Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


14. Chapter 14.



                     Tavi P.O.V


       All of us waited. It took the doctor twenty minutes to get out but for me...it was like forever. Every one of us were either standing in a corner or sitting on the floor. Being in that situation made all of us realize that we would go insane without him. I mean were talking about Gavin, my love, my everything. 

I just can't believe that he....after all of that talk i had with him. I just thought he would come back. And by that i mean, come back to life not to me. Because obviously he would never do that. I mean for fuck sake, he just...literally...i mean his heart just stopped after i talked to him. 

The doctor came out of the room after twenty minutes. He had a smile on. Not big but it looked like he had good news. All of us rushed to him really fast. 

"How's my brother doctor?" brianna asked crying. 

Steve was there looking like a zombie but he was aware of everything around him. 

I was just standing there. I couldn't even ask. I think i just killed him for a few seconds. 

"I'm happy to announce that Gavin came back to life again. Although, his situation is very rare. The other doctors and I think it's a big miracle. He should really lay off drugs and alcohol because next time, he might not be lucky enough like this time to make it. We know a lot of rehab centers. If you want, you can talk to him to sign himself in. I most definitely recommend it unless he wants to go cold turkey. He should eat really healthy, no junk food for a long while. His body needs healthy food more than ever. If by any chance he drinks, does drugs, or eat junk food, it'll be like he's inserting poison in his body. So, with that being said, make sure you keep a close eye on him. He'll be really weak for a while but that will be just temporary. And with that comes a problem. His body might need drugs even more than before due to his weakness but make sure he doesn't even go near it. Because next time, the chances are...it'll be 1 in a million for him to make it." he said "Any questions?" 


"Yes! Many questions actually!" Brianna said. 

"Okay, so how is he right now? I mean like how's he feeling?" brianna asked.

"He's out cold right now. However, I don't guarantee him waking up right now or today. It may take a while. But maybe tomorrow or the next day." the doctor said. 

"What? Why that long though? Should it even take that long?" brianna asked. 

"Babe...calm down, it's okay. He's alright. Okay?" steve said to brianna to calm her down. 

"You gotta understand ma'am, he came back to life after overdosing. That rarely ever happens. He got lucky. So taking him a while to open his eyes is not such a bad thing because he's resting. However, There's no danger threatening him so there's no reason for any of you to stress or worry. The biggest danger has passed him." the doctor said.      

"Okay..okay. So, once he got out of the hospital how long does he need to rest?" brianna asked. 

"It depends on his body and how fast it heals. Maybe 2-3 weeks maybe less." the doctor said. 

"Ahem. So what kind of food do you recommend him to eat?" steve asked. 

"I will give you a few papers that have the names of all the healthy food that he needs to have in his system. Anything that's not on that paper, he cannot eat." the doctor said. 

"How long does he need to keep this diet?" asked steve. 

"Just until he doesn't feel weak. No less than 1 month though." the doctor said. 

"If you have more questions, i will be upfront." the doctor said. 

"Oh and tavi is it?" he asked me. 

"Yes?" i said. 

"It was you who brought him back to life sweetheart, you know?" he smiled and left. They didn't hear what the doctor said.  

I just stood there for a while. Thinking. Thinking about what the doctor said. 

None of us could have entered the room for at least 5 hours. 

It was 5pm when the doctor came and went in gavin's room and did a check up and he told us that one by one, only us three could go in each for 10 minutes maximum. But he was still out cold. 

Brianna went in first. Then she got out and steve went in. Then he came out. 

"Aren't you gonna go in babe?" asked brianna.

I paused a little and than said "No..i'm not." 

"Why?" she asked. 

"He doesn't wanna see me brianna. Your brother....nevermind." i said. 

"Tavi! I think you saved him! If it wasn't because of you..he would have been gone!" she said as a tear fell off her face. 

"He's crazy about you. I know he is. He talks to me tavi. He tells me every thing. He's just really broken right now. And both of you guys are stuck in this roller coaster which has it's ups and downs. And right now, it's down but it doesn't mean it will never go right up again. You guys are meant for each other. I can't see any of you guys without another." she said and smiled and hugged me as i hugged her back. 


I came into Gavin's room. I couldn't believe i was doing this. 

"Baby." i said as i went closed to him. 

