Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


10. No Memory!?

Avery's POV

I kept trying to open my eyes but it was so hard. Everytime i tried i failed. It's so dark, I can't see a thing. Finally, i try one more time and's I try and move and move and move but it doesn't work. How could i escape?...Escape myself?

Eleanor's POV

I saw Louis look at me when he walked in. I didn't want to talk to him or face him right now. Even if i wanted to, something's telling me not to. He's really hurt me this time and it's like a piece is missing from my heart cause there is. I saw her move! She's awake! "Guys! She moved"I yelled. Everyone's head popped up and looked at her. We all surrounded her and waited. Then she slowly opened her eyes "She's awake!" I shouted. She looked around confused. "What's wrong Avery?" Zayn asked. "Who's Avery?" She asked. We all looked at each other not believing what she said. "What do you mean you "Who's Avery"?" I asked. "Umm i'm sorry who are you?" She told us. "Someone get the doctor!" Niall yelled. I ran out and looked for the doctor. But i couldn't find him so i went to the front office. "Hi, Where's Dr.Doise?" I ask the lady at the counter. "Go straight, turn left first door to your right" She explained, "Ok thanks" I replied. I followed the women's directions, and found a door with a sign saying "Dr.Doise" and walked in, "Hi Dr.Doise. We need you for the paitent Avery Den" I asked, "Oh, yes. I'm sorry to inform you but her memory will be lost for a few weeks, but as the weeks go by she will regain her memory" He smiled "Thank you" I reply. I walk back to Avery's room, and explain everything to the boys. We all sat down on the nearest chair/ couch we could find. "Avery, are you sure you can't remember anything?" i ask her. "I'm Avery right?" She replies. I sighed and put my head in my hands. I lost my boyfriend, my best friend. What's next? She's my only best friend because Danielle, Liam's girlfriend is untrustworthy and just plain mean. I just need a rest. I could see the look on the boy's face, They all sighed in despair.

All we need is a miracle...

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