Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


4. Chapter 4 .



              Finally, it was the next day. I was all ready, and rondah came home at 7PM so i was home all night alone. (Not that it was something new). 

"So you're leaving huh? What makes you think you're gonna be happy there? You'll be all alone and hopless." said rondah

"I'm just glad i'll never see your face again, that's all." I said. 

"You'll regret leaving. I promise. You wont succeed. You life will be hell there. What makes you think Gavin wants you back anyway? He'll leave you like a piece of shit once you arrive there." 

"Thanks rondah, i wish you the best too." I just simply didn't want to argue on my last day there. I didn't see any point. 

"Anyway, you won't succeed. You'll come back to me." 

"Like i said, i wish you the best. And i hope your daughter is happy in the other world." She made her daughter commit suicide because of how she was towards her. Long story. I'm surprised how i came alive out of her house. She didn't say a word. 

"Goodbye rondah." i said and left her house. I saw Jake coming. I tried to avoid him so i tried to go back in rondah's house but he saw me and it was too late. 

"Wait up!" he grabbed my arm.

"There's nothing to say Jake. Let go!" 

"I'm sorry. Please don't leave me. I will never be happy without you." 

"Oh Jake, i'm so glad you care" i gave him that 'you're stupid if you think i'm gonna forgive you look' than i said "hush the fuck up!"  

"Brianna, remember how it was always you and me against the world? Guess what? it still is..if you stay."

"You're kidding right? because the way i remember it, it was always you against me. So i don't know what you're saying" 

"I understand, i made some horrible mistakes in my life. Please give me a second chance. I promise i will change." 

" Haha, second chance? Oh please.  I believe that was years ago. You mean give me my one millionth chance?" 

"Baby please don't leave me." He said, in a breaking voice. 

"There is no you and i anymore Jake. I mean if you kind of think about it there was no you and i in the first place" 

"Please! I'll do anything! Just name it!" 

"Okay good. So you'll do anything right?" 

"Yes. Anything for you babygirl." 

"What i want you to do is first of all never call me babygirl and the second thing i want from you is to leave and never look back. Why? because you're dead to me!" 


Then, a taxi pulled up and Gavin was in it. 

"Come on, let's go Brianna." said Gavin. 

"Goodbye Jake." 

"No baby, please don't leave me." 

"Forever!" And so i went and sat in the taxi with Gavin. And so we left and he ran after the car for a while than he gave up and stopped. We went to the airport and waited a little till it was time for our flight to L.A. We got on the plane and it took about 8 hours for us to get to L.A.

"Are the people that you wanted me to meet are coming to the airport to pick us up?" I asked Gavin. 

"No, we're gonna go home. They're gonna be all in school by the time we get home. But they will be back in the afternoon at like 3PM. Well actually Steve might be home. He skips school a lot" Said Gavin. 

"Oh. Who's Steve?" I asked. 

"Steve's my best friend." He said. So we got to L.A at 6A.M and we had to wait 3 hours in the airport to get our belongings. 

We finally went home at about 9A.M. We got into the house and the house was pretty big. It was actually like a Villa. 

"So, this is it. This is James place but we all just kinda crash here. And don't worry legally" he smiled. 

"Aha, okay." He showed me around and introduced my room to me. it was huge!. I mean comparing my last bedroom to this. As i was unpacking, Steve came in the room. He had Honey eye color, dark brown hair, fit as hell, Pure muscle, and in my eyes, and i bet everybody elses, he looked perfect! My heart came down to my stomach. Do you believe in Love At First Sight? God, i think i might be in love! 

"Aye, im Steve. It's a pleasure to meet you Brianna." Wow, he knows my name. 

"Pleasure to meet you too steve" i smiled and we shook hands. His eyes were sparkling. 

"Have you ever been to L.A before?"  He asked. 

"Uh no this is actually my first time" i smiled and looked at the ground. 

"Well than let me show you around?" he asked. 

"Right now?" i asked. 

"Sure, How old are you? If you don't mind me asking." 

"I'm 15." and i paused for a while and than said " And you are?" 

"I'm 16, are you much of a smoker?" What the fuck?! does he know i do drugs?! OH MY GOD! he's probably gonna hate me, i thought! 

