Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


2. Chapter 2 .


            "Who was that?" i asked. "It was the postman, it was none of your business". I didn't believe her. I mean why would the postman come and knock our door at 7:00AM? "Why don't i  believe you?" i asked, and she replied, "I don't know, i guess you have another problem-i mean besides being worthless and all". I half smiled, thinking why me? why am i stuck with this lunatic? what's her problem? Is her job to make me feel like shit 24/7? But since i'm used to her, I don't take it seriously. I mean if i did, i just would probably go crazy. I walked back to my room, i tried to sleep but i kept thinking that maybe it was Gavin. I mean it would be so like her if she lied to me about that. She doesn't want be to find hope and be happy so obviously she would lie. I came downstairs, she was taking pills-you know those that made you lose weight? but for some reason it didn't work for her. "I hope you didn't lie" she laughed and i got confused like why the fuck would you laugh right now? i mean did i say something funny?. "And if i did lie, what would you do? Are you gonna kill me? Or your trying to threaten me little girl?". Wow, so like her. "Nah, rondah, im not threatening you, nor im gonna kill you. But im just saying you'll regret it big time". She gave me one of her famous evil looks and said "You can't do shit little girl. You were too much of a pussy a year ago, what happened to you? You think your not scared but you are. What's giving you strength to talk to me this way is drugs. yeah, you heard me little girl..or should i say ms. stoner". I guess i could have stood there and argued with her but i didn't see any point in that since it would be hopeless. I got out of the house and decided to take a walk, just to chill off a little. I decided to go to the shack, but i was eating myself inside. I didn't want to be called a stoner. I didn't want this life.  "Look who's here. Come here baby girl". I sat next to Jake and for some reason i felt like i have someone. To be honest, i never had love in my life so i don't know how it would be to feel loved in my life. "Here" said jake. I took a hit and felt so wrong, but at the same time so good. We were there for about 3 hours. Most of them were passed out. Some of them were on the edge of being overdosed. There was me and Jake there, still awake, still breathing. "What would you do if i overdosed baby girl?" i looked at him and for a second the thought of him forcing me and making me do drugs passed my mind. Then a voice came in my head saying that he's all i have. "Why do you ask that?" He turned his face away from me. "Because if you overdosed, i would never forgive myself. I mean jesus brianna, why are you still with me? What do you see in me anyway? I'm only good with you when i'm on this shit but when i'm sober i treat you like a piece of shit." Jake had a soft side but only when he was on drugs. I didn't know if i should be happy or devastated. "We're both together for the same reason. Because we need somebody to love. Because without each other, we have no one. And i guess we need each other." He turned his head back and looked at me. "I love you." than he paused for a while, "even if most of the times i don't show it. I really do. And i want to make a promise." he paused a little longer, "It's either gonna be you, or no one else in my life". I was shocked, i mean hearing an 'i love you' from jake? Okay, is this a dream or he's actually showing me his soft side after a year? 

"Don't do this Jake" 

"Do what?" 

"This...saying that i'm gonna be the only girl in your life. I don't want you to make a promise that you can't keep"

"When i say something, i do it. We've known each other for a few years now. You should know me by now"

"But you don't love me. You see that's the thing! And i hate it when you say you do because i know that you don't"

"Are you doubting me? Don't. When i say i love you, i mean it. End of conversation".

             Jake told me he loved me. I don't want to believe him. I can't believe him. He never told me that. I mean nobody ever told me that they love me. Maybe i should forget it, Maybe i should just be with him and not get attached, I don't want to be in love. I can't be. It was night when i got out of the house, Jake said he would pick me up and we'd go somewhere. I was waiting for him to come and that's when a car followed me. I walked back than the car came back with me. i went forward and the car did the same. I was freaking out! There were 2 boys in the car. Bother looked like they were in their mid twenties. "Come on baby, get it. We promise we'll take good care of you" i was panicking. I thought maybe i should run away than i thought that would make things worse from my experience in the past. I just kept walking and the car followed. "Okay fine, we'll pay up. How's 5 grand from each of us for the night?" 

"I'm not a fuckin prostitute. Leave me the hell alone!" 

"Come on baby, just one night. I'll make sure i'll go slow. However you like it" 

"I have a boyfriend, and he's on his way right now. If he sees you guys following me, he'll kill you both. Leave!"     

" She's hard to get..i like that" he said to his friend. 

"If you get in, we wont go through any trouble baby. Don't make us mad. Just get in" 

And that's when Jake came. I was constantly thanking God and at the same time i was scared, I mean 2 against 1..what do you think? 

"Go sit in my car brianna" said jake. "NOW!". 

I did as i was told. He went and talked to those guys. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it didn't look like they were getting into a fight anyway. He came in the car, and they left. 

"Did you know them Jake?!" 

"Of course not"

"Than, what did you tell them? How did you manage to get rid of them?"

"Exactly" he said.

"What? What do you mean?"

"I told them that if they don't leave you alone..than i'm gonna have to get rid of them"  

"what? how? you don't have a weapon with you. Oh my god, jake no, You don't have a weapon with you..do you?"

"Don't worry about it brianna. The important thing is that there not gonna come near you anymore. I promise"

"Bu-" He cut me off "But, nothing brianna. Everything's fine. I'm gonna drop you home right now, Go get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow"

He dropped me home. I couldn't sleep the whole night. He has a weapon. What if he gets caught? I mean he's 18, so he's gonna go straight to jail without any excuses. God i need to get out of here. Anywhere but here! I need to stay away from him..i know. But..I'm in love. I mean some grown ups say that a 15 year old girl can not possibly be in love. But their so wrong! I am. I have been. I just denied it, just like i denied my past life with my real family. All i know is that i can't survive a few more days here. I'm either gonna be in trouble with the law, overdose, or just somehow die. I don't know, i need help. I need a job. If i get a job, than i can save enough money to finally get away from here. But there is a problem. All the jobs here do a drug test, I can't pass that, I guess i really am screwed. I need help...i need help to quit doing drugs. I don't want to end up like my father...er him.  So i pray every night..hoping God will forgive me and find a bright light for me. It was about 2AM and i fell asleep. The next morning, i was all ready to go to school-or hell i mean. I opened the door and there was this guy standing right in front of my house. I just thought he needed to speak to rondah or some shit.

"Can i help you?" i asked.

"Actually, you can. I want to speak to Brianna Hernandez Garcia."

"And you are?"

"It doesn't matter. I just need to speak with her. Does she live here?"

"Yeah, she does live here. But who are you?"

"I'm her brother. Gavin"

"Gavin?" My eyes widened and i was going through a stage of a complete shock!

"I'm Gavin Hernandez Garcia".

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