Rediscovering Love

Edward and Bella met in High School. After graduation they lost contact and went on with their life. Years later they meet again. Both have a lot of secrets. They're both unhappy and when they bump in to each other, they start to realize that there is more than just friendship. A/H OC ExB

All disclaimer are the same... I don't know anything but the plot!


19. Chapter eighteen: Desperation

Chapter eighteen: Desperation Previously

We give them all our information and then leave the park. I take one last look at the scene before stepping in the car, wondering why my perfect day, has such a  dramatic end.

Edward’s age: 24 years old – Savannah’s age: 6 years old
Bella’s age: 24 years – Nathan’s age: 4 years old

Bella’s POV

I’m sitting at one of the windows, looking outside. It’s been a day since the kidnapping and we haven’t heard a thing.

I’ve moved in with Edward because we wanted to be together when the cops have information.

“Baby girl,” Edward calls out. I look at him. “Dinner is ready.”

I nod and stand up. I follow him to the kitchen, sitting down. Tanya is already sitting at the table.


We arrive at Edward’s house and Edward parks the car in his driveway. Tanya had walked with the kids to the park, so she decided to drive with us. She’s the first to get out of the car.

I look at Edward. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?” he asks.

“My reaction towards Tanya,” I answer. “I shouldn’t have acted that way.”

“I don’t think you should tell me that,” he says.

“I already apologized to her.” I look to the house where Tanya is waiting.

“What did she say?” Edward asks.

“That she would have reacted the same way.”

“Maybe she would do that,” Edward states.

“She didn’t stop crying, Edward.”

“I know,” he says. “She feels guilty.”

“And my reaction didn’t help that feeling.”

“Come, let’s go inside,” Edward says, before getting out of the car. I follow his lead. “Maybe we should let Tanya sleep here.”

I look surprised at him.

“This is the best way to keep her updated,” he explains.

I nod. “We should call Lisa.”

“I will do that.” Edward opens the door and we all walk inside. Edward walks toward his home office, while Tanya and I walk to the living room.

“Tan,” I start. She looks up. “Edward thinks it’s best that you stay here.”

“I shouldn’t intrude in your lives,” she mumbles.

“He offered, Tan,” I tell her. “That won’t be intruding.”

“Baby,” Edward calls. “Maybe you should stay here, too.”

“Why?” I ask him.

“It’s easier, we can support each other and when the cops call, we both know the news at the same time.”

I can only nod, because it’s true. “Okay, but I need clothes.”

“Me too,” Tanya adds.

“Let’s get to Tanya’s place for her clothes, and after we can go to your place,” Edward says.

We all walk outside back to Edward’s car.

-End of Flashback-

That’s what brought us to this situation.

“How are you?” I ask Tanya.

She shrugs. “The same.”

“Tanya,” I reach my hand out over the table toward hers. “Stop feeling guilty.”

“How should I feel, Bella?” she asks. “If I didn’t look away, both Savannah and Nathan would be here.”

“Tan,” Edward says, while sitting down next to me. “You can’t know that, maybe the kidnappers would have tried it another day or another way.”

“Maybe, but it was because I wasn’t paying attention that they saw their chance.”

“Stop it!” I scream. “Stop with that self-pitying. It won’t bring Savannah and Nathan back.”

Edward hugs me and whispers. “Shh, Baby, everything will be all right.”

“Who would want to kidnap them?” I sob. “Why?”

“I don’t know, Baby,” he answers. “I really can’t answer that question.”


Edward’s POV

I’m standing in the kitchen with Bella sobbing in my arms. Tanya sits at the other end of the table, crying.

I let Bella go and walk to the living room. I want answers and I can only get them from one person.

I take the phone and the card that lies next to it, dialing the number on it.

Gary Taylor,” the person answers.

“Detective Taylor,” I greet him. “It’s Edward Cullen, Savannah’s father.”

Hello, Mr. Cullen. What can I do for you?” he asks.

“Is there any new information?”

I’m sorry, Mr. Cullen, but the kidnappers were very careful,” he answers. “They didn’t leave any evidence.

“What are you going to do?”

I’ve sent over some of my best people, because we suspect that the kidnappers will call you.

“Shouldn’t you have already done that yesterday, instead of a day later?”

