Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


11. Chapter 11 .


           GAVIN P.O.V


     I rushed out of my room to see what happened. 

"What the fuck!" i cried out. 

"I think she passed out we-" said Steve panicking as i cut him off

"Water. Water! Give me some water!" i yelled. 

"i'll get it!" Brianna said panicking. 

As Brianna brought some water, i sprayed it onto her face. Before tavi got the chance to open her eyes i said : " I wasn't here." to Brianna and Steve and got in my room. 

Tavi got up. I was listening to what they were saying but i couldn't hear them clearly.

She came in my room after a few minutes. I was laying on the bed with my pillow on my face and listening to music. As she got into the room, i felt her presence and so i got the pillow off and saw her looking at me.

Oh god ... how i miss the way she looks at me. It's like she's staring right through my soul and .. i ... i love it. I love her. She's like my drug. She's my fit. Even if i see her for a minute in one day, there i got my fit..even if it's just for a minute. 

"Baby.." she said looking all sad. God, i miss her so damn much!

I took a deep breath telling myself i can do this . "I didn't say you can come in my room." i said. 

"I just wanna talk Gavin. I - " she said as i cut her off. 

"There's nothing to fucking talk about tavi!" i said and paused a little "God dammit! What the fuck do you want from me?! Thanks to you, i'm like a fucking walking zombie. What else?  You wanna take my soul away from me too?!" i said angrily. 

"But how can i do that? You're my love Gavin. You always have been. I'm sorry i was too stubborn to admit it but.." she didn't say anything. 

"You hid being pregnant from me tav! How the fuck could you?!" i said. And paused a little. "How the fuck could you do this to me! I thought i was your love. I thought there would be no secrets between us anymore!" i said. 

"You are..Gavin you are! I swear to God you are! Gavin i'm dead without you." she said.

i didn't say anything.

"Gavin please..." she said and paused a little , "Say something..baby please!" she said as a tear fell down her face. 

"You know...it's not important that everything's over. What's important is that there were some stuff that we only did together. And now that i'm not here...never mind." i said.

"Gavin...please don't say that. You're killing me here.." she said. 

"You know what? You were right. We were never made for each other. We never exactly understood each other like we should have. But you know what? swear to my mom I wasn't bad to you. I always wanted to be your pleasure. After our promise, i always thought 'should i go surprise her or should i not. Am i gonna make her happy like this or like that ' I always thought about making you happy. God dammit was i not enough?! ." i said and i paused a little , "Ouuf, my mind's exploding...i hate you." i said. 

"You don't...you'll never hate me. You love me gavin...tell me you love me..I can't without you" she said as tears were falling down her face.

"You're only 19. I'm sure you'll..." i couldn't finish my sentence. But i tried and i did finish it. "You'll find that someone." i said as i rushed out of my room. 

"Woaah, you okay Gavin?!" Brianna asked. 

"Yeah. I'm fine." i said. 

"You look pale gavin.." she said. 

Yeah..and i couldn't breath well at all.

"Sit down gavin i'll bring you some water." she said. 

"i'm fine." i said .

"Gavin you're obvi-" i cut her off and said 

"I said i'm fucking fine! God dammit!" and i left the house. 


        STEVE P.O.V


     "It's okay..he's pissed. Don't worry about it." i told Brianna. 

"Okay?" i said as i looked in her eyes. 

"Yeah..yeah i know. Okay." she said as she looked at me and smiled. 

"Should we go get some coffee?" i asked as i smiled. 

"Maybe you should talk to your sister first to make sure she's okay. And then maybe." she said and smiled. 

"Yeah sounds good. I'll go right now than." i said. 

As i came into her room she said , 

"Steve..this is between me and Gavin. I don't wanna talk about it. I don't wanna hear you talk about it. And i absolutely wanna be alone." she said. 

"But - " i said and she cut me off just like Gavin always does. 

"I'm okay. Okay?" she smiled. 

