Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


2. Partnered With Zayn Malik...Surprise?

Avery's POV

You thought i was going with Liam? Yea, Me too but i guess not...Surprise? Zayn looked around trying to look for me, so to help him out i walked up to him,

"Hi" I say

"Oh Hello, Do you know Avery?" He asks,

"Hmmm, Well it seems like your talking to her" I say with a sarcastic voice

"Right now?" he says joining in my sarcasim

"Yep" I Reply laughing a little

"Did not see that coming" He says, We both laugh and sit down

"Ok, so figure out what song you would like to do and get everything sorted out" Miss.Elegnar said, I turned to face Zayn "What song do you like?" He asks me

"Well, i'm a directioner" I say, He puts his hands infront of him and says

"Don't take my comb!" I laugh

"Dont worry, i'm not that crazy" I say, we laugh. We talked and talked and well, talked and wasted all our time. 

-Bell Rings-

"Class dismissed" Miss.Elegnar says. I got up and walked out and heard someone saying my name

"Avery! Avery!" I heard, I turned around to see Zayn pushing past people and coming next to me

"Hey" I say

"Hi, Do you wanna come by my house to work on our assignment" he asks, i laugh

"Yea, i'll meet you near the flag pole?" i reply

"Ok" he says and i walk off to my next class: Art. I walk in and sat in the back just in case, and guess what? Liam came and sat next to me, He probably doesn't remember me or even recognise me so that was good.

"Ok Today,We will create a portrait of a person of our choosing" Mrs.Tefale Told us. Everyone started talking to each other about what there going to draw,

and Liam leaned in and said 'Hi, I'm Liam"He says,

"I know" I said trying to ignore him.

"What's your name?" He says. He obviously doesn't remember me, no surprise there,

"I-i'm, Avery...."I say quietly,

"A-Avery?"He said.

"Avery Red" I Said to get to the point. I raised my hand

"Miss may i be excused?" I ask

"What for?" She says, raising an eyebrow

"Bathroom?" I told her, She gave me a disbelieving look but said yes anyway. I stood up and left the room, and bumped into someone,

"Oh, Sorry" I said and saw it was Zayn.

"Hahaha, Its ok, Hey Avery!" He says

"Hi Zayn, What are you doing?" I ask

" I got sent to the principal's office and going back to class" He says, I laughed

"You! Got sent to the principal's office" I say trying to countine my sentence but can't, i countine laughing "What for?" I ask "Well!, someone should've told me that the Lab Rat in the chemistry lab wasn't meant for testing chemical's on" He said, I burst out laughing

"Ok you can stop now" He says but i countine to laugh and basically laughed until the lunch Bell.

Zayn's POV

After a long time of Avery laughing, the bell rang. She walked off and i followed her,

She turned around and asked "Umm, Can i help you?" She giggled. Don't judge me when i say this but I like Avery....I LIKE AVERY! But how do i ask her out? i mean i only just met her. I guess i could wait a while, But love is strong!

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