Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


5. Chapter 5 .


          Steve's P.O.V 


             Do you believe in love at first sight?. I didn't but now...i do. Long Chocolate brown hair, tan, slim body, hazel eyes. She's so beautiful. I'v never felt like this in my life. I just met her, and she left but i miss her so much already. It feels like i'v known her for a long time. She's gonna be gone for 5 months. She's in rehab because she's addicted to drugs. Should i be there too? nah. I don't know why i feel like this but i feel like she's perfect, like she's all i ever needed. Could she ever look at me in that way? I just can't wait for her to come back. I have to act like i don't like her. I bet she'll like that so she's gonna like me. Maybe i'm just talking none sense. *5 months later* She's gonna be back today!! I can't wait to go see her. Gavin can't know this though, he's not gonna like this. 




             Brianna's P.O.V

           I'm finally back. Finally healthy as hell. God i'v been wanting this for the longest time! I'm so happy here, with my brother and healthy and away from my ex boyfriend, away from his harm.  

"How do you feel little sister?" Gavin smiled 

"I feel so good! Thank's to you! And you were right, i do appreciate it." i hugged him and he hugged back. 

"I'm so proud of you" he said and he looked proud too. 

"It means a lot coming from you bro, thanks" i said smiling and meaning it. 

"By the way, sorry we couldn't celebrate your birthday and that you had to spend it over there. But if it counts, happy birthday! i'm so proud of you and i love you.And sorry i couldn't buy you a gift im broke as hell and i need a job" he laughed.

i hugged him again and said "This...making me want to go to rehab is the best gift that you have ever gave me! I mean Gavin if it wasn't because i'm you i wouldn't be here first, and second i wouldn't be healthy. So, it's all thanks to you" 

We, went home and yikes! i'v forgot about Steve for a second. He was home. When i saw him my heart started beating uncontrollably and i was nervous as hell. 

"Hi im Tavi. Nice to meet you Brianna." she said sweetly. She had a black hair, snow white, short, skinny, sea blue eyes, wore dark makeup, and dark clothes. 

"Nice to meet you too Tavi" we shook hands. And there came Steve and that's when i felt my heart drop to my underwear. 

"I'm glad you're back Brianna" he smiled big. He was the cutest thing i had ever seen!. 

"Aha, thanks steve. Me too." i smiled and then looked at the ground. I was way too nervous. So Tavi and Steve are going out? That's nice. I mean i hope there happy together. After all, that's all it matters right? . 

"So you're gonna be living with us right?" he was still smiling. 

"Um, yeah. Yeah i guess." 

"That's good. We're gonna have fun don't worry. We always go out every night. We either party or go to sharkeyes or just go to hookah launch or wherever." 

"Yeah i bet it's gonna be fun. Tavi's a really nice girl by the way. You guys look really good together" No they didn't but i just wanted to see if they were together. I probably sound really mean but still. 

"What? no..no we-" i cut him off. 

"You're cute together" i finished his sentence. 

he started laughing. "what?" i asked him 

"Me and her are not going out. She's my sister and i would like to keep it that way, thank you very much" he said. Damn, i felt relieved. 

"Oh! You guys are brother and sisters. My bad" i laughed. "i thought you guys were going out" 

"Were not" he was looking at the ground when he said that there not he looked back at me. I felt like i was gonna die. Was this normal? I still don't know. So that day we all hung out and i got to know Tavi and Steve more. Tavi's really amazing. She's a keeper. I hung out with her for a day and i felt like she was one of those girls that would do anything for you if you meant something to her. And if you meant anything to her, she'd drop anything to come and help you if you needed help. I have a feeling that me and her are gonna be really good friends. Guess what i just figured out right now?! omg, gavin and tavi love eachother! This is amazing. Their perfect for eachother. I just hope none of them get hurt at the end. I heard them talking ;

"Yeah babe cuz that's how you make a cake" tavi said giving gavin this look -_- 

"Well im sorry im not a fuckin cooker" he laughed and she laughed and they kissed. They looked perfect together. I came to the living room and heard steve flirting with this woman. They were in his room. When i heard that, i just kinda broke. I mean i guess i had that coming. He's hot for one thing and any girl is like head over heals for him. I was crazy for even thinking that me and him could have had it all. I was in the living room it was about 3a.m. We - me and steve were waiting for tavi and gavin to make the cake. Well he was in his room with her. He came down stairs after a while and the girl i guess sneaked out of his room. 

"You okay?" he asked. 

"I'm fine, just tired" i said 

"right, you had a long day. Are you waiting for the cake?" 

"Actually, i am" i said. He looked at me and felt like something was wrong but he didn't say anything.

"So, you had a boyfriend? or..you have a boyfriend?" he asked. 

"Yeah, i did. But we kinda broke up when i moved out here." 

"Oh sorry to hear that, Was he good to you?"

"He was amazing to me, i still love him" i lied. 

"Oh sorry, i don't know how it feels but it must feel horrible" 

"Yeah. Okay well listen im gonna go sleep okay? turns out im way too tired to wait up for the cake" i lied again. i wasn't even tired. 

"Are you sure? I mean im sure it's gonna be ready in a few minutes"  he asked. 

"I'm sure. And im also sure that im gonna pass out after a few minutes. But aye can you tell them that i went to sleep? Goodnight" 

"Yeah, sure. sleep tight". 

And so i went upstairs in my new room. I still had somethings to unpack but i went right to bed. It finally feels like home- a little bit. 


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