I was right beside him. I held his hand and thought what to say. What does he want to hear from me right now? i don't know. 

"Can you hear me gavin? Move your hand if you can." i said 

After a few seconds he moved his fingers. 

"Oh baby! Please open you eyes" i said as tears were falling down my face. 

i looked down and tears were falling down my face like rain. I wasn't even trying to cry. 

"What...*cough cough* are you...doing here?" he said while his Oxygen mask was on. 

"Oh my god. Baby..baby i'm here for you. Please open your eyes." i said. 

" *cough cough cough* Tavi...get out...*cough* i hate you! i hate you! ... *cough* i swear to god i love you!" he said as a tear fell down his cheek. 

"I love you gavin. I love you. Please just... Open your eyes. Please." i said. 

"No." he said. 

"Why? babe..." i said. 

"I...i mean...*cough* i can't." he said. 

"Baby please try.." i said. 

"I...can't. Baby.." he said. 

"For me?" i said as tears were falling down my face. 

He tried to open his eyes. He failed. But he kept trying. And he finally did and a tear fell down. He was looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. 

i smiled "You did it! Baby i'm so proud of you!" i said as i tried to hug him. 

He looked really sad. 

"Talk to me." i said. "Gavin..." 

He was looking out the window from where he was laying down. 

"Baby.." i said. 

he looked at me and took the oxygen max off. 

"This still doesn't change anything between us tavi." he said. 

"Yeah, it's true ; i'll always love you. But we can't.." he said. 

I just looked at him. I couldn't even move. Like i was paralyzed. 

Finally i managed to say, "I'm still happy..gavin i'm happy." i said. 

"What's his name?" he asked. 

"His name?" i asked all confused. 

"Yeah...*cough* what..what is it?" he asked.

"No..no no gavin i think you misunderstood." i said. 

"I'm still very happy because even though we can't be together...you're still here. With me. You're a part of me and you always will gavin. I love you. I love you forever." i said as i kissed his forehead and walked out the room. 

"Brianna left to get some coffee. But wow, that was like 40 minutes" steve said. 

I didn't say anything. I just slid down the wall. 

"Woah! Are you okay?!" he came near me but i wasn't even listening. 

He kept talking to me but i wasn't even paying attention. He gave me some water. 


           Gavin P.O.V


      Woah! I don't even know what the fuck happened. Was it yesterday? A few days ago? It's like i'v been dead for a while. I mean i still am inside. I'm just alive physically. 

You know what i think about lately? That why did it have to be like this? Why me? Why did i have to fall in love and be in this fuckery. I can't even believe i'v made it that far. Although, i probably wouldn't have if it wasn't because of..tavi. I just..for some reason i can't just get over what she did. She gets pregnant from me. She doesn't tell me. She gets abortion without my permission. She breaks up with me thinking i cheated on her because of some bullshit pictures meaning she didn't trust me enough. And i felt like she always wanted to believe that i wasn't faithful to her but i swear to damn god i always was. Then after, she immediately goes out with that fucking kai guy. She didn't even give a day to pass from our breakup. I know i'm not perfect but what she did was unacceptable. I can't forgive her. I love her to fucking death though. If it wasn't because of her, i'd be dead by now...literally. Even though she saved my life..i just can't. I don't trust her anymore. I can't trust her anymore. I'll always love her. I'll never erase her from my heart. Even if i want to, i can't. I tried before but i just failed miserably. Fuck love. It exist but it's all for a really short period of time. Anyway, whatever happens happens right? 


Brianna and Steve came in and talked to me. Although i was out cold, i still could have hear them. They lectured me. They think i don't know anything but from what i'v been though, i know more than I should. They told me shit like "You're only 18 - You're life is not over - You're being selfish - If something ever happened we wouldn't forgive you - Were we not enough? - Tavi loves you - You're destroying yourself for nothing." And shit like that. I mean i di..someone's knocking. Hah, talking about brianna. 


"Oh my God! Gavin you're okay!" she said excitingly and hugged me. 

"Yeah, doc checked in and he said i should be able to go home tomorrow but i'm leaving right now." i smiled. 

"What? no gavin! You need your rest!" she said. 

I tried to get up. 

"No. Stop! Sit back down!" she said. 

