Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


3. Picking a...Love Song?

Zayn's POV

It's still lunch and i see Avery sitting alone at a table when...Danielle? Came up and dumped her drink on her "Oops" She says and laughs and so do the 2 girls behind her. Even though Danielle is Liam's Girlfirend i had to do something. I walk up to them,

"Why'd you do that to her?" I ask

"Oh hey Zayn, I did that cause that's funny! Don't you think?" She says, i roll my eye's and say

"No that was not funny, not at all!" I Said my tone became angry,

"Woa, watch out girls Mr.Bad Guy!" She says as she laughed then walked away with Emily and Ebony Following her behind. "Thanks Zayn" She says

"Anytime, Hey wanna sit with me and my friends?" i ask her. She smiled and said "Sure, But i think i'll change into my spare clothes"she said and walked away. I sat at the table with the guys, Who were laughing?

"Zayn, did that girl just reject you? Niall said in his irish accent

. "No,No she didn't, infact she is one of my new friends" i say, They all raised eyebrows

"What's her name?"Harry asked

"Avery" I said, Liam's face looked shocked when i said her name?....He stayed that way until Louis Playfully slapped his face and he came back to reality.

"You alright mate?" I asked him

"Oh me? I'm fine!" He said but i didn't believe him Avery came back wearing a different outfit but she still looked beautiful ( ) I walked over to her and asked

"So, wanna join me?"

"Sure" she replied.

Avery's POV

I followed Zayn but then saw Liam...I hesitated. I wasn't going there, No. He caused me pain that can never be healed. "Umm, Z-Zayn I think i wanna sit on my own table" I said, I could see Liam putting his head down hoping i couldn't notice him, It didn't work causer i'm not stupid.

"Are you sure?" He asked

"Yea" I said

"Want me to sit with you?"He asked me

"Sure, That'd be nice." I reply.

"So, What kinda song's are you into?" He asked while chewing his food

"Well, like i said before i like your band's song" I say and laughed. He laughed with me. I could see Liam looking at us, giving us stares, i didn't like it so i concentrated on Zayn.


"Ok then, besides our songs?" He asked.

"Just The Way You Are? It would be Perfect!" I Said in an excited tone

"PERFECT!" he said loudly while standing up, Everyone looked at him. I laughed at him as he slowly sat down. 

-Bell Rings-

I grab my bag and books

"I'll meet you at the flag pole in a moment" I told him

"Kk" He said and walked to the flag pole, I went and put my books into my locker and walked to the flag pole and saw Zayn quietly singing. I walked around and went behind and joined him

"When I See Her face...There's Not a Thing that i would change, cause girl your amazing just the way you are" I sang along. He turned around and was surprised

" Your voice...Is...AMAZING!"He Told Me. I smiled..

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