Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


12. Chapter 12.



                    Gavin P.O.V


          I paused for a really long time-or so it felt like a long time. 

"i'll never get over what you did. I'm sorry it has to be this way. Just remember that this...i never wanted this. You brought this on us. So was it really worth it Tavi? Are you enjoying this?! Cuz hell..things will never be the same between us anymore. This "relationship" had been damned from the beginning." i said as i walked away.

She grabbed my arm. 

"Wait a fucking second." she said " Don't you fucking walk away from me. FROM US!" she shouted. 

i turned around and looked at her and a tear fell off her face. 

"You walked away from us a long time ago tavi. I'm just finishing what was "leftover" of our past." i said. 

"I'm sorry baby." she said as her eyes were watery. 

"Don't be. You gave me your answer a long time ago and i just barley get it." i said. 

"What does that meaning?" she said. 

"This means goodbye." i said as i looked up and tried to control myself but i failed so a tear fell down my face and then i left. 



          Steve P.O.V

wow...that was hell of a show. Brianna and I were eating junk food and someone knocked on the door and she said "I think it's him." and smiled. 

"Woaaaaah, who?" i said knowing the answer but i just didn't wanna admit it.

"It's Johnny..we're dating steve." she said. 

"What? i though..." i said just shocked. 

"We'll talk about it later ok? but for now, i need to go." she said and left. 

I just stood there like a zombie thinking what i'v done wrong. I really thought we had a connection but i was wrong obviously. I mean Johnny...her best friend. Wow. That must be serious than.

I came to Gavin's room. 

"Whats up?" he said. 

"uh..brianna..she uh...she went out with Johnny. They're dating." i said. 

"Wow..sorry man." he said. "But sucks doesn't it?" he said. 

"Yeah. I'm sorry about you and Tavi. Are you okay?" i said. 

"I don't...I don't wanna talk about it." he said.

"Until when man? Your destroying yourself! I think it's time to stop." i said. 

"Stop what steve?! I didn't know you can stop your emotions and feelings. Cuz if you can, i'd appreciate it if you let out the big secret on how to stop them!" he said. 

"Look i understa-" i said as he cut me off. 

"Understand?! No i don't think you do. You don't understand shit! You don't fucking know what i went through! No one fucking knows! So yeah it's true. I'm still fucking in love with her. I'll never get over her and she'll never get over me. But not every real life story ends like a fucking fairy tale. We had our time, but it's all over now and that's how it was meant to be." he said. 

I understood his anger so i didn't wanna really argue with him. 

"Yeah, you're right. I might not understand what you went through but life continues. Don't beat yourself out because of this. And i understand "this" is not just a small deal. I understand it's a huge deal. But, go easy on yourself. We care about you." i said. 

"I'm gonna go to bed early." he said. 

"It's 5 am gavin. Fuck..you don't even know your day and night time. Wake up to reality! i said. 

"I am in the fucking reality!! Can't you see how i am?!" he yelled.

"Yeah, i'm sorry. Get some rest. Good night." i said and got out of his room. 

Wait a second...Brianna went on a "date" at 5am?  With her bestfriend? At 5am? I thought to myself. She's not like that. She's not out to have sex right now. Is she? I can't believe im doubting her. I mean i shouldn't even care. It's not like we're going out. I stayed up in the living room all morning. It was 11am. Everyone were sleeping. Everyone as an tavi and gavin. Brianna came in. 

"Where were you?" i said. I probably looked dead a little. 

"Out steve. Where else?"  she said. 

"Out where?" i said. 

"Jeezz. Just out with johnny." she said. 

"Brianna!!" i shouted. 

"First, get out of my way. And second, it's none of your damn business." she said and left. 

I grabbed her and brought her back. 

"What were you doing with him brianna?" i said. 

"Whatever. I'm 18 and i think it's legal." she said. 

"And i'm 19. Doesn't fucking mean i can go sleep with everyone!" i said. 

"What? sleep? wait, why do you care? we're just friends steve." she said. 

"What else then? You left at 5 in the morning. And i care alright!"i said. For some reason i was pussying out and i couldn't tell her why i cared so much. 

"I can't tell you anything steve. I'm sorry." she said. 

"Try me! I promise i wont tell anyone." i said. 

"I did something stupid. Something i shouldn't have done. And i regret it." she said. 

"Like possibly what though?" i said. 

"I went with Johnny because...." she couldn't finish her sentence. 

"Babe..babe, you can tell me." i said as i ran my fingers down her face.

"You know how Johnny is a sheriff..' she said.

"Wait, how old is he? Like 40?" i said...yup out of hatred. 

"40? what the fuck? he's 21" she said and smiled but her smile faded real fast. 

"Okay..what about him?" i said.

"I went looking for my mother with him." she said.

"At 5am brianna?" i said. 

"Out of everything i said, you're just gonna concentrate on "5am"? You know what? nevermind. I'm tired i'm gonna go sleep." she said.  

"Wait..no.No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."  i said "wow, your mom.. you hadn't seen her in 13 years. How did it feel? What did she say?" i said. 

"She didn't changed much. And it felt soo horrible seeing her. I don't ever wanna talk to her. I thought i was ready. But it's not about being ready anymore. It's about not waning to. And the only reason i went at 5 it's because she was in town for a day. I didn't know. And at 6am she left." she said as a tear fell down her face. 

"Come here!" i hugged her. "She missed out on you. You're such a beautiful, smart, amazing, successful, and bright woman. It's her loss. Don't even worry about it Brianna. I'm here for you, and so are gavin and tavi. Just stay strong and...and..." i couldn't say it again. 

