Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


21. Chapter 21.


        Gavin P.O.V


I just got back home and that's when i saw Tavi and Kaden together with the family.

I came in and just went to my room.

I heard Kaden saying "Excuse me." to everyone and said, "I'll be right back, my love." to tavi and kissed her on the cheek and she smiled.

I was in my room. He knocked.

"The fuck you want asshole?" i said.

He came in my room.

"Did i say that you can come in?" i said.

"Look...you're my brother and i love you with all my might but..i love her. Be happy for me." he said.

"Huh..you have SOME nerves to come and ask for my blessings, don't you asshole?!" i said.

"Gavin..please man. I love her." he said.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" i yelled.

"Please..don't do this. She's happy with me. Don't you want her happy?" he asked.

"Just shut up..shut the fuck up!" i said.

And that's when tavi came in.

"What's going on baby?" she asked Kaden.

He didn't say anything. I looked at her for a few seconds and said to kaden,

"Your her baby now?.." And then i looked at her and said, "HE'S YOUR BABY NOW?!" I yelled.

"Gavin..stop. He is mine now. And that's how it is. Try to understand." she said.

"You love him?" i asked. She didn't say anything.

"You love him, don't you?!" i asked in a loud voice.

"Yes. Yes Gavin i love him with all my soul! We're planning on getting engaged soon." she said.

I looked at both of them for a few seconds. And just managed to say, "Game over." And got out of my room.

Kaden followed.

"Gavin...wait up man please!"

"You call yourself a Christian? So Christians steal? And all of the sudden it's okay? Huh..no Kaden. You were never really my brother. Hell, i don't even know you." i said.

"No gavin..i'm not stealing. She loves me. And look, i know we didn't really know each other while growing up but you've known me since you were 15. So for 7 years. Can you at least try to be happy for me?" he said.

"Kaden..i love her so fucking much. And now you come along...and STEAL HER?! Fuck you! Fuck you both! I'm not your brother. And i don't have anything else to say but a word of advise. don't piss me off more then i am right now cuz you might reach your god sooner then you expect. So fuck the fuck off.!" i said.

"Gavin, i didn't steal her. Stop saying that. I love her, she loves me. I deserve love. Please don't do this man. I'd do anything for you. I just don't know why you have this hatred toward me this much. It doesn't make sense." he said.

"Oh you DON'T know why i hate you? haha wow. Everyone knows why i just don't know why you don't. Or maybe you do but just don't wanna admit. Where shall i start...well for starters, you were always the blessed one in the family. You always had a roof over your fucking head and food on the fucking table while me and Brianna were in the blistering cold and with no food. You had a fucking shelter with your our own fucking mother..oh sorry..i meant your mother cause you know..i'v never really meat my parents. You were ALWAYS the favorite of the family. It's always kaden this kaden that! And i'm just so fucking tired of it! And that's just a small part. And now, you come here with some fucking nerves and take the one person i ever loved in my life away from me? How fucking dare you?! I've been dead for a long while Kaden. I'm a fucking walking zombie and that's all thanks to all of you! So fuck you all! And tell mother, i said i fucking HATE her and tell father i fucking DESPISE him to death too! Since you know...they only love you and talk to you and not us." i said.

"Wow..i guess i didn't know that. I'm sorry that you feel this way and i'm sorry that, that happened." he said.

"Save your fucking pity. I don't fucking need it." i said.

"Gavin, tavi loves me. You want her happy, don't you? She's happy with me. I can just see. Just let it be. I'm sure you'll find your one soon. Just let me and her be happy together." he said.

"Tavi's dead to me Kaden. You know since when? Since i said Game over. Because for me...it really is fucking game over. So, she's all yours. Enjoy each other while it lasts." i said.

"Gavin stop with these words i-" he said while i cut him off.

"Why? Are you feeling guilty? I mean if the shoe fits, yeah whatever." i said.

"So then if she's really dead to you, then why don't you just give us your blessing?" he asked.

"Because i hate both of you. And as far as i'm concerned, "Gavin's a fucking narcissistic Dick" right? Well, guess what bitch? The fucking beast is unleashed. You haven't seen narcissistic yet." i said with a smirk.

"What does that mean, Gavin?" he asked worried.

"Just wait and see!" i said with a half smile.

"Does it have to do with your back?" he asked.

"My back?" i asked. Knowing what he was talking about.

"Yeah..like what dad use to do to you when you were a kid?" he asked.

"The fuck are you talking about? Nothings wrong with my back.." i said.

"Oh yeah?" he asked and touched my back.

I jumped give feet up. And accidentally swing my hand at him but he moved so i didn't hit him. 

"WHAT THE FUCK BITCH?!" i yelled with all my might. My back is a no, no. No one can touch it. No fucking one..

"That's what i was talking about." he said.