"If you say so." i said. "Tell me if you need anything sis." i said as i got out of her room. 

I came to Brianna. 

"She said she doesn't wanna talk about it." i said. 

"Yeah..i guess it's pretty natural." she said. 

"I'll go talk to her." she said. 

"Are you sure?" i said as she nodded "Okay." i said. 

She went in her room and i followed but didn't go in. I could have hear everything they were saying. 

"How you doing tavi?" brianna asked. 

"Fine.." tavi said. 

"Alright..i know everything. And I swear interfering is not in my intentions but both of you need some tough love .. again." Brianna said. 

"Listen..you and my brother...either you're gonna work out or you're not. How bout let's try and give you guys a break for a while meaning don't talk to him until he calms down. This thing might take a while i know but..i guarantee by the end of this you and him will know EXACTLY where you are. Now it might be strangers, lovers, or friends. One of these. But at least you'll know what the fuck you guys are. And let me let you in on a secret...he loves you. Like madly. Just give him some time." Brianna spoke her words of wisdom lol. 

"That's some great advise Brianna but I'm not that lucky for him to get me back. And i can't stand knowing that we might be strangers." tavi said. 

"But it doesn't have to do with luck...it has to do with love. And tavi, i'm sorry but truth hurts okay? I was born without fucking parents and i went throught fucking hell growing up. I had a boyfriend who i was crazy about but it turned out that it wasn't mutual. Moral of this is that i don't have parents and i had a really fucking horrible past but that's just the truth. Did it hurt? like fucking hell. But you'll get used to it eventually. Now i'm not saying that the hurt will go really fast but it eventually well. And it'll take a while meaning you have to be patient. Love fucking sucks i know. And that's why it's been 3 fucking years and i'm still not in a relationship and not looking. But guess what? I had to start from somewhere right? I started from leaving him and starting a new life. It was a choice. I wasn't forced. But i chose it. I chose to come live with you guys. I could have not. And let me tell you, it was fucking hard! I went through absolute shit while growing up. And when i left him, i was fucking crazy about him but you know what? i realized that he wasn't good for me. My point is that you need to do this tavi.  You need to know what you are with Gavin so that way you'll know what the fuck is going on. World's not gonna end although it may seem like it but i'v been through it. So i'm not being a hypocrite." Brianna said and paused a little. " Think about what i said and make your choice. It's up to you." she said as she walked out and closed the door. 

"Wha?  were you listening?"  she asked and laughed. 

"Wha? noooo" i said and laughed.  

"Such a creeper man" she said "Do you spy on me while i take a shower too?" she asked. 

"Why? You'll like that?" i smirked. 

She put her hands on my face and pushed me. Haha. 

I was slowly but surly realizing that i was falling in love with her. Fuck .. 

I don't want my relationship to be like them. I wanna have her in my life forever. 

After a few minutes we were sitting in the living room and brianna said, 

"I'm contacting gavin but it goes straight to voice mail."

"Yeah, i can't reach him either." i said. 

After five minutes he came back home with a bottle of Whiskey. It was almost finished. 


      TAVI P.O.V

  I thought about what Brianna said. She's right. Except i'm not gonna give us a break. 

I heard him coming in. He didn't look drunk even though he has a bottle of a whiskey that was almost finished in his hands. 

"Okay okay..i'll listen to whatever you wanna tell me. And i don't care who's right or wrong. Look, who's ever been in love with you like i have. Who wants you more than i do. Remember that i'm feeling good when your with me. I want you to know that my whole life is the way you look at me. You just left and closed your eyes on me. I'm feeling good with you baby. Now that you've seen my tears, you tell me that you're done with me. You tell me that there's nothing left between us and that you're disappointed from me. You say that you have a long way ahead of you. And i ask if you love me and you say 'no it's not a force'. So baby yeaah..i'll die without you. Every night i'm walking in the streets to no destination." i said as tears were falling down my face. 


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