Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


5. Time To Sing

Liam's POV

We watched but everyone fell asleep during half way through the movie. Avery Fell asleep first.

Do you think she's mad at me? Ugh, Of course she is! I ruined her life. I completely ignored her like she never excisted. And i hated myself for that and if i could go back in time and change everything i did wrong, All my mistakes, i would go back and fix them.

But something that Avery doesn't know is that All The lad's and I fancy her. Yep! All of us Except Louis.Even though we only met her for a little section of time. But for me i've known her my entire life. I've never forgotten about her.I even have dreams about her. In my head i'm her boyfriend. But in reality i've got some competition.

-Alarm Clock-

"What time is it?" Niall asked,

"7:00am" I reply.

Everyone got up and ran to there rooms.

Avery grabbed her bag and went to the bathroom. The only thing that's on my mind is her. I ruined everything, I ruined our Friendship. I walked up to my room and got changed, When i got downstairs everyone was waiting for me. ( Avery's Outfit)

"Let's go" I said.

They all walked out, I shut the door, and the Boys ran to the car but Avery went to her bike.

Louis stuck his head out of the window

"Avery aren't you coming with us?" He yelled out loud.

"No, It's ok" She said.

"Are you sure?" Niall asked.

"Yea, Its ok" She told them. I went in the car, And began to drive, we past Avery on her bike.

"So" Zayn asked breaking the silence,

"I know you all fancy Avery" He countines.

They all perked there heads up in shock.

"I have a girlfriend" Louis and I said,

"We know you have a girlfriend Louis, and we know you love her, But Liam...You are different" Zayn said,

The boys quietly laughed.

"It's like you've met her before" Harry added.

"I-i, I've never seen her before except now" i Lied.

The boys looked at each other not believing what i said.

"Oh c'mon mate" Niall said.

It went silent, And we arrived at school. And Avery,. arrived a few minutes later.

-Bell Rings-

I saw Zayn and Avery, walk into music class laughing together, I was filled with ivy and Jeaslousy. But i controlled my emotions.

Then Miss.Elegnar walked in

"Ok so shall we start. First pair, Zayn and Avery." She said.

They got up and started to sing Just The Way You Are, I could see how much Zayn wanted to sing it to her.

She had an amazing voice. Unlike my partener Aubrey, She was sitting next to me trying to hold my hand, But i kept moving away.

They finished and everyone cheered and applauded. They smiled at each other and sat down.

"That was Very Good!, Next Liam and Aubrey"She said.

Oh Great. She started to sing Ed Sheeran Lego house, Her voice was horrible, I saw Zayn and Avery Laughing quietly.

Then i joined in singing the chorus. Then i stopped. She told me when we were practising, that i would only sing the chorus, and she would sing everything else and the chorus....Selfish right? When we were finished, we got those slow clap's from Aubrey's friends, Oh wait Friend. "That..was..good?" Miss.Elegnar Told us unconvincingly.

I just sat down. Everyone else did there songs. And Aubrey's and mine was by far the worst...


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