"You're lucky i didn't kill you bitch! Don't ever fucking dare touching my back!" i said in a loud voice.

"So is that the reason?" he asked.

"What does my back have to do with me basically turning off my emotions..well you know of course, 'if i had any in the first place'?" i asked.

"Gavin you have so much hatred in you. You need to let all of that go. You wont live happy unless you do." he said.

"It's all you guys fault. All of you planted this fucking seed in my fucking head that it grew to be a flower full of fucking hatred." i said.

"I'm sorry for everything I've done to you Gavin. I really hope that you find yourself one day." he said.

"Oh i found myself...today, bitch!" i said.

"So is that what you wanna be for the rest of your life?  A narcissistic?" he asked.

"I wouldn't call it that, but yeah basically." i said with a smirk.

"Gavin-" he said as i cut him off.

"You came here to get my 'blessing' for you and Tavi right bitch? Well, you don't have my blessing. But as far as i know both of you, this shit will still fucking go on. So don't invite me for the..for the...for the fucking wedding either! This is it. There is no more you and me, not that there ever was. There is no more fucking me and..me and...me and Tavi! That's it. So with that being said, i don't ever wanna see neither of your faces. I'm done and like i said before...Game over!" i said and as i turned around, i could have felt my eyes watery.


I was in my room shooting. But the saying, "No matter how much you shoot, snort, you can't forget something like that." it's so fucking true.

After a few hours, tavi came in my room.

"Gavin?" she said.

I opened my eyes and saw her.

"Look, i already talked to your boyfriend so if you're here to give me shit, save it." i said.

"No..i'm actually here to ask you something. And i know you talked to Kaden. But it's not true what you said Gavin right? Please tell me you didn't mean it." she said.

"None of you don't have my blessing. To be honest, i don't even know why it's so important for you both to have my blessing when you both will do whatever you wanna do with or without my blessing so. And second, since when you care baby? You know, i'm the man of my word right? So when i said game over, i meant it. Truly. So there isn't anything more to discuss here, whore." i said.

"Why? Why don't we have your blessings gavin? And of course i care! Don't do this." she said.

"Why is it so fucking important anyway?! huh bitch?!" i said in a loud voice.

"Don't do this? haha i already did this. It's way too late to go back now. Don't you think bitch?" i said with a smirk.

"It's important because we both care about you!" she said.

"hah...'care about' me?..Care about me?! I don't fucking need your care bitch!" i said in a loud voice.

"But gav-" she said as i cut her off.

"What do you wanna hear from me, tavi?" i asked.

"Do you hate me, baby?" she asked.

"Yes! I fucking do!" i yelled.

"Do you love me, baby?" she asked.

"Yes...i do..i fuckin do.." i said.

"Do you love me or hate me the most then, darling?" she asked.

"I love you tavi..i love you so fucking much...oh my god...i love you!" i said.

Both of us stayed quite for sometime.

"So..will you kindly get the fuck out of my head, baby?" i asked.

"I wanna be there..i wanna stay there." she stayed.

"So what do you want?! I don't understand! Are you trying to make me go more insane then i already am?! huh bitch?! Is that what you fucking want?!" i said in a loud voice.

"No..noo!" she said.

"You left me..even though you knew just how much i loved and still love you. You closed your eyes on me when i was nothing but good to you. Don't say anything..just shut up! Do you see how depressed i am? Do you see how fucking numb i am? I don't even take care of myself anymore. I'm tired of all our fucking memories that are always in my fucking mind like you are! Just leave..i don't want you coming back to me anyway because i know you're happy with him. But, when you're not around, talking to everyone is so fucking hard! So tell me who you sleep with at the end of the weekend? What? Why are you looking at me like that? You mad, baby? My heart is not like your heart bitch, look at you, you're so fucking broken. Now do you see how are paths are so fucking different? Fine! You're the good one! You're right. But you think i'm a whore like you? You think i lead everyone like you and leave? Look at yourself, baby. You're so fucking gone. And me..i'm so fucking mad 24/7 that whoever talks to me, i just jump at them because i never liked your name next to someone else. But oh tell me, did this poor guy went in line next to the other ones that you played yet? I'm talking about the poor guys that you've betrayed. How dare you fuck ME up like this? Go have fun with him, but know that these 'fun' days will pass along fast. Don't worry though, cause i wont miss you. After you, i wont give my heart to anyone else. Why are you worried about me? Why are you asking how i'm doing? An insane person can't get any better then this. So it would be better if we don't continue our friendship so please don't come see me anymore. Because you being with someone else is not important to me anymore. So make me happy with a goodbye, baby." i said and looked at her for a few seconds knowing it would be my last talk with her, maybe forever and left.

"Goodbye" she whispered while i was walking away and a tear fell down my face.

Why do i cry so much lately?


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