrong with me? I have a boyfriend. Suddenly I feel eyes on me and I see Lauren looking at me. If looks could kill, I would now be six feet under.

“Good afternoon, Bells,” Rose greets me.

“Hi, Rose,” I greet her back. “Where are Jasper and Alice?” Rose gives me a look that told me enough.

“Oh gross. Can’t they keep their hands to each other and wait till they are alone?”

“You know they can’t.” I look around the cafeteria and see Lauren stand up and go outside.

“You’re right,” I say to Rose. “It’s like they’re addicted to sex.”

I stand up.

“Where are you going?” Rose asks.

“Bathroom,” I answer. I walk out of the cafeteria and head to the bathroom where I go into a stall. I hear moaning and I think someone’s hurt. Before I get to help them, I hear a boy’s voice saying Lauren’s name.

“That feels great, Tyler,” Lauren moans. “You’re way better than Edward.”

I run out the stall, wash my hands, and rush out the bathroom. I can’t believe she would do this to Edward. Someone in their right mind wouldn’t cheat on such a gorgeous man. I wouldn’t cheat on Edward. I stop in my steps. Where in the hell did those thoughts come from? I can’t believe that I would think about such a thing. I have a boyfriend for God’s sake.

End of Flashback

“Is everything okay?” Edwards’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts. I look at him and give him a small smile. The memory made me realize that I had feelings back then. The stories Alice told me about her brother and what I saw, were enough to like him. I always hoped to be friends when I visited Alice, but every time I was there, Edward wasn’t home. Our friendship didn’t have a chance.

“Bella?” Edward asks worriedly.

“I’m fine, Edward,” I answer him. “I’m just thinking about something.” I walk to the kitchen and I hear his footsteps follow me.

“Is it that bad?” he asks.

“I should start dinner,” I say ignoring his question.

“Bella, what is wrong?” he asks again. “Your face looks like you saw a ghost or something.”

“Please, Edward,” I beg. “Don’t ask what is wrong.”

“Why not?” he asks.

“Because I have to say things about your wife you don’t want to hear,” I answer.


Edward’s POV

Her tears are falling over her cheeks and I take one step closer.

“Lauren isn’t my wife anymore.” She looks up and I can see that she is shocked. “Do you think I would be here, if I was still married to her?”

She shakes her head and turns around. She opens her fridge and starts to take the ingredients of spaghetti and meatballs.

“What were you thinking about?” I ask her again. There is silence and I have a feeling that she won’t answer my question.

“Something I heard Lauren say, when we were back in high school,” she eventually starts telling. “It was a few weeks after my first day at Forks High School. I went to the bathroom and heard some nasty noises.”

She didn’t have to say, what she heard, because I totally understand she heard someone having sex.

“Who?” I ask.

“Tyler and …” She holds her breath and stops talking, but I know her answer.

“She admitted to me that she cheated on me,” I say. Bella gasps.

She turns around and looks at me.  “When?”

“Three years ago,” I start. “She didn’t care about Savannah. She acted like her own daughter was a disease. I confronted her, but she never changed. Eventually, I walked out on her and decided to divorce her.”

“What happened?” Bella asks concerned.

“She threatened to take Savannah away. I told her it was impossible, because she never cared about her daughter. She yelled at me saying that Savannah wasn’t mine.”

“Oh my…”

“I took a paternity testing completed and indeed Savannah isn’t mine, but I still love her as my own.”

“What happened with Lauren?” Bella asks. “Wouldn’t she get Savannah if she isn’t your daughter?”

“She is called an unfit mother, and her rights have been terminated because of her drug use,” I tell her. “She’s also currently in prison.” I start helping Bella with the food, because I know that my daughter would be asking for food soon.

“I can’t believe that you had to go through that,” Bella says. “And Savannah’s biological father?”

“OD’ed and no living family,” I tell her. “The judge gave me full custody and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

We start cutting the vegetables. We work in a comfortable silence. I can’t believe I told her the truth about Lauren. It’s still hard to hear from others that I was blind and didn’t see the mistakes that Lauren made.

I look at Bella and I wonder where her husband was. “Where is Paul?”

Bella looks at me and then back to the sauce. I put the spaghetti in the boiling water.

“We divorced,” she says after a long silence.

“Why?” I ask. “I thought the two of you were happy.”

“We were, but…” she stops talking and looks at me. “It’s a huge different happy in high school and in real life.”

That’s the understatement of the year. Ever since I discovered the truth about Lauren, I don’t know what happy is. My blindness let me to believe that I was happy, but was I really happy? I will never know.

“Daddy!” My princess’s voice gets me out of my thoughts. I turn around and smile at the scene. Savannah stands there with Nathan. They are holding hands.

“Yes, Princess?” I ask.

“We are hungry,” she says. I want to answer, but Bella is a little bit faster.

“Sweetheart, dinner will ready soon. Go wash your hands,” she tells my daughter. “Can you help Nathan?” Savannah nods.

“Where is the bathroom?” she asks

“I know,” Nathan says and they both leave the kitchen.

“They’re so cute,” Bella states.

“Yes, indeed,” I repeat. “I never thought they would be such fast friends.”

“It’s always easy for kids to be friends,” Bella tells. “I always thought that if we would have met sooner that we would’ve been great friends.”

“Maybe,” I reply. “But we will never know.”

“No,” Bella whispers. “That’s true.”

“But we can become friends now,” I state. She looks up and gives me a beautiful smile. We hear the footsteps of the kids and decide to set the table. Bella gives me some plates, forks, and knives. I start to set the table and watch how my daughter and Bella’s son are watching TV together.


The evening passes by nicely. Savannah and I are enjoying ourselves. We talk a lot and I can see a friendship forming with Bella and Nathan.

“You know,” Bella says. “The first thing I did when Lauren threatened me was to challenge her. I always thought that you weren’t her possession.” She takes a sip and looks at me. “Alice told me that Lauren could ruin my life and that’s what stopped me from starting a friendship with you.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have let Lauren stop you,” I tell her. “She always had a big mouth, but her actions were really small.”

There is a very big silence and I look at her. I take a sip of my drink and put it back down. Something came in the back of my mind.

“Would we have kept in contact without Lauren in the picture now?”

“I don’t know,” she answers truthfully. “There are things you never can predict.” I look to the place where the kids are watching a movie and see that they are sleeping.

“Maybe I should go,” I say. Bella writes something down and gives it to me.

“Call me,” she says before kissing my cheek. After saying our good-byes, I pick up Savannah and carry her to the car. This night was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time.

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