Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


15. Chapter 15.



                  Steve P.O.V


      Thank god brianna wasn't here to hear all that. Tavi was sitting on the benches going back and forth. I thought she was going mad. 

Brianna was still outside of the hospital. 

I went and sat next to Tavi. 

"I'v lost him. He doesn't wanna be with me." she said. 

"If you have a little faith on your love..keep holding on. Even in the storm." i said and i patted her on the back and went outside to check on brianna. I got out of the hospital and brianna was in the front sitting in benches and smoking cigarette. 

"Babe..stop." i said as i got the cig out of her mouth. 

"Just let me be, ok! " she said. 

"You know that we're the reason why Gavin is in the hospital right?" she said. 

"Us?" i asked. 

"Yes..us." she said. 

"You see..that's where you're wrong babe. We didn't ask him to overdose. We didn't ask him to take drugs and drink alcohol. So, why are you blaming us?. Honestly, i kept telling him to quit. I did ever single day and so did you. We did our job as a sister and a best friend. There's just so much we can do. We can't control his actions and wrong doings just like no one can control ours. It was his right to listen. And now that he's here, it's all his responsibility. We can't babysit him 24/7 brianna. He's 18, he's not a kid, he's an adult now. He has to take care of himself not the other way around. He lost my trust..that's for fucking sure. He overdosed a few times too. This last time, he promised he wouldn't but he did. He broke his fucking promise to me. But it doesn't mean that i don't care and i don't get sad sometimes...i do. I used to be miserable. You remember right? But now that i'm with you..i feel happy. Like i'v never been. He lost tavi...i get it. He has the right to be fucking miserable but he sure as hell doesn't have the right to do drugs. So it's not our fault because we were there for me through everything. He went through absolute shit and we saw. He never opened up and i guess cuz he thought that he was just too much of a 'man' to do so. And maybe that's why he's here now. His emotions kept on building up and up. But it doesn't mean we weren't good to him. And you know that! So stop blaming us and start blaming him. Just because something goes wrong, it doesn't mean world is over. it suck as fuck but it's life. And as far as i'm concerned, life is never perfect." while i was saying that, she kept on shedding tears and smoking cig.   

"I'm so fucking mad at him!" she said as she cried in my arms. 

"hey hey hey...it's okay. He's better now. It's all over baby." i said. 

"Look at me...look at me." i said and she looked at me. 

"Everything is alright now." i said. 

"I feel safe  in your arms." she said as she cried. 

"You always will be. I won't ever let you go. Just please..don't push me away. We're all in this together. I love you baby girl." i said. 

"I love you." she said as she kept hugging me. 


         Gavin P.O.V


  It was the last day to be here. I was really glad. I didn't wanna spend a single fucking second here anymore. We all went home. No one said anything through the whole ride. Everyone were quit and so was i. We got home after a few minutes. 

I came home and went right in my room. It was the morning. I stayed home all day in my room. Just sleeping..drinking..trying to forget. 

When we got home brianna came in my room and closed the door. 

"I don't know what to say.." she said.

"Then don't say anything." i said. 

"First of all, i brought your pill. It'll get you back to normal." she said. 

"I'm fine." i said. 

"Gavin..don't argue with me. Just take your damn pill." she said. 

"Do you see anything wrong with me? i said "i'm fine." i said. 

She saw me drinking alcohol. 

"What the fuck?!" she said. 

"Cheers sisi" i said raising my glass up and smiling. 

I saw her tearing up. 

"You've got to be kidding me!"  she shouted. 

"What? I'm just drinking." i said while she looked at me. 

"Don't look at me like imma fucking criminal." i said. 

"Please...take your pill and stop drinking." she said. 

"Weren't you the one saying i'm just like dad?" i said "Well i wasn't just then but, after all you might just be right. Congratulations, i'm just like him now. So, i wont take my pills, i will keep drinking and taking drugs." i said.

