Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


8. Chapter 8 .


            Brianna P.O.V


     "Brianna?" a voice said. I didn't know who it could be but this person obviously knew me. "Um, i'm sorry, who am i talking to?" i asked. "It's Jake." he said. Oh my god, it was him! What the hell do i do? Should i just hang up? "You got the wrong number sir. Please don't call again." i said. As he wanted to say "Bri-" i hung up. Oh my god, what the hell. How the hell did he get my number? It's been 8 months since i haven't seen him. I used to miss him a lot but now, not so much anymore. I mean i guess there's always gonna be this thing between us especially because he took away my virginity but i always knew that the relationship wasn't healthy at all so it would end sooner or later. He called again after two minutes but i didn't pick up. He kept calling but i didn't pick up any of his calls. I hope he doesn't call anymore. 

I went downstairs and everyone was there. 

"What movie are we watching tonight?" Tavi asked. 

"Lets let brianna choose." steve said with a smile. 

"How about horror?" i said. 

Tavi's boyfriend wasn't with us so she would cuddle with gavin because she was terrified of horror movies and so i thought maybe it would bring them closer. I don't know i just wanted my brother to be happy and the only way he would actually be happy is to be with Tavi. 

"Great." said steve.

"What? scary movie? you guys, i have to call Kai." Tavi said. 

What? no? i want tavi and gavin to spent more time together. I didn't want her boyfriend to come. 

"Oh come on Tav , we're best friends for fuck sake or are you gonna deny that too?" gavin said.

"I just feel more comfortable with my boyfriend that's all." she said. 

"Oh okay so correct me if i'm wrong but your talking about that guy that you met 3 months ago right?" gavin said. 

"Yes him. And now if you'll excuse me, i'll go call him to come over." she said.

"Over me?! Over me that you known for 7 years?! haha Okay, okay tavi. Do whatever you gotta do." gavin said and got up and went in his room. He looked really angry. 

I looked at Steve like what the fuck was that. 

"Don't worry. They do that...like a lot." he laughed. 

"Why are you laughing tho?" i asked. 

"Because in a few hours or days from now, they'll probably start talking again." he said feeling certain. 

"Oh? really? i mean it kinda looked like a big fight didn't it?" i asked.

"That was a baby fight compare to there fights." he said.

"Now i'm scared to ask how they fight usually." i said 

"haha they break things, yell, scream at each other. It just gets crazy." he said.

"Oh god. How crazy?" i asked.

"Let's just say the neighbors don't call the cops on us anymore because there used to it." he said.

"Wow! but aye that's how you know there in love. Or else they wouldn't even give a shit to argue right?" i asked.

"Oh i believe that they're Romeo and Juliet." he said.

"But why? Romeo and Juliet were in love but they couldn't be with each other." i said.

"Exactly. Gavin and Tavi are in love but whenever they do go out something happens that they break up. I mean hint: there break up a few months ago." he said.

"Wait, do do you actually think that Gavin cheated? He might look like 'that' guy but he isn't." i said. 

"No i know he didn't. But Tavi thinks he did. And some people think he did." he said. 

"I don't even know what happened or how they broke up. Whenever i try to go talk to gavin he just says that he's fine and that he doesn't wanna talk about it." i said. 

"Oh yeah, he does that. He hardly ever tells me anything too. He keeps it all to himself." steve said.

"So do you know how tavi thought he was cheating?" i asked. 

"I know what you know. I just know the basics." he said.

"I'll be right back." i said. 

"Guess were not watching the movie?" he asked.

"Sorry i really have to do this. The night's young so maybe sometime later tonight okay?" i said.

"Promise? just me and you?" he asked and i saw a sparkle in his eyes. 

Oh god, i'm really really starting to like him. I mean this is happening way too fast i think. Shit. 

"Aha, yes i promise steve." i said then smiled and walked away to go to tavi's room. 

She was alone in her room. She didn't call her boyfriend after...well you know all that. 

I knocked at her door. 

"Who is it? Go away." she said. Wow, just like Gavin. They're so in love and it's obvious. 

"It's me Tavi. Can i come in?" i asked.

"Oh. Yeah fine come in." she sounded terrible. 

As i went in her room Gavin blasted the music that he was playing ; Hollywood Undead - City ; . 

"Are you okay babe?" i asked. 

"No..no i'm not fuckin' okay and he keeps hurting me more then i already am hurt." she said. 

"Babe, gavin didn't cheat on you. I'm sorry but both of you need some tough love. Both of you are stubborn as hell. You never ever give up or just call it quits already. If you guys love each, be with one another. If not, then don't even talk to each other because that obviously makes things complicated." i said. 

"He did cheat. Brianna you don't understand.." she said crying. 