As i got up, i was going hella dizzy. Brianna sat me down. And she called a nurse and the nurse gave me a shot. That kept away the pain (physically) and my dizziness. I was still conscious, but calm. I wasn't mad like i always am i was just calm. But i wasn't high either. 

"You should listen to me more often. Gavin i'm your sister and i only want the best for you." she said. 

"Please..if you care about all of us..you need to stop doing drugs and drinking. And we both know, both don't mesh well." she said. 

"Ahh, brianna stop! I'm not stopping anything!" i said.

"Gavin, not only you have to quit drugs and alcohol, you need to eat healthy and take your pills." she said.

"Fuck all of that! I'm doing what i always did." i said.

"So you can end up here again?! Are you even listening yo yourself?! You're out of your damn mind!"  she shouted.     

"It's not nice to shout at a hospitalized patient you know?" i said. 

"I'm sorry...i'm sorry. But i mean every single thing i said." she said.

"Or what brianna?" i said. 

"Or, we will send you to rehab and besides that you're weak we'll feed you healthy food and give you your pills and you will be alright. I promise." she said. 

i laughed. "Now you're out of your mind." i said. 

"What?! I'm serious. You'll be weak as hell for a few weeks. You need to rest, lay off that shit plus alcohol, eat healthy food, and take your pills and that's all we're asking. Just for a few months, of course for pills and healthy eating. The pills will get you back on track. They'll make you strong like before. And just you'll be on track." she said. 

"Gavin..going back to your old habit will make things worse. Just listen to me." she said. 

"I can't..." i said. 

"Do you wanna die?" she asked. 

"What?" i said.

"Answer my question. Do you wanna die?" she said.

"No." i said. 

"Okay then. You better listen to your doctor and do exactly what he's asking." she said. 

"This is not a joke gavin. You need to take this seriously. We only have each other from family. Remember when i first moved in with you guys, you send me to rehab? I didn't really wanna go. Like at all. But because i wanted to start a new life i did. You're accident, should be a wake up call for you gavin." she said. 

"I love you and thank you for your concerns but i'm okay now." i said. 

"Yeah..now gavin. If you go back to your old habi-" she said but i cut her off. 

"It was an overdose bri! I won't do too much anymore. Promise." i said. 

"No! You know what? You're promise doesn't mean shit to me anymore. I needed you when you overdosed and i still need you because you are my brother, my blood and there's no fucking way i'm risking anything. Do you really wanna leave me Gavin? You wanna be like dad? Because clearly, he used to drink and do drugs too." she said. 


"Well you are becoming him! Just what the fuck will it take you to stop?!" she said 


"Oh you care?! Cuz the last time i checked you OVERDOSED gavin!" she said. 

The nurses came in.


"Ma'am i'm sorry but yo-" the nurses said but brianna cut them off "I got it." she said then looked at me and shook her head and left the room. 

She just likes to tick me off. She knows i hate talking about that dickhead and she still brings him up. How dare she compare me to him. I am nothing like that fucker! I will never be!

The nurses gave me a shot again and that just made me go to sleep.    


                         Steve P.O.V 


      That was quit a fight. Me and tavi were just staring at each other like what the fuck was happening.

Brianna came out the room.

"Babe.." i said running up to her. Tears were falling down her face but she wasn't even trying to cry. 

"It's okay. I just..um..i need to go...uh..get a breather." she said.    

"Wait, let me come with you." i said. 

"No i got it!" she said. 

"I'll be back soon. Okay babe?" she said and then she kissed me and left. 

"What was that all about?" i told tavi. 

"She shouldn't have said that. He's like reallllllllly sensitive when it comes to his dad." tavi said. 

"Yeah, i know." i said. "But she was just trying to make him quit. She wasn't trying to piss him off." i said. 

"I don't know, but if we weren't in the hospital much much worse than this 'fight' would have happened. I think he controlled himself a little here. He just hates it when the subjects opens up from himself to his dad." she said. 

"Gavin never talked to me about his family. He never did. I just know it's fucked up whatever it is. He doesn't talk about it to anyone. How do you know that?" i asked her.

"Uh..he told me. When we were going out." she said. "He trust me you know?" she said. 

"Yeah, obviously. Did he legit sit down and talked with you heart to heart?" i asked her. I was really shocked. 

