Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


22. Chapter 22.


   Gavin P.O.V

                Five years had passed. I haven't seen any of them since that night. I left that night and never returned. Kind of been feeling like a dick since then because i didn't say anything to Steve and Brianna when i left. But me moving has been the best idea in my life yet. I've quit drugs. Fucking big, right?  Because if i hadn't, I would have O.Dd like ten fucking times until now. Although, the thought doesn't seem that bad.. Me without her is like a body without a soul.  I still drink every night though. I just can't seem to get over her. I promised her i wouldn't be with someone else. I've kept it. I've kept my promise. I miss her every day. A part of me died that night. I'm still like a walking zombie. Tonight is my birthday though. I'm twenty seven now. Yay. 

              Oh, if you're wondering i moved to New York City. The city of lights. And i'm a rich motherfucker now. Right when i came here, i was twenty two. I went to rehab for one year and then right when i got out of rehab, i signed up to go to school. I've studied business since then. And now i'm a famous business man. Maybe there's still some narcissist left in me.. Who am i kidding? Of course there is haha.

              So i've made some friends.. Just kidding. I'm one lonely motherfucker. Are you wondering about my sex life? Haha i do one night stands every night. Kind of still a sex addict. That hasn't changed. I mean nothing really has. Except the fact that i lost Steve and my sister because if i ever see them, they'll probably spit in my face. And i've lost my..baby.. Although, i tell myself everyday that she's not my baby anymore.. The last time i saw her, she was engaged to my brother. There probably married right now and fucking living happy. I don't know how i can ever forget about her. It has been so fucking painful lately that my whole body shakes sometimes. I need her so much. i want her so much. i love her so much. But then again, i hate her so much! How could she go with my brother? It shouldn't be a shock actually. Anyway, i thought he's a christian. Aren't Christians not supposed to marry a none Christian? Fucking weird. I wish i could say that i'm over it. But i haven't been over it for five years now..

               I'm not gonna lie, there are times where i wanna go back to visit them.. Then again i tell myself that i don't wanna see them together so automatically i get rid of the thought. What does she look like now?.. Are they happy? Do they have kids?.. Thoughts like that cross my mind every single fucking night and morning and that's why i usually drink those times. 

              Once about maybe 5 months ago, i legit sat down and told my story to this homeless and then he told me, "Love comes twice in a life time. But real love comes once in a life time. Don't waste it." I had no clue what he meant by that so i got up and gave him $100 and left. The next day, i fount out that he got shot and died. I've been thinking on what he said for the past 5 months but i just can't wrap my mind around it. Then today morning, while i was presenting my chart at work, it just came to me. I think what he meant by that was that if what Tavi and I had was Real Love, then it'll work out. Someday, somehow. But if it was just Love, it's not gonna work out and that i should stop hoping for it and try to move on and not waste my life. He looked like he was 58 or something so i think he knew what he was talking about. I'm taking his word. 


              The next day when i came home at night, i was reading a newspaper. Then all of the sudden, i saw Tavi on the front page in the JFK airport dated as today, in the morning! What the fuck?! She's here?! And she's alone? Where the fuck is the cunt? I mean i'm glad he's not with her but Tavi is in New York City now?! What could she be doing here?! Does she know i'm here?!As my mind was racing with thousands of thoughts at a time, the doorbell ring. Who the fuck could it be?!


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