Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


4. Movies & Memories

Avery's POV

-Flash Back-

"Liammmm?" I asked him

"Yea?" He answered

"Tag! Your it" I yelled and tipped him then ran, I turned around seeing Liam chasing me from behind. I giggled, as he tipped me

. "Tag!" He shouted and ran i turned and saw him running so i chased him. Then we heard

"LIAM! INSIDE PLEASE" We heard his mother yell.

"Bye Liam!" I said

"Will you come outside tomorrow?" I asked him.


-Next Day-

I waited for him and waited. But he didn't come, so i was hoping i would see him after school.But at school he was completely ignoring me too. When i got home, Well TreeHouse i put my bag inside, climbed down the ladder and waited again for Liam, but he wouldn't come. So i decieded to call him out, i walked to his door and knocked gently. And Liam answered,

"Oh, What Do you Want?" He asked in a rude tone, which wasn't like him?

"I-i was just wondering if you wanted to play?" i asked politely.

"Not with you!" He told me. I couldn't believe it. This wasn't the Liam i knew... It all changed from that moment.

-End Of Flash Back-

I Got Up

"Nooo!" I yelled in fright. I realised i woke up on a couch? then i heard footsteps coming from the staircase behind me, I must've fell asleep at Zayn's house. And when the boys came down Zayn was holding a hair Dryer, Louis was holding a hat? Harry was holding a lamp, Liam was holding a bat and Niall was holding...A sandwhich?

"What Happened?!?!" Zayn asked in fear

"Oh sorry, I j-just had a bad dream" I said, The boys sighed in relief,

"Sorry, did i fall asleep?" I asked sitting up properly.

"No It's fine" The boys said besides Liam but no-one noticed but me.

"I think i should go, Sorry" I said as i got up and put my shoes on. I Told them

"No it's ok stay" They said. I sat back down.

"Are you sure?" i Asked.

"Yea, Sure" They replied.

"There's a spair room for you if you want? It used to be my sister's room" Harry explained.

"Oh, Ok thanks." I said

"I'm just gonna get some clothes for the night?"I said.

I smiled at them then left.

I rode my bike to my apartment.

But i couldn't forget about my "Dream". I kept questioning myself why was Liam like that? Was it something i did?. Was it something i said?I grabbed some clothes and put them in my flowery Bag and went back to the Boy's house, Luckily i remembered where it was. When i came there i knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" I heard an irish accent.

"It;s Me!" I yelled.

"Me Who?" He said jokingly.I laughed. He opened the door.

"Hello!, Come in" He said.

"Thanks" I reply with a smile and walk in.

They were eating.I put my bag on the couch.

"Sorry, wrong time?" I asked

"No, Come sit down have a slice of Pizza" Louis Offered.

I sat down and took a slice and ate. I only ate one slice.

It was quiet. It didn't seem like the One Direction in the video diaries and twit cam's and stuff. Maybe it's the way i wrote them? Hmm, let's fix that. "So..Wanna work on our song?" I ask

"Nooooo! Can't we just watch movies?" Zayn said.

We all laughed

"TOY STORY!!!!!" Liam Loudly suggested. I laughed. Liam ran grabbed the movie and played it. We all took the Pizza and sat down in the living room.I sat in between Niall and Harry,Wait! You thought i was going