Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


10. Chapter 10 .



         Gavin P.O.V


     I was breathing really heavy. What the fuck .. she didn't tell me.. why? I opened the door , 

"Fucking move!" i yelled at kai. 

I came in the living room steve and brianna were sitting on the couch , i asked, 

"Where the fuck is tavi?" 

"She's in her room. You okay bro?" asked steve. 

I went right in her room and without knocking i opened the door really hard. 

"Why?! Fucking why tavi?!" i yelled. 

"What? What are you saying?!" she looked confused. Guess she was way too confident that her play toy wouldn't tell me shit.

"Your pregnant?! ... from me and you didn't fuckin tell me?!" i yelled. 

"Gavin ... i - " she said

"What the fuck ! " i cried out and flipped the table that was in her room and everything spilled on the ground and all the cups and plates shattered into peaces. 

"Enough gavin .. enough please!" she yelled . 

"Enough?! Enough?! How fucking can i ?! You kept the biggest secret that involves me in it?!" i yelled . 

"Let me talk would you?!" she cried. 

"I'm listening." i said . She didn't speak for a few moments. 

"Fucking talk!" i yelled.

"I got an abortion! Okay gavin? I got an abortion." she said. 

When she said that, i felt like i just got slapped in the face!

"Fuck! Why?! You didn't even discuss it with me?! Why abortion?!" i cried. 

She didn't say anything .

"Get a grip gavin .. " i told myself. 

"Because Okay!" she yelled . 

""Because"?! "Because"?!" i yelled.

"I'm 17, you're 18 how the fuck would we take care of the baby gavin?!" 

"I could have provided for my own child tavi! I fucking work! I have a fucking job!" 

"Oh .. " she said.

"Yeah "Oh" . How the fuck would you know?! We've separated a year ago. You don't even know what the fuck is going on in my life!" i said. " Well maybe you should have told me!" i yelled!

"Gavin..i didn't wanna worry you..i swear i didn't mean too.." she said. 

"Well, you're killing me.." i said with an exaggerating smile. 

"Gavin.." she said. 

"Stop! You meant everything!" i said. 

"Baby.." she said. Oh how i miss her calling me her baby.

"I don't want anything to do with you anymore. I'm done with you forever tavi." i said as a tear fell down my cheek. I turned around and as i was walking she said , 

"I broke up with him...for you!" she yelled. 

I shook my head. She grabbed my arm and turned me around. We were face to face. I could have felt her breathing. 

"Baby..please!"she said. 

I looked into her eyes and didn't say anything for a few moments. 

"It's too late tavi.." i said 

"Your not the girl that you used to be. I wanted you but you were never honest with me. And that's why, i have to forget you." i said. 

Tears were falling down her cheeks and mines too. I walked away from her. 

I came outside and everyone was staring. Yeah..we were a little too loud so obviously they heard everything. As i came out and saw everyone staring i just stopped and looked at them for three seconds and then got my car keys and left the house. 



            Brianna P.O.V 


     "Shit. What the fuck's gonna happen now?" i asked steve. 

"I have no idea." he looked pale. 

"You okay? Let me bring you some water or something, yeah?" i asked. 

"No, i'm fine bri." he said. 

"Brianna we should - " he was saying as i cut him off. 

"Yeah..i think one of us should go talk to him." i finished his sentence up. 

"You go talk to gavin and i'll talk to tavi." he said. 

"Okay." i said. 


I got my car keys and got in my car and drove. I called but gavin but he wouldn't pick up. As i was driving i was thinking of the places he could be at. I checked a lot of places but he wasn't there. Lastly i thought maybe i should checke the bar that gavin usually goes in. As i wanted to go in i showed my fake I.D to the security and got in. I looked around and i saw him sitting in corner and drinking. 


"What the fuck do you think you're doing gavin?" i said. 

"What?" he said as he looked up. 

"Don't what me! You know exactly what i'm talking about." i said. 

"Don't start brianna.."he said. 

"I understand tavi had done you wrong when you couldn't afford to get hurt but it happened and you can't take it back and she can't either." i said. 

"exactly." he said. 

"I didn't finish." i said. 

"But you can't sit here and drink while she has fun gavin! Think about the people who care about you for two seconds!" i said. 

He didn't saying anything and kept drinking. 

"Alright fine! Think about yourself!" i said. 

I lied..Tavi does really love him and care about him, but she just has a hard time showing it. She talks to me. But i had to tell him she doesn't care. I can't afford to see my only family being alcoholic and depressed. Sometimes it's necessary to lie. 

"You're right! I'm not gonna sit here and drink while she doesn't give a single fuck." he said. 

"Exactly." i said thinking she does give a fuck. She's probably crying hardcore. 

"Now lets go back home. Okay gavin?" i said. 

"I'm gonna walk for a while. You go." he said. 

"I'll come with you. I don't wanna leave you alone." i said. 

"No, i wanna be alone. I need some time to think." he said. 

"About what?" i asked. 

"Everything." he said. 

"I'll see you at home." he said and left. 

I came back home but steve was still talking to tavi. I didn't here anything they were saying. But i knew they were talking. 



     Gavin P.O.V

I came back home after a few hours. I needed to calm down. I'm still not fully calmed after 5 hours but i'm better. As i walked in brianna and steve were in there room. They were talking about me and tavi  i think. Oh god . I went in my room and started packing. I finished packing and as i got out brianna and steve were right there looking at me. 

"Where do you think you're going?" steve said. 

"Somewhere away from here." i said. 

"I don't think so gavin. We're not gonna let you just go. It's not the only way gavin." brianna said. 

"Then what is the fucking right way?!" i yelled. 

"You staying and trying to cope with new fucking things!" brianna yelled back. 

"That's right bro you're staying. There's no way if we're gonna let you go." steve said. 

"It's really good to know you guys care but i have to go." i said. 

"Fine gavin! You wanna go so bad then go but just remember if you walked out that door then don't ever bring my name and say that you have a sister." brianna said madly. 

"Yeah..same for me too." steve said. 

Tavi came out. 

"What's going on?" she asked. 

"He wants to move out." said steve. 

"What?" she looked at me but i didn't say anything and i walked away. As i was walking away she said, 

"Gavin i love you. Tell me you'll stay. I can't without you. If i don't see you for a day i'll go crazy." she said breaking down. 

"I'll stay." i said. 

"Really?" she said all exited while tears were rolling down her face. 

"Yeah. But not for you. For them." i said and i walked straight into my room.

As i went straight to my room i heard steve and brianna call out "TAVI!". 

My heart dropped to my pants. What the fuck happened to her?!


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