I’m sorry, Mr. Cullen,” he apologizes. “I had hoped there would be evidence in the park.

“If they can kidnap two kids in broad daylight, do you think they would leave any evidence?”

“Maybe you are right,” he answers. “My people will be there in half an hour.”

“Okay, thank you.” I hang up the phone and walk back to the kitchen. Both girls are eating, but don’t utter a word.

I sit next to Bella and start to eat my cold, dinner.


I’m sitting on my sofa, Bella and Tanya are napping upstairs. The stress of the last twenty-four hours took a toll on them. So I ordered them to get some sleep.

“Mr. Cullen,” a female officer calls. I look up and smile at her.

“How can I help you?”

“We need to ask you and your wife some questions.”

“Bella is my girlfriend, not my wife.” But I like the sound of calling her my wife.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she says. “Can you call her?”

I nod, standing up and walking upstairs. I open my bedroom door very slowly.

Bella is lying on her side and her hair is sprawled around her face. It hurts me to wake her, but if the cops want some answers, she has to be there.

“Baby,” I whisper, when I’ve arrived at her side of the bed. “The cops need to ask some questions.”

She groans and turns on her back.

“Are you awake?” I ask her. She nods. “Come, let’s go downstairs.”

I take her hand, helping her up.

We walk down to the living room, where two officers are waiting, including Gary Taylor.

“Miss Swan, Mr. Cullen,” he greets us.

“Detective Taylor,” I greet back.

“Please call me Gary.  I’m sorry to do this at such a terrible time, but we need as much information that we can get only from the two of you.”

We both nod, but don’t say a thing.

“Do you have both enemies?”

We shake our heads ‘no’.

“My officer told me you are a couple, but not married.”

“Yes, but what does that have to do with the kidnapping?” I ask him.

“Are you both the biological parents of Nathan and Savannah?”

“I’m Nathan’s mother,” Bella answers silently. “But I love Savannah as she was my own.”

I look surprised at my girl and she gives me small smile.

“Mr. Cullen?”

I look at Gary Taylor. “On paper I’m Savannah’s father, but not by blood.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that my ex-wife told me six years ago that she was pregnant with my child, but I discovered almost four years ago that she was lying.”

“Can it be that Savannah’s real father that kidnapped both children?”

“That would be impossible.”

He looks questioningly at me.

“Apparently Savannah’s father overdosed and died, we discovered this when we looked for him. So unless he’s risen from the dead, I think it would be difficult to kidnap the kids,” I tell him, getting angry that he is asking all these stupid questions.

“I’m sorry to ask all these questions, but I have to look at every possible scenario.” He turns to look at Bella. “Miss Swan, what about Nathan’s father?”

Bella takes a deep breath. “I really don’t know what he’s capable of.”

She looks at me and I give her a small nod, knowing what she’s asking.

“Paul Collins abused me… I won custody over our son, when I ran away from him.”

“Do you mean that he can’t see his kid?” Gary asks her.

Bella nods. “The judge found him too dangerous to have custody of Nathan, so I was awarded sole custody in our divorce.”

“Your ex-wife, Mr. Cullen,” Gary starts to question me. “Can she be the one to do this?”

“Only if she has been released from prison it would be possible, but last time I heard she will not be released for at least a couple of years.”

“What’s her name?”

“Lauren Mallory.” He writes down the information

Gary looks at his colleague and he nods to him. “We have to investigate everything, but those two…” Gary points to two officers that are sitting at the dinner table with some equipment. “… will be staying here and they are going to tape your phone calls.”

“Why?” Bella asks.

“If the kidnappers were to call you, we can track them.”

“Do they want money?”

“I really don’t know, Miss Swan,” Gary answers. “But everything is possible right now.”


Gary’s POV

“Before I go, do you have a picture of your kids?” I ask them.

Miss Swan stands up, walking to her purse. She comes back and gives me a picture.

On it are two smiling kids with Mr. Cullen and Miss Swan behind them. They look like one happy family and somebody is trying to tear them apart.

“Thank you. Prepare yourself for any type of news from the kidnappers.” I stand up and leave them behind. When I arrive at the front door one of the officers stops me.

“Boss,” he says. “What if the kidnappers don’t call them?”

I look back into the living room to the couple. “Let’s hope they call. Stay here, every twelve hours somebody will relieve you from your shift.”