"And?" she said. 

"And you should go sleep. You look really tired." i said and she nodded and left in her bedroom.

FUCK! what is wrong with me?! I could have told her right now and she would have known and she might have accepted. She wasn't on a date. And that thought made me smile. I still didn't sleep. I couldn't. I wanted to but that moment was just running through my mind and me being the stupid guy that i am, i couldn't tell her. 


       Brianna P.O.V


     It was about 5:45 and everyone was sleeping. Tavi and Gavin were in there own separate rooms sleeping. Yuup...still. 

I came in the living room and steve was crashed out on the couch. I looked at him and smiled. I really wanted me and him to be together but now...i mean what if we end up just like tavi and gavin and not talk to eachother and hate one another. I erased the thought out of my head really fast. 

After a few minutes, i ordered some Chinese and Mexican food. 

Steve woke up. 

"Heeeeey" he said smiling. 

"finallllllyyyyy" i smiled and sat on the couch. 

"What do you mean? I only slept for like 6 hours" he said as he laughed. 

Ugh...his laugh is melting me. 

"Come sit next to your bestfriend. He misses you." he said and smiled. 

"Finnne, i guess i'v missed you too" i said laughing and sat right next to him. 

We were both smiling and looking into each others eyes. 

"Brianna, there's something i need to tell you." he said and the door bell ringed. 

"Okay, hold on a second." i left to open the door. It was the food. I got it and came in the living room.

"Chinese and Mexican!" i said excitingly. 

"Sure, i guess it can wait." he smiled.

"After we eat?" i asked. 

"Yeah." he said.


     Steve P.O.V

We finished after 40 Minutes or so. 

"Okay now can i tell you?" I said while were standing up. 

"Yeah, go ahead." she said said. 

"Look brianna...i need you. I want you. And i mean i love you." i said in a shaky voice. 

"Steve..i-" she said as I put my fingers on her lips.

"Shhh...you don't have to say anything. I mean i don't want you to be with me by force. So tell me that you love me. When you're not around, i always worry. I love how you lie to me, or when you look at me like you are now, or when we argue and you win. And most importantly, i'm the happiest when i'm with you. You bring out the best in me. I always imagined how it would be to wake up to your face every morning. You don't have any flaws in my eyes. You're the only one that means a lot to me. I'm happy that you're next to me now and that's enough for me. Without you, life is meaningless for me. When i'm with you, i feel good. I'v always been so protective of you and now you know why. Whenever you're with me, i don't think of negative stuff that always cross my mind when you're not around. I'v never seen anyone like you ; so beautiful, amazing, flawless, bright, honestly, perfect. Know that i'll be there till the end." i said . Damn, who knew i had feelings. 

She didn't say anything. She was just standing there. 

"You don't have to say anything." i said and walked away. I think she rejected me but like without saying a word. 


She grabbed my arm. 

"You're crazy. You know that?" she smiled.  "Don't go. I'm glad that you said something. Know that i love you and that no one will ever care about you as much as i do." she said and smiled.

"So where does this leave us?" i said so happily. 

"I don't know. Where does this leave us Steve?" she said smiling. 

"You're mine. And i'm yours." i said looking right in her eyes. 

"I'm yours baby." she said and looked straight into my eyes too. 

We kissed. And i said this while kissing her on the lips and saying one word each time ; " I've (muah) never (muah) been (muah) so (muah) happy (muah) in (muah) a (muah) really (muah) long (muah) time (muah)" 


"Lets go out on a date?" i said.

she smiled "where shall we go?" 

"I'll surprise you." i said laughing. 

"Oh! Okay!" she said smiling and laughing.


We went out. It was a magical night. I never thought anyone could make me feel the way i feel right now but this girl..aha she turned my life upside down in the most positive way. I loved her...a lot. What would i ever do without her. I can never afford to lose her. 


We were out since 8pm to 11pm. We came back home. 


"Babe, i'll check in on Gavin okay? I'll be there in a second." she said. 

I was in my room when i heard brianna screaming - really loud. 

What the fuck i thought. 

"Babe, whats wrong?!" i rushed into gavin's room. 

Brianna looked like a white statue. I could see just how horrified she was by just looking at her for like 2 seconds. 

"Fuck! Call 911 brianna!" i shouted. 

"CALL 911!" I shouted again .

As brianna was calling 911 Tavi came out. "What happened?!" she said. 

She didn't see Gavin yet. She came in the room and saw him . 

"Oh.." she said as she fell to the ground. 

"Tavi!" i rushed to her. 

"I'm okay. Gavin...gavin go check on gavin!" she shouted!

"Brianna, is he breathing?!" i asked

 She checked. "Oh god..just a little." she said. 

The ambulance came and took him to the hospital. No one was allowed on the ambulance so us 3 drove to the hospital with my car. We got there and the nurses rushed gavin the the emergency room. After 1 minute 5 - 6 doctors rushed in his room and the door shut close as we were all waiting.

Tavi was just sitting on the ground. Looked dead as hell. I gave her some water. She wouldn't drink so i had to make her drink it. Brianna was standing in a corner. I saw her shedding tears. I rushed to her and gave her some water too. I sat on the benches. All of us were waiting. It was 12am. We waited longer. It was finally 4am when the doctor came out. 

Tavi, brianna, and i rushed to him.

"What happened doctor?!" brianna and tavi said at the same time. 


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