"In the beginning, he would never talk about it. But i wanted to talk to him about it. I asked about it a lot and in the first few months he just said he wasn't ready to talk about. Then he said he didn't wanna talk about it. And then slowly by slowly, he got warmer and warmer with me about that subject until he finally sat down and told me everything. He's really hurt by his passes steve. He never cries. He cried on my shoulder. Like he was shaking. And i felt his hurt." she said. 

"Wow..if i ask him he would probably yell. Or even his sister doesn't even talk about it to him. Cuz that's how bad it gets. Anyway, tell me again what happened from beginning." i said. 

"I won't say exactly what happened cuz i promised him i wouldn't talk about it to anyone but um..basically when brianna and gavin were 5 years old their father was a drug addict and an alcoholic. He started drinking and smoking since they were born. At the age of 5 a big tragedy happened. I'm sure brianna told you how her father tried to rape her when she was 5 but his best friend stopped him. At that time the 5 year old gavin got out of the house to get help. He didn't know that his fathers best friend already stopped it. His best friend told the father to give up brianna up for adoption because obviously, he couldn't take care of her. And that day, the father gave brianna up for adaption. When the 5 year old gavin returned home with help, no one was there. Later on, his father gave him up for adoption too. By the way, for 5 years, the mother was in misery. She used to be good. The father used to beat her and the kids. She wouldn't say anything. Till one day, she had it. She wanted to take the kids and leave but the father was rich and she was poor so he got a case against her and he won. So he kicked her out with Kaden. He didn't want kaden i guess or he felt bad and gave her one kid out of the three. He kept gavin and brianna and that's what happened to them and how they got into adoption. Both of them were troubled kid but i mean what the fuck do you accept." she said. 

"Wow..Brianna said something like that but she didn't tell me the whole story. She never did to anyone. And i don't blame her. I mean she's not gonna be like 'yeah, my father tried to rape me when i was like 5' " i said. 

"Yeah, obviously. But um..i feel gavin. His dad used to be his nightmare." she said. 

"Who knows..maybe he still is and that's why he acts like that when that specific subject is brought up." i said. 

"Wait, what about the mother? Define gone bad." i asked all confused. 

"Yeah, she grew up kaden and left god knows where. And now she's like..i don't know. She's with everybody. She's a golddigger and she's like hella rich right now." she said. 

"No one knows that...How the fuck do you know that?" i asked. 

"I just do." she said. 

Wow..soo yeah gavin is mad in love with her. Fuck..i'v known him for 7 years and i'm his best friend and he didn't tell me anything. 


            Gavin P.O.V 


     I was half conscious and half unconscious because of the sleeping pill. 

"Tavi..." i whispered.

"She's not here right now sir. I'm afraid she can't get in right now.." the nurse said. 

"Noo...no.no.no. i need her now...i need her. Tell her...tell her to come...come in." i said. 

"I'm sorry sir but i can't do that." the nurse said.

"No..no you don't understand... she...she...she calms me down...in these situations. I need...i need her. Call her...Call her..." i said. 

"I'm so sorry sir. You can see her first thing in the morning." she said. 

"No..you don't fuckin understand! I can't fucking calm down without her being here!" i said. 

"Sir you need to calm down" said the nurse. 

"Don't fucking tell me to calm down. Get her here. I need her now.." i said. 

"Just wait till tomorrow sir." said the nurse. 


She called for back up cuz apparently she just thought i was going mad. No, i just needed tavi. 

They came in and gave me another sleeping shot. 

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Stopppppppppppppppppp! Taviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" i was shouting

"Sir, you need to calm down!" said the nurse. 

"Nooooooooooooo! Stop! i don't fuckin need..need...fuck." i said and just couldn't talk or didn't care to talk anymore.



           Tavi P.O.V


     "No, you don't understand! He's calling me! I need to go there! I need to be there for him now! " i said. 

"I'm afraid you can't. We just gave him sleeping shots. He'll be out till tomorrow." said the doctor. 

"What?! noo! He doesn't need sleeping shots! He's fine!" I shouted. 

I tried to get in there but the nurses came and they tried to stop me and so was steve trying to stop me. 

"Noooo! Stoop! What are you doing! Agh let me go! I need to go in!!" i was shouting. 

I heard Gavin saying my name, " Tavi..." and he passed out. 

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