Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


3. Chapter 3 .


             I couldn't talk. I was way too shocked! Like this is really happening! I finally found my brother, my family! I finally managed to talk : 

" I'm Brianna.." He was just looking straight at me, and i guess i couldn't tell what he was thinking. "Hernandez Garcia" i finished  my sentence up. 

"You're Brianna? Can you prove it? I mean this other girl lied to me and said that she's Brianna and than two days later i found out that she was lying." So than i told him something that nobody knows except for us. And i guess that should be enough proof. 

"You ran away from the house when me and" i paused than tried to continue, " dad were in the room? Why would you leave me? Why didn't you at least get some help gavin? Why?" He looked straight at me, and i still didn't know what his expression is. 

"Oh god it is you!" he hugged me and i didn't hug back. Than i said "I asked you something Gavin  and i'm sure as hell hugging wasn't part of the answer" 

"I ran to get some help. And i got dad's-i mean Jason's friend and he came to stop it. I was the one who called him Brianna  You can't be mad at me. And actually i did save you by that!" There was a lot of questions running through my mind. Uncountable. 

" So than where did you go? Why did you disappear on me? And why do you call dad Jason?" 

" As soon as i got help for you..I ran to the police station to get more help. And  call him that because he doesn't deserve to get called 'dad'. He fucked up really bad. I can never forgive him. I mean..my back. i.." He trailed off. I was confused..i mean what about his back?! There were more questions in my head now! 

"And than what happened? And i know, he really did. But i wonder if he regrets it and if he misses us? What about your back gavin?! What about it?!" 

"Than the polices and i game back home but you were gone. He was home, drinking bear. His friend was gone too. We waited for a while until he came back..without you. And than he made me look like the bad person. He said that you're in a shelter and that there is no way if Jason could have almost harmed you. So the polices left, they thought i was talking nonsense. And don't worry about my back. As long as no one touches it, it's fine." 

"Yeah, he put me in a shelter and than about a month later, this family adopted me. And wow so like him. I bet he looked chill too. But..Gavin i'm sorry that i thought of you in another way. I mean i thought you just ran away and left me there. But thank you...for saving my ass. I owe you!. And please let me see your back. You can trust me, you know that right? I'm your sister, i would never turn against you." 

"Is your new family good to you? And yeah, he did look chill. And don't worry about it. If i were you i'd think the same. And you don't owe me shit! I'm your brother i would do anything for my little sister! I'm sorry i wasn't there for you during the worst time. But i tried. And yeah sure, i trust you." He showed me his back, it was all tattooed up of Virgin Mary and a cross in her hand. I didn't see anything. 

"Your back looks fine to me, i mean do you mean the tattooing hurted? I mean i'm sure it did bu-" Than he cut me off. 

"No Brianna, he laughed. That's not it. Don't worry about it." What? don't worry about it? Of course i'm gonna worry about it!

"No, tell me! I really wanna know"

"Okay, fine! Take a good look at it." He showed it to me again. I looked at it closely. I didn't see anything, but after a little while i saw some...scars..Than i touched it slowly and than he twitched. 

"I told you not to touch it" 

"Oh my god, i'm so sorry!" and than i paused for a while "Did dad do this to you?!" 

"Uh, don't you have school right now?" 

"That's not my damn answer Gavin! Did dad do this to you?!" 

"Yeah, Brianna whatever! Let's just forget about it okay?" I was just looking at the ground, i was disgusted from Jason! And that's when i swore to myself that i would never look at his face and if i ever accidently  saw him i'd spit in his face! 

"Yeah no it's not just whatever Gavin  This is a big fuckin deal! You know..until now i wanted to still meet him. I mean after everything! But now..." i trailed off than finished my sentence "he's dead to me!" 

"Come on Brianna, you don't have to hate him for me" 

"No, it's not just that! You actually put some sense in my mind! He's dead to me. Period!" 

"Damn, its 10AM. You're late for school. You should go" 

"No, i'm already late so i'm not gonna go today. But where do you live? Don't you go to school? I mean you're only 15" 

"Okay. Yeah i do go to school...sometimes." he smiled. "And i live with my friend, James." 

"Where do you live? And how old is James?"

"I live in Las Angles. And yes, he's 18. Well, to be honest, we live with him" 

"Okay, who's we?" 

"About that. I want you to meet them! But, i also want you to move in with us!" 

"Me? Move in? I mean, how am i gonna fly there? i have no money. And how is rondah gonna let?"

"Yes, you. And don't worry about the money and rondah. I got both of them covered. Do you wanna move with me?" 

YESSSSS! i do want to move with you brother! But i was terrified, i mean moving to L.A and meeting with new people and living with them. I mean it sounds amazing to me!. He doesn't know that i'm addicted to drugs yet.. Maybe i should tell him. But maybe i shouldn't 

"Move in huh? Yes, i do wanna move in." I just wanted to get away from here as much as i could!

"Perfect than! And you don't talk to rondah about anything because i will! Were gonna leave Tomorrow night! Is that good for you?"  

"Yeah but i have to enroll out of school."

"Okay than, i'm gonna talk to rondah today and you guy will go enroll out of your school."

"Okay sounds good!" 

"I will pick you up tomorrow at 8PM. Our flight is on 10PM. Good?" 

"Okay that sounds perfect!" 

"Go pack, and i'll talk to rondah and i will see you tomorrow." He smiled and went to see rondah in her work place. 

I was about to go pack and that's when Jake showed up. "Are your steps home?" Oh god, here we go! "No why?" and than he said "I'm gonna take a shower. Be ready in your room in 10 min. Got it?" and i said "Yeah...i got it". He was taking a shower and i went in my room and started to pack a little and try to explain to him that i'm leaving tomorrow. As i was packing, he came in my room. 

"What the fuck are you doing?!" He said it in a really loud voice. 

"Jake, i'm leaving...tomorrow night." Than he half smiled and than he punched me than pushed me on the bed and he was trying to choke me. He put a pillow on my face trying to suffocate me. I was going out of breath. I was dying..slowly. Than he gave up and took the pillow off and raped me. After he was done, he went out of my room. I couldn't even get up. I was beaten and raped. I couldn't breath. He was still home! After a few hours, i managed to get up and i went to look in the mirror to see how i look. I had a black eye. My face was red and kinda swollen. Tears rolled down my face. How could my own boyfriend do this to me?! I felt disgusting, so i went to take a shower. I slided down the walls in the showers and cried for hours! After i was done, i tried to act like nothing happened and that everything was fine! I continued packing faster and faster! I got all of my clothes. And i was done. It was 5PM. I went down stairs and he was gone. I locked all the doors and shut down the windows. And i just waited, waited for tomorrow night when i get the hell out of here and just be away from everyone and everything here. And the worst thing was that I was scared..scared of my own boyfriend. 


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