Out Of Darkness Into Light

My story is about four young people having complication with their life and also difficulties with their love life while growing up.


1. Chapter 1 .



           Have you ever been so lost that all you can think about is suicide? Well, i have. My name is Brianna Hernandez Garcia. When i was a kid, my parents got separated. My father was an alcoholic. He used to break things around the house and tell my mother to pick it up. But, let me tell you another secret. He was also addicted to drugs. I had 2 more siblings rather than myself. I have 2 brothers. As far as i can remember, since my parents got separated my mother took my oldest brother, Kaden Hernandez Garcia away with her. And so there was just me and my brother Gavin Hernandez Garcia left. Both of us were 5 years old living with my father. We had a terrible life. I mean after all, my father couldn't even take care of himself. One day, me and my brother, Gavin were playing around in our yard and my father called me. "Brianna, get your ass in my room. NOW!". I did as i was told. I went into his room and he was half naked. Just wearing an underwear. I did not think that he was trying to harm me, I mean i was only 5 for god sake. "Get on the bed". I stopped and started at him. How you ever had that voice in your head telling you not to do something but you do it anyway?. I did as he asked. He started taking his underwear off. As a 5 year old kid, i freaked out. But, it was too late. He was getting near me. Closer and closer and that's when his friend came in. He yelled "Bro, what the fuck are you doing? Have you lost your god damn mind? she's your daughter!". My father stayed silent. His friend asked, "where the hell is Gavin? I can't see him anywhere!". He was still silent. I think, my brother was too freaked out so he ran away. I'm sure he heard what was going on in that room. I haven't heard from him at all since that day. It's been 8 years. I don't know where he is..what he's doing..or if he's still alive. 

           My father's friend took me to a shelter. I stayed there for about a month. Soon, i was adopted by this wealthy family. I went in with them and lived there. While growing up, i pretended everything was okay. I pretended that this new family was my real family. My brother was always in my mind though. Always having those questions in my mind about him and worried sick. My new family was horrible to me. They told me that they adopted me because they were in need of a mate. I cleaned their house and their bedrooms and i was basically trapped home because i had no permission in leaving the house (except for school)  without their approval. Which was never. Along the way, i grew up and became more miserable day by day. Living with my step family was hell itself. And also going through shit in school. Bad grades because, i never had time to actually sit down and study. I was 13 when i met this boy. He was all trouble, all the way. I tried avoiding him most of the time. I didn't want to get caught up to drugs and alcohol at such a young age. As time went by, i started to get to know him. Me and him became friends and i started to actually like him. I thought he felt the same way because he showed it. We, is friends and i started meeting up in a fallen apart shack. They did drugs. He said "Come on! try it" i said "no, I've never done this before. I don't want to start now. Please try to respect my decision." He replied, " Stop being a pussy. One hit. i promise it's not that bad. Just try it and if you didn't like it than i will never ask you". I was tempted..a lot!.I agreed and smoked way more than just one hit. My life changed. I didn't listen to my step parents, which was surprising to them because i used to listen to them everything they asked me to do something. I turned 15 on, December 25. Me and Jake started going out. We were officially called "The stoner couple" in school. It was horrible! I hated it! But i kept dong it anyways. Time went by, i was in his place. We were making out, and he started to take off his clothes. "No baby, i don't want to do this. Not now anyway. I'm  not ready". He smirked and said, "You weren't ready to do drugs either, but somehow you did the same day you told me that you weren't ready". i replied "where are you going with this Jake? Because i'm truly not ready! And i man it. So you either take your hands off of me, or i leave. You choose". He stayed quiet for a few seconds. "Alright, but whenever your ready tell me." then he whispered "i'm sure soon". I left his house and came back home to my step parents. I got in my room and all these flashbacks of my father and i hit me. I hated it. I hated sex!. So i swore to myself that i would never do it! I was scared with those flashbacks. I finally fell asleep, crying. 

         A week passed by, he came over to my place. He started making out with me..it went too far. He was on top of me. He started taking off my shirt and touching me. "What are you doing? stop. I already told you, i don't want to do this". He gave me one of his famous smirks and than asked, "Are your steps home?" I replied, "No. Why?". He said "Then just shut up because either you like it or not...you will lose your virginity tonight! i promise that to you! ". I tried running away! it didn't work. He was too strong. Pure muscle. I got..raped, i guess that's what it is. The next morning, it felt all like a dream. He was sleeping next to me. I had the chance to run away. But i didn't. I was either too scared..or i just wanted somebody to love me and want me because i was too lonely. I didn't know any of my families. I had no one. Or i guess i did, but i didn't know them and they didn't know me. Days passed by, i didn't care anymore. I didn't care that i got forced by my own boyfriend. I didn't care about anything! I started doing more drugs day by day. I'm surprised how i didn't overdose. Everything was so fucked up! I had no one but him. And i wanted to have him! I was in love with him. But how could i have been? After everything he had done to me? He introduced me to drugs, forced me, and made me get into trouble and also go through shit! I was going crazy just trying to figure myself out! I was confused. From everything and everyone. I didn't know the true meaning of parents, siblings, boyfriend, and family! I didn't even know who i was. I believe it's a miracle that i'm still alive today. So this was like a daily routine for me. Waking up, drugs, sex, sleep, wake up, sex, drugs, sex, than sleep and on ward.I didn't know what i was doing. I didn't have someone to talk to. I hated myself because, i became who i thought i would never turn in to. I was horrified. I was scared of everything. Life was a nightmare to me. I wanted my brother! i wanted Gavin back! I've missed him too much! I mean, i needed him! I always wondered maybe one day he would come find me. Just, that one day when he would come and save me from this darkness. That was my only hope in life. He was my only hope in life because he's my only family! What i was most scared about was that, what if he's fucked up himself now? What if, he doesn't care about me? What if, he forgot me?. All those questions were floating in my head every single damn day! But, i never gave up on my hopes. I knew that one day he would come back. Deep down in my heart, i knew that he still cares about his little sister and that's what gave me hope and kept me going. 

        The next day, i was out the whole day. I was with Jake getting baked! I came back home and my step mother said "You had a visitor. I don't know who he was, but he was pretty damn hot so i don't know why he was looking for you. Don't you ever think for a quick damn second that you can blend with the rest of the beautiful girls because you don't! Now go on you worthless piece of shit".  I was very much used to her altitude towards me because, she would say these things everyday. I went to my room and thought to myself, who could be my visitor? i mean i've never had a visitor. Nobody knows me here. I don't even have a family. A quick thought came into my mind!. My brother?..than i thought nah, that's way too good to be true. I went to sleep. It was in the morning, at 7:00 AM and the doorbell rang. I opened my eyes. The first thought that came into my mind was that, could it be my visitor from yesterday?  

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