"Um, excuse me?" with that confused face. 

And than he laughed and said "I meant Hookah" Than he smiled. Okay, this guy is beautiful. I want him to smile at me all day every day! 

"Oh. Hookah. Yeah. i guess." I was too shocked. Maybe he knew. But how? i mean Gavin doesn't know. right?.. 

"Okay, let me tell gavin so we all go together"he smiled and left to talk to Gavin. And that's when my heart dropped down to my panties! Okay, the first instant question that came up to my mind was that 'is he an angel?' God, i have a felling that im gonna love this place! There were more people to come still. He came in the room suddenly and my heart popped. 

"Alright, all set. Lets go." So we went to this place called 'Exhale' and it was amazing! But i was stressing because, i need something. I needed..drugs! asap. Gavin looked at me and he, again, had that none readable expression on his face. We went back home and it was about 1PM. 

"Can i talk to you Brianna?" Gavin asked. 

"Sure, what is it?" 

"I meant alone!" I freaked out! I automatically thought he knew.

"Okay, yeah." so we went to the other side. 

"Are you..or were you on something Brianna?" 

"Excuse me?" i acted like i got offended or something but really i was freaking out!

"I know when someone is on drugs. Or in your case, needs drugs. Be honest. I'm not gonna be mad. I just want to know. I can help you" 

"What? no. Of course not!" 

"Brianna, in your condition back 'home' i would probably be on drugs too. Especially with that boyfriend of yours." 

"What? No!. And okay can we please stop talking about Jake? It has nothing to do with him" it has everything to do with him actually. He stopped and started at me for a while. 

"And what if i was huh? Are you gonna send me back 'home' ? Are you gonna leave me again? What are you gonna do? i was honest, now it's your turn." 

"Okay, i knew it. And what the fuck?! Of course not! Are you outta your mind? i just barley found my sister. What makes you think i'm gonna let you go? I can help you that's all im gonna say" I felt releaved when he said 'i'm not gonna let you go' and 'i'm gonna help you'. 

"You're gonna help me? How?" 

"It depends. What do kind of stuff do you do?" 

"Well i'v tried everything not hero-ne but i do mostly ..grass, coke, A-id, meth, and X." 

"Okay, Don't worry i got this! Listen, grass is fine for now. And you don't need A-ide and X anymore because your life is gonna get better here and it's not physically addictive. But as for coke and meth they're very addictive so we need to do something about that!" 

"Okay, like what?" I asked 

"Well, i can't really do anything about this, The only help i can give you is if i sign you up for rehab. It's gonna get better. You're gonna be healthy as fuck! Just listen to me, you need this! Do you understand? You have to go!" When i heard the name rehab i just kinda died and came back to life. 

"Rehab? i mean there has got to be another way right?" i was worried sick! 

"No brianna. That's your only hope! Please listen to me! I know you can do this. Just a few months. I mean you survived in rondas place for 10 years. I'm sure you can handle 3-5 more months. Just do this!" 

"No..i don't want to go to rehab. I'm..i'm scared. I don't want to!" he came closer and hugged me! 

"It's gonna be fine. I promise. So i will schedule a time for you and you will start from right now okay?" 

"What?! right now?! no! no way!" 

"Brianna! Are you listening to yourself?! Come on, get in the car. The sooner you go the faster you'll get out!" 

"What? i thought you were gonna schedule it for me! You're just trying to get rid of me huh?" 

"Well, plans change! Get in the car. And what? no, im just trying to get rid of your addiction! That's it. It's not something to be proud at, at all!." 

"Fine, fine i give up! whatever" i went to go sit in the car"

"You won't regret this. And you will thank me later! Trust me!" 

So he signed me up in this rehab facility, and they asked me some questions about how long i'v been doing drugs. They said it would take about 5 months. My eyes were getting teary but i didn't cry. I was freaking out! Gavin left. Steve was here too. He said "Don't worry, time will fly by. I promise." And he left with Gavin. I stayed there for 5 months. It was horrible. But what gave me hope was that i'm gonna be healthy. And i'v been wanting this. Wanting to get healthy. I prayed every day and night, hoping God would hear me. 

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