Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


9. Chapter 9 .


      Gavin P.O.V


    I was out for the whole day. Drinking..trying to forget but i just couldn't. I came back home and everyone was sleeping..or so i thought 'everybody'. Tavi and that Kai boy were in her room. I could hear them laugh and kiss while i was in the living room smoking. 

After a while, they started talking about me. I heard my name but i wasn't clear on what they were saying. I went a little closer so i could hear them. 

"Did you tell him babe?" he asked her. Wait, tell me what? 

"No i didn't. Let's not talk about that Kai. I mean i feel bad enough already." she said. What the hell were they talking about?

"Babe, i just think that you need to be the first one to tell him that you were with me while you were with him before that guy that saw us would." he said. 

When i heard that i just slid down the wall and shut my eyes. I couldn't believe it. She was with him while she was with me?! She cheated on me and yet she broke up with me making me look like the bad person. I hoped i was having a nightmare and that this would all finish when i opened my eyes in the morning but no, it was reality. 

I decided to be normal just to see if she would say something. Just so maybe she would confess. 

Days went by i just drank and smoked and i was a hot mess. Days were getting so boring and long and to be honest i hated life. I mean i just found out that the love of my life was never in love with me.That's not easy to digest. 

We didn't talk for a few days. Then one day as i was sitting in misery she came to me and started talking. No one was home. 


"Gavin.." she said.

"Hah...now you talk to me?" i said "What do you want Tavi?" 

"Nothing..i don't want anything. I just..miss you that's all." she said.

"Missed me? Clearly." i said exaggerating. 

"There's something you need to know.." she said. 

Oh finally. 

"What?" i asked coldly. 

"I cheated on you Gavin. And.." tears started falling down her face. 

I didn't buy it. I couldn't.

"Mhm." i said. 

"What? You knew?! How?!" she asked. 

"Don't worry tavi..i didn't exactly witness you getting down on him but.." i cut off. 

"But what?!" she said. 

"I over heard you and that Stupid ugly Kai talking." woow..i even felt the hate in my heart for him. 

"Gavin..I can explain." she said.

"I'm listening." i said. 

She stayed quit. 

I smiled. 

"Tavi you know what i went through these passed fucking few months?! If this is the definition of being 'happy' with you then fuck it..I don't want it." i said. 

She stayed quit and looked at the ground. I think i was breaking slowly. 

"Say something...anything...tell me you love me...tell me nothing can separate you from me. Don't you see how screwed up i am right now? Please don't leave me in this condition." i said. 

She stayed quit again. 

"You weren't 'here' to see how i feel during these passed few months. You weren't here to see how i'm sick of everything and everyone. And how broken i am. Or in how much pain i am. When i realized that there was no hope for us, i died a little inside. I stayed up every night, scratching the walls just so i could get the pain out but that still wouldn't calm me.  Damn it! Look what you did to me Tavi! Every night  i drink and cry. How could you leave me when we were back to being best friends?! . You're a two faced. You became someone that is with everyone." i said  "Okay do whatever you wanna do but i'll always remember how you did me wrong. You knew my pain. You knew why we broke up! It was because of that fucking Kai. He's the one you wanna be with." i said "I don't wake up to you every morning anymore and do you fucking realize how that kills me slowly each day?!. I don't believe in love anymore. And i don't want anyone else being with me and paying attention to me. Not everyone kisses me like the way you do. Or the times when i get sick and tired of life, they can't fit themselves into my heart." i said And then i finally said "I wont call you at nights anymore. I'm glad that you're happy beside him. I'm glad that you counted on him so much to let me go." i said all that and walked out on her and slammed the door hard. 

When i went out it was dark. I started walking. I didn't know where the fuck i was going or what i was doing. All i cared about was being away from that house..from her. I had my guitar with me. I sat in the street where there was no one there and i tried writing a song. I think this is the only way to get all my emotions out. I sat there till the morning and finally finished the song. I called it "Rescue Me". It was about 12 pm that i finally went home. 