The officer nods and I walk outside to my car.

This is a weird case. It has happened before that kidnappers get a child in broad daylight, but this is the first time that they kidnapped two kids. I look again at the picture.

I have to investigate the information they gave me. I step in the car, buckling my belt and start up the car. With one last look at the house, I drive away to police station.

Once I’m back inside, I walk immediately to my office.

“Gary.” I look up to see Amy Moore standing at my door. “How is the case going?”

“Not good,” I answer. “There isn’t any lead to the identity of the kidnappers or the motive.”

“Are there suspects?”

“Miss Swan’s ex-husband, Savannah’s biological father and Mr. Cullen’s ex-wife .”

“What are you going to do?”

“Investigate every aspect of their lives. Apparently, the ex-husband was abusive towards Miss Swan and the ex-wife is in jail for something.”

“Give me a name,” she says. “I will help you.”

I decide to give her the ex-husbands name, while I investigate the ex-wife.  “Paul Collins.”

She writes it down and leaves my office. I type in the name of Mr. Cullen’s ex-wife and wait for the results.

I look through and then notice something interesting.

Her visitors log.

There is only one name on it and that is very weird. I pick up my phone and type in a number.

“Washington’s Correction Center for Women, how may I help you?” a female greets me.

“Good afternoon, Miss,” I say. “This is Gary Taylor, lead Detective for Seattle Police Department. May I speak with the person who’s responsible for the visitors log for your inmates?”

No problem, Sir,” she replies. “One moment, please.

She puts me on hold and I have to listen to some classical piece.

Michael Gordon speaking.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Gordon, I’m Detective Taylor of the Seattle Police Department, I have some questions for you.”

“Of course, Detective Taylor,” he says. “Ask away.”

“Well, one of your inmates is Lauren Mallory, correct?”

“Indeed, and what is the problem with inmate Mallory?”

“Her visitor log shows some weird information.”

“One second,” he says. “I’ll pull up her information.”

“Thank you.”

“Okay, I have her information before me. It states that she has one visitor the last couple of months.”

“That’s right, but the weird thing about that visitor is, the person is her ex-husband, who doesn’t want anything to do with her.”

“I don’t think I understand you.”

“Well, you see.” I start to explain. “Edward Cullen is Lauren Mallory’s ex-husband and I’m now investigating the kidnapping of his daughter.”

“I still can’t follow.”

“I had a talk with Mr. Cullen and he said that Lauren could be a reasonable suspect, because she lost custody over her daughter. He told us, not with so many words, that he doesn’t want to do anything with her,” I explain. “If he hates her, why would he visit her twice a month?”

“Indeed that’s odd,” he says. “But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.”

“Maybe,” I say. “Can you send me the picture of the visitor and maybe a scan of his ID?”

“Yes, that’s possible, but why would you need it?”

“I think that somebody may be using Mr. Cullen’s identity to visit Lauren Mallory.”

“Okay, it’s your investigation. I will send you the requested information immediately.”

“Thank you.” I give him my email and hang up the phone. Just at that moment Amy walks back in.

“Okay, listen,” she starts. “Paul Collins is an ex-marine that became a lawyer after he married his girlfriend, Isabella Swan. He became very successful very quickly. He became partner of the company he worked for. Two years after their marriage, they had their first child, Nathan Collins. Another year later, Isabella Collins filed for a divorce, saying that she was abused by her partner. Evidence showed that she told the truth and she got her divorce very quickly and was granted full custody of Nathan Collins. Paul Collins was not even granted visitation, unless it was supervised and he has made no attempt to contact the court to set up the supervised visitation schedule.”

“Wow,” I say. “Do you think that Paul Collins could be the kidnapper?”

“After the divorce everything went downhill. His partners in his firm didn’t want somebody tainting the company. He was fired and immediately afterward, Collins tried to start a new company, but it wasn’t successful. He lost a lot of money.”

My computer makes a sound to let me know that I have a new email. I open the email and find the picture I wanted.

“Well, that certainly isn’t Mr. Cullen.”

Amy comes to stand behind me and looks over my shoulder at the screen.

“Oh my…”


Okay, I have good news and bad news. This is the last chapter until June 21th. My exams start June 3rd and I'm going to focus on that... I will post something later today!! :)

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