"Oh but i think i do Tavi. I had a psycho boyfriend who used to drink and beat me up. Also i lost my virginity by him raping me. Me and him went through complication for three years so i think i understand tavi." i said. 

"I'm sorry..i didn't know. But you're away from him now and that's all it matters." she said.  

"Thank you but let's not change the subject. What happened that you think he was cheating? I mean are you sure?" i asked. 

"He was at this party and this girl was on him and i walked in and i saw them." she said tearing up. 

"Okay tavi, you could have just miss understood. You know Gavin's good looking and a lot of girls literally die to be with him so you can't get mad at him for it. He didn't cheat. And honestly, you're like the most hottest girl i'v ever seen so i'm pretty sure every guy is crazy about you too but he never said anything like you know...it's just that both of you guys are really good looking so automatically there will be some complications that come with it." i said. 

She stayed quit but tears were dropping down her face like rain. I went next to her and hugged her. 

"Tavi you can't do this. You can't just destroy yourself over a guy. If you wanna be with him, let him know. If not, forget him, be happy and go enjoy your boyfriend." i said. 

"But i do love him bri...he's my everything. He's been there for me since i was 10 years old. I can't ever forget him, it's not that easy." she said crying. 

"Okay, i understand. I promise i understand. But the only thing you can do is either go tell him that or just be with your boyfriend. You choose. I mean is that miss understanding worth you and gavin to not be together? you  know the answer better then me tavi. But don'y get me wrong, none of your answers are wrong. Now either your answer is positive or negative as long as your happy. That's all that matters." i said. "And please don't think i'm on gavin's side just because he's my brother. No, that's not true. Whatever you choose, i'm sure gavin wants to see you happy at the end of the day." i said. 

She didn't speak but tears were falling down her face. 

"I'm gonna leave you alone now tavi but please think about what i said. If leaving gavin will make you happy then so be it. We will all be happy as long as you're happy." i said as i went close to her and kissed her forehead and left her room. 

I feel horrible for both of them. Honestly, it sucks to be in love. I think i should go talk to gavin too. 

I knocked on his door. He was listening to Hollywood Undead : the diary and it was too loud so he couldn't hear me knocking. I just opened the door and went in. He was on his bed with the pillow on his face. I lowered the volume of his music and he looked up and saw me. 

"Okay gavin. Screw what you say. We're gonna talk and we're gonna talk now." i said. 

"What?" he asked. 

"I'm talking about you and tavi." i said. 

"She think's i cheated on her in this party but the girl just came on me bri i didn't cheat i swear to fuckin' god i didn't cheat." he said looking very sad. 

"I believe you. But if you did and you don't wanna admit it, please do. Because that will make things easier gavin." i said.

" 'if' ?  i didn't brianna. I didn't cheat." he said. 

"Okay, i believe you but don't make me regret it. If you love Tavi, let her be for a while Gavin. She needs time to think. Gav-" i said but he cut me off saying , 

"No, i can't let her be bri. Because she'll forget about me and i don't want that okay? she's all i ever needed and need and i can't afford to loose her." he said. 

"I understand but just go easy on her alright? " i said. 

"I'll try brianna but no promises." he said. 

"Stubborn as fuck. Alright." i said. 

As i was about to walk out my cellphone rang again and the number was unknown so i think it was him. I stopped and looked at the number and then i didn't answer. As i was trying to leave gavin asked "Was that him?" he asked angrily. "Who?" i already knew he was referring to Jake. 

"That bastard." he said. 

"Oh, no it's not." i said. 

"Brianna, don't lie." he said. 

"I'm not. Good night Gavin." i said as i left his room. 

I came in the living room and Steve was there but he was sleeping on the couch. Damn, i was kinda late and i felt bad. I threw a bed sheet on him and kissed him on the cheek. I hope he was really sleeping. As i was trying to go to my room, he grabbed my hand. I freaked out because it was really sudden. 

"I'm sorry. Did i wake you up?" i asked 

"No, it's okay. So um i was wondering if you wanna sleep with me?" he did that thing with his eyebrows that i just melted but woah there, 'sleep' with him? 

"Um...excuse me?" i was unsure of what he meant but i think he was asking for sex? i have no idea. 

he laughed "No i don't mean like sleep sleep with me. I mean like just you know lay next to me in my bed." he said. 

Oh my god, my heart dropped! I wanted to say yesss, yesss i would love to. But instead i said 

"I'm more comfortable in my own bed though. sorry." i thought he would be like oh okay never mind then.  But instead he said , 

"Okay, then your bed and not mine?" he asked. 

"Yeah, okay." i smiled. 

I mean it's not bad. I'm just gonna lay with him. I wont have sex with him or anything. 

So we went in my room and watched a horror movie and cuddled till we fell asleep. I think i'm falling in love...

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