I walked in she was sitting on the couch. It looked like she didn't sleep the whole night. Messy hair, no make up and she was wearing pajamas. Oh how i miss her..love her.

She came and stood in front of me. And said. 

"Where the fuck were you?! I'v been worried sick about you! Don't you ever leave like that and not come back!" she yelled. 

I smiled "That's very nice of you Tavi but i'm not your property anymore." 

I saw tears fall down her face. I wanted to hug her and tell her no matter what she does to me..i will never hate her. But id didn't. And instead i walked away. 

"Wait.." she said crying. "I know there's nothing i can do or say to make things change between us but.."she cut off. She was looking at my pinky finger. We got matching tattoos when we were together saying "Promise" on our pinky. I didn't make it look obvious that she was looking at my pinky so i just walked away. 

"I'm talking to you!" she yelled. 

"I wish there was something left to talk about. Everything has been done and said. And as for you..i think you did enough." i said. 

"You love..i know you still do." she said. 

"Unfortunately...i do. But don't worry in a matter of time it'll change." i said. 

"Thought you said you wont be with anyone." she said. 

"And i'm still on my word. You should feel ashamed of yourself for making me feel...what i feel." i said. 

She looked at me and didn't say anything and looked at the ground. 

"I wanna be your best friend again gavin. I can't possibly live on with out you. I miss how we used to be. Where we could be with anyone and wouldn't care. I miss that." she said. 

"I miss a lot of things in life that i can probably never get back and that's just how the world rotates." i said. 

"Please! I wanna make it up to you. Please just give me that chance to prove that i wont hurt you anymore." she said.

"Why?! Why do you care to be my friend again?!" i asked angrily. 

"Because i fucking love you Gavin! I'm fucking in love with you! And i know i made the biggest mistake of my life but i can't that it fucking back! The only thing i can do is fucking make it up to you!" she burst out. 

"Keep your loving for Kai. And i don't want you making anything up to me." i said and went straight to my room. 

I heard her call Kai right after i went in my room and asked him to come over. She keeps lieing to me. She just told me she loved me and now she calls him over? Wow. Real bullshit. 

After ten minutes he came over. 

"We need to talk." she said. 

"Sure, what is it babe?" he asked.

"Let's go in my room." she said. 

Shit..i couldn't hear them anymore. I mean not that i wanted to. Whatever. But what was next. Her proposing? . Fuck..honestly, i don't know what to except anymore. Maybe she wants to move away? Maybe she wants to go to another country? Oh god..what the hell am i gonna do without her. I'll die. I can't go on without her. I don't know how i'm keeping up right now. Maybe because i know she's in the same house and i see her every two seconds. 

After an hour i heard knocking on my door. Who was it i wondered. I got up and opened the door and it was that stupid ass Kai. How i hated him so much. 

"You made her do it. Didn't you?" he said while coming in my room. 

"First off, your not welcomed in my room so get out." i said and pushed him out. "And second, what the fuck are you talking about?" 

"I'm talking about Tavi. You made her do that didn't you?!" he yelled. 

"How bout don't raise your voice at me in my fucking house or the next thing coming at you wont be as pretty." i said. 

"Tavi asked me something.." he said with a smile. 

I couldn't make it out. I didn't get what he was saying. Whether it was a happy smile or a sad smile. 

"Tell me because i care so much." i said exaggeration and giving him this look -_- . And then i closed the door. 

"She left me. Why?" he yelled. 

I opened the door. "You're a smart kid, figure it out." i said. and then closed the door again with a smile. That always pissed people off haha.

"I didn't tell you the important thing.." he said.

i didn't open the door but i listened. 

"She's pregnant." he said. 

His voice echoed in my head about a million times. She's pregnant from him?! I frizzed right in my place. I didn't say anything because i was going through a shock. 

"From you.." he yelled. 



( Too be continued soon. ) 

[ Also the song that i mentioned in my story that Gavin "Sang" is from Tokio Hotel - Rescue Me so i don't own it or anything. It's just a story. ] 




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