Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


13. Chapter 13.



                            Tavi P.O.V 


             "Gavin had overdosed. He faced a serious damage. However, we did the best that we could. Now it's up to him to wake up. Unfortunately, none of you guys could go in to see him at the moment. After a few hours i will come back to check up on him. Hopefully, he'll be conscious by then, but if not then, we have to wait until he opens his eyes. Which in his situation, it might take longer than you guys may think."  "excuse me" the doctor said and walked away. 

All of us were in way too much shock. I felt like i couldn't breath. None of us said anything. We were quit for some time. We were waiting for the doctor to come check in on him.

After 5 hours, the doctor finally came and walked into Gavin's room. Still, none of us could have gotten in. By now, it was 10 in the morning. 

"I'll go get us some coffees." steve said and left. 

Brianna was sitting on the benches. Quit. I went and sat next to her. 

"He'll be alright. He at least owes us that right?" i said as a tear fell down my face.

"Of course he'll be alright. And when he opens his eyes, all of us well be here and...it's gonna happen soon okay?" brianna said. 

After 15 minutes, steve came and brought us some coffees. All of us were still waiting. 

The doctor came out of gavin's room. 

"How's he doctor?" i asked while steve and brianna we're behind me looking worried as hell. 

"Why don't you guys introduce yourselves to me. And by that i mean, who is the patient to you guys. A brother? a sister? a friend? and maybe preferably a boyfriend?" the doctor asked. What a weird question. But for gavin's well being, all of us would do anything. 

"I'm his bestfriend." steve said. 

"I'm his sister." brianna said. 

I was just standing there because i didn't know what to tell the doctor. I mean, what am i to him now? He hates me. Hell, he didn't even wanna talk to me. 

"And you?" the doctor asked. 

"I'm...uh...I'm a friend, i think." i said. 

"They used to date." steve said. 

"Perfect. I found what i was looking for." the doctor said. 

"Can you guys just give me and tavi a few minutes please?" the doctor said. 

Wait...where is he going with this? i looked confused. 

"What? he's my brother. I think i wanna know about his condition. Is he getting better? is he getting worse? What the hell is happening?!" brianna said in a loud voice. 

"Yeah, he's my bestfriend and her brother. We can't just leave without you telling us what the fuck is happening." steve said. 

"Look, most of the time when patients are out conscious, they can hear when you talk to him. And who better than an ex girlfriend?" the doctor said. "If tavi talks to gavin while he's out conscious, he might return to us." the doctor said. 

"Okay, well then why did you want me and steve to give you guys some time? As much as tavi loves him, we love him too. So whatever info you wanna share, you give it to all of us. Got it?!" brianna said.

"Yes. Sorry ma'am. I was just trying to help." the doctor said. 

"You could have also helped without telling us to give you guys a time." steve said. 

"Okay! Okay! Enough!" i said. "What do i do now? What do i tell him?" i said. 

"You tell him whatever you want him to know. Actually scratch that. You tell him whatever he needs to know." the doctor said. 

I took a deep breath. "Okay." i said and i walked in gavin's room. 

As i walked in his room, i saw all these machines working and hooked up to him. 

The doctor saw me looking at the machines all freaked out. 

Then he said, "Don't worry about the machines. I will give you ten minutes. Say whatever you need to say. And let  it be positive. Any hand signs or any sign at all, tell me for sure." and left the room. 

I sat on the chair right next to his bed and held his hand. 

"Hey baby..." i said as tears were coming out like rain. 

"So i know you can hear me and i know that i'm the last person you wanna hear but just hear me out okay?" i said while holding his hand tight. 

"Me and you...we went through a really really rough time together. Maybe we aren't right for each other like you said. But maybe we are. Like it or not, we're always gonna collide to each other like two stars." i said and paused a little. 

"I can't afford to lose you. Because, losing you means losing everything. Gavin, you are my everything. Please forgive me for all the wrong i have done to you. Know that i didn't mean anything. Everything just sorta happened. I didn't plan on getting pregnant with you gavin. I'm 17 and your 18 and we're not all that rich. How the hell would we have gotten care of the kid? I had my reasons for the abortion. I know it was wrong gavin. But to this day, i don't regret it because believe it or not we were not ready for a child. And we wont be ready until we hit that mature age. I understand you wanted a child, so did i gavin but not like this." i said and than paused for a few minutes. 

"I wish that you would have listened to my side of the story. It isn't that bad. And i'm wiser for it now. I know i went out with kye right after we broke up but i swear i don't know why i did it." i said.

"Everything i ever did, heaven knows i'm sorry babe. I was too dumb to see, you were always there for me. And my curiosity got the better of me. Baby take it easy on me. Anything from A to Z, call me what you wanna babe. I open my heart to you, you are my priority. Can't you see you've punished me, more than enough already. Baby take it easy on me.You're one in a billion." i said as a tears were falling down my face. 

As i was looking at him, a tear fell down his face. 

Oh god, he heard! 

"Baby, come back to me.." i said. 

as i said that, he squeezed my hand a little. I kept on holding it tight. 

I was about to hurry out to go get the doctor to tell him that he squeezed my hand. As i got up to open the door to run out and tell the doctor, i heard the flat line. As i turned around to look at the flat line machine, i saw the line going completely flat. 

"Oh my god!!" i screamed.

"Helppppppppppppppp! Helppppppppppppppppppppp!" i started shouting. 

The doctor rushed in to the room and told me to get out. He called 5 more doctors really fast and as they all rushed into his room, i saw the doctors using defibrillators on him saying "1,2,3 GO!" and the door got shut close.    


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