Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


16. Chapter 16.



                           Tavi P.O.V


      Both of us woke up in the morning. We were in the corner of the room into each other's arm. 

"Good morning" i said smiling. 

"Morning. What time is it?" he asked in a panic. 

"It's 10 why? what's wrong?" i asked. 

"Oh fuck..i needed to be somewhere." he said panicking while getting up and going to the bathroom. I heard the water so he was taking a shower. I was as confused as ever. He came out in 10 minutes.

"Can you tell me what's going on?" i asked. 

"Uh...i'm just really busy now tavi. It's not a good time." he said while getting read. 

"Alright. Okay." i said and got out of his room. 

He came out of his room in 10 minutes all ready. It was about 10 thirty. 

He opened the door to get out but he stopped and looked at me and said, "Hey..sorry about last night. Just forget whatever i said. None of it was true anyway." 

"Mhm." i said and then he left. I'm so fucking tired of him acting like this. I'v chased him for way too long and he keeps bringing me down. I understand i fucked up but how sorry can i be for him to forgive. Oh yeah..he probably will hold a grudge over me forever. I'm done chasing him. I tried but he wont even give himself the pleasure to forgive me and mean it.


                             Gavin P.O.V 


  I came back around 12 midnight. I had to take care of a business. Everyone were sitting in the living room either on their laptop, watching t.v., or texting. 

I came in , "Ahem." 

Brianna looked at me all disappointed and so did Steve. I went straight to my room without any of us saying something. 

After 5 minutes brianna came into my room. 

"Can i come in?" she asked. 

"Um, yeah..yeah sure." i said. 

"Alright, i'm sorry if i was harsh on you or anything the other day...i just...i want to see you happy. You're my only family and if we don't talk...what the fuck would that be you know. I just wanted to apologize and say that i love you and i care about you and...if you had just a little respect for me and you best friend, you would take your pill and go to rehab or...go cold turkey." she said. 

"Yeah, i would hate to lose you since your the only family left to me. And i was a douche the other day but i was just trying to make a point.." i said. 

"And you did. And i'm sorry for saying you're like him because gavin you are absolutely nothing like him. Yeah, you fuck up a lot but we all do and that's just life. And about rehab?" she asked. 

"Well i'm glad you think that. How long do i have to take this stupid fucking pill?" i asked trying to not talk about rehab. 

"Just a week starting today. The doctor said that they'll make you strong just like how you were before. Basically this pills is like...Vitamin i guess. And rehab?" she asked again. 

"Fine, i'll take the pills. But just for a week." i said but obviously lied. I'm fine, i don't need any damn pills. 

"Great. And, rehab?" she asked again. 

"No..absolutely not Brianna. I'm not going to rehab. It's hell." i said. 

"What? gavin, you need to. Remember when you send me? I didn't wanna go and you're right it was hell but it was worth it. You'll be clean. Please just do this.." she said. 

"No, i'm not going to rehab i'm sorry." i said.

"So you don't wanna quit.." she said. 

"No, i do. But i'll just go cold turkey." i said, lied again. 

"Am i supposed to believe you?" she asked. 

"We live in the same house, so yes." i said. 

"Look..we could do a drug test on you in 3 months but..i'm trusting you. Meaning i wont do that. Which means don't lie to me or so god help me i will erase you out of my life forever. And you know i would never say that to you but this..this is a huge deal. So if you wanna go cold turkey fine. But don't lie to me. I'm trusting you." she said. 

"Yeah, you can trust me. I mean i did this whole cold turkey once." i said. 

"And how did i work out?" she asked. 

"Well...not good because i didn't wanna quit in the beginning. But this time i do." i lied again. 

"Okay, well i hope so." she said. 

"I'm so proud of you for finally realizing that you don't need all that shit in your system." she said. 

"Come in the living room. We're not sleeping yet." she said and left. 


I went in the living room. Steve was looking at me. 

"Hey man...i" i said but he cut me off. 

"Hey i understand man. Don't explain anything, you didn't do anything to me. Now come sit down so we can have a "family" night." he said smiling. 

"Aye, thanks man." i said.

I sat on the couch. Tavi was texting. Brianna was on her laptop, and steve was watching t.v. And i was on my phone. 

"Who are you texting?" i asked tavi. 

"Just a friend, you?" she asked. 

"Is that so?" i asked with a half smile.

"You?" she asked. 

"I'm just talking to someone." i said smiling. 

"Oh lala, Gavin finally found the one? Who?" she asked smiling. 

"Nora." i said smiling. I saw her looking at my lips as the name Nora came out, also knowing that Tavi hates her a little too much because when me and her were dating, Nora tried to always flirt with me. I figured maybe i should piss her off. 

"Congratz gavin." she said. But i couldn't understand her expression exactly. Was she happy? sad? i didn't know. And oh yeah, she does that where you don't know her face expression. 

"Nothing specific really happened...yet." i said with half a smile. 

"Oh good cuz me and this guy are kinda dating i guess but we're not all that serious...yet. Maybe we could double date?" she asked again with her expression. 

"Double date it is!" i said. Shit...

"I'm gonna go in my room, he's calling. Excuse me." she said left. 

I just smiled and shook my head. 

"You okay man?" asked steve. 

"Ha? yeah, i'm good." i said. 

I went up to my room and called Nora and asked her on a date. She accepted. I told her i'd text her to verify the time and where. 

I went in tavi's room. She wasn't talking to him anymore HA , i thought trying to control my smile. 

"God, do you ever knock?!" she asked. 

"Haha, nah but you love that about me. Anyway, the time and the date for the double date?" i said. 

"Tomorrow at 7PM at the restaurant next to the big movie theater." she said. 

"Alright, i'll call her and let her know now so don't change your mind." i said half smiling.

"Oh don't worry i wont because my date just cancelled his plan just so he could come with me tomorrow." she said smiling. 

"Oh, wow. What is he? Like..a big business man or?" i asked smiling. 

"He is a business man actually, unlike you." she said smiling. 

"I'm only 18, sue me." i said laughing. 

"Whatever. I'm just saying he's responsible." she said.

"Oh okay, so you know all of that about him when you just barely met him?" i asked. 

"I didn't barely met him. I knew him since a year or two." she said. 

"You're such a fucking liar. I know each and one of your friends Tav. Like for example, stacy talked to you after 5 years again and you guys are cool now." i said smiling. 

"You are such a creep!" she said. 

"Don't change the subject." i said. 

"Look, i knew him but we weren't like good friends or anything." she said. 

I laughed "Alright tavi. So then tomorrow at 7PM at the restaurant next to the movie theater." i said. 

"Shut up!" she said sarcastically. "And yes." she said. 

I came in my room and texted Nora. 

Now, all i had to do was wait till tomorrow. I don't know, but this whole double dating thing it should have been me with tavi and nora with the other guy or some shit. But clearly, me and tavi aren't working out. I mean not that we ever did. 

It was 3AM and i was sitting in my room, looking out the window and just watching the amazing view of the streets and the city lights. Not that i couldn't fall asleep because of tomorrow...but because i wasn't sleepy...okay okay fine so maybe i couldn't fall asleep because of tomorrow. There, i said it. Happy? haha. I wonder if she's sleeping right now. Okay we'll i'm gonna go now and get a little bit of rest cuz tomorrow i have to wake up early at 11 and take care of something.  


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