"So you literally wanna kill yourself?" she said with tears in her eyes. 

"Is that what dad would do? If so, then yes. And by the way, get ready because i will disappoint you every single day from now on." i said. 

"No..this isn't you.." she said tearing up.

"I know..i just turned into him. Remember brianna? Our good O'l man." i said. 

"He wasn't good. Please stop." she said. 

"Why? Am i disappointing you already?" i said smiling. 

I got up and started breaking shit in my room. 

"Stoooooopp!!! What the fuck are you doing?!" she shouted. 

"Oh! Don't worry sis, i'm just doing what dad would always do." i said. 

"Please...just...i know your humanity is still in there. Please.." she said. 

"Nope! All gone with the wind sis. You have to get used to the new me. The sooner the better i guess right?" i said smiling. 

"You're doing this to piss me off. I'm sorry...i should have said you're like him." she said. 

"Actually..no i'm not. It feels good to be like him. You haven't seen half things i'll be doing yet. But don't say i didn't warn you in advance." i said. 


She got out of the room. She wanted dad, i'll show her that fuckhead. I'll be just like him. Everyone thinks i'm the bad guy anyways so what does it matter anymore. Fuck it! 



                      Steve P.O.V

    "Gavin.." brianna said looking worried. 

"What about him babe?" i asked.

"I can't explain.." she said. 

"It's my fault...It's my fault." she said.

"What's your fault?" i asked. 

"He turned into my dad steve! I told him in the hospital that he's just like him and now..he turned into him." she said.

"Babe..that's crazy. He hates your dad. He wouldn't do that." i said but kinda doubting what i said.  

"Oh god...i think i need a smoke." she said. 

"No you don't." i said. 

"Come here." i said.

She lay on the couch and put her head on my leg. She cried till she fell asleep. 

I put her in bed. 

What does she really mean..i didn't sleep the whole night. Gavin...would do that. Just to prove us wrong though. He hates his dad. Right? .. 

It was 10 in the morning. I couldn't do it. I went in Gavin's room. He had a girl in his room. They were in the bathroom. 

Background (*moans*) 

Oh god..ew. 

"Gavinnn." i called him. 

He came out of the bathroom. 

"Hmm?" he asked. 

What the fuck..he sounds weird already. 

"Who is that?" i asked.

"Hah. That's just my masochist." he said sounding so...normal. 

"Uh..excuse me..you're what?!" i said just shocked out of my head. 

"You heard me. Want one?" he asked. 

"I think im good." i said. 

"Hey..gavin buddy can we talk" i asked. 

"Were talking now, aren't we?" he said. 

"Are you feeling okay?"i asked. 

"I feel great!" he smiled. 

"Okay" i said. 

"Do you wanna get some coffee?" i asked. 

"Fuck coffee. Let's go get a drink." he said. 

"What happened to all the alcohol in your room gavin?" i asked. 

"That's a great question my friend. And the answer to that is poof, all gone." he said and smiled. 

"Come on buddy...you know you're not supposed to drink alcohol.." i said. 

"funny" he said laughing. 

"What's your name?" i asked just to make sure he's not having double personalities. Don't judge me i had to make sure. 

"I just decided not to give a fuck, i'm not fuckin possessed you dickhead." he said.

"Alright okay i had to ask. I'm sorry." i said. 

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it." he said.

"Tell Brianna that she got her wish after all, i am just like my father." gavin said. 

"No..no no gavin she didn't mean it like that. Come on man..you hate your dad." i said. 

"Nah, he's alright." he said. 

"What? You serious bro?" i said. 

"Man...you're becoming uncontrollable." i said. 

"Wasn't i always?" he said. 

"Yeah..but not like this.." i said. 

"By the way..your grandpa passed gavin...i'm sorry." i said. I didn't wanna tell him like that but at this point i don't think he'll care. He loved his grandfather. 

He took a drink. Looking at the ground. 

"Okay?" he said. 

"You don't care?" i asked. 

"Should i?" he asked. 

"Yes gavin! You loved your grandfather." i said. 

"I don't love anyone. I hate everyone as a matter of a fact." he said. 

"Me? You're sister? Tavi?" i asked. 

"Should i?" he asked. 

"Okay..now i'm really beginning to think that you're possessed." i said.

"Okay." he said and smiled. 

"In the name of jesus christ?" i said. 

"OoOhh...i'm getting scared. All the demons are starting to get out! Oh have mercy on me o lord." he said sarcastically. 

"Jesus Christ?" i said. I just thought maybe i mean i don't know what i thought. 

"Very funny steve." he said. 

"I'll talk to you later. I'm gonna go and you get to..whatever sick thing you two were doing." i said. 


I came to Tavi. 

"Uh..you might wanna see gavin. Not now tho after an hour or two cuz he's sleeping." i lied. He wasn't sleeping. God knows what they were doing. 

"Okay?" she said. 

"Just trust me. Go after like an hour or so." i said and left to work. 

"Wait..where's brianna?" she asked. 

"She's at work." i said and left. 


            Tavi P.O.V


   I came in his room. He was laying on the bed. 

"Gavin.." i said. 

He got up and sat down really quick. Like he got scared. 

"It's me baby.." i said. 

"What are you doing here? Just leave!" he said. 

"No..i wanna be here. With you." i said. 

He clenched his jawbone. Ugh..i want to eat him!

"Leave me tavi! You don't deserve me and i don't deserve you! We're better off apart." he said looking at me straight in my eyes. His eyes were keep on shutting. He was high as always. 

"I love you.." i said. 

"No..you loved me." he said. 

"What?" i asked. 

"I'm not the guy i used to be tavi. Just stop making this harder than it already is." he said. 

"You're the exact guy i fell in love with Gavin. You're destroying yourself and you don't even know it." i said. 

"Just stay with me..we can get through this. Talk to me.."i said. 

"It's funny how you always pushed me away and now you're begging me to stay." he said. 

"Look at me..look at me gavin!" i hold his face towards mine. 

"You don't have to do this..you don't have to be like your father. He's not a good man. But you are Gavin. You're the best man i'v ever met in my life. You're my hero. Please just..stop." i said.

He clenched his jawbones like he always does. And as i was holding his face a tear fell down. He turned around. 

"This is who i am tavi. It's in my blood." he said. 

"No..what's in your blood is who you are not who your father is." i said. 

"Look, if you don't wanna be with me that's alright. But you're making Brianna and us sad. She's trying to look out for you. You saved her once and right now she feels like she owes you." i said.

"She doesn't owe me anything. And i am who i am. I'm not changing." he said.

"So don't change." i said. 

"Look...i'v always loved you and i still do and that'll never change. But i'm not turning back to what i was. A weak...miserable desperate boy. Uh-uh that's not who i wanna be." he said. 

"Just because you changed doesn't mean you're not miserable." i said. 

He took a deep breath "Oh god..you know me so well." he said. 

"So what is it gonna be Gavin?" i asked. 

"You wanna be yourself but what you want to turn into is not you, it's your father and you hate him!" i said. 

He sat in a corner of his room rocking back and forth. He put his head on his legs and started shaking. Crying. 

I went next to him and hugged him. I hugged him really tight. 

"I'm so fucking miserable baby! I need help." he said while crying. 

"I'm here..don't push me away. I won't disappoint you." i kept hugging him. 

"I need help.." he kept saying. 

"No you don't! You're fine Gavin!" i said. 

"Tell me you'll always be with me and that you'v always love me." he said. 

"I'll always be by your side, i won't ever leave you. And..i'll always love you." i said. 

We were both sitting on the ground in the corner. His head was on my shoulder. Tears were falling downs both of our faces. He fell a sleep in my arms. And i fell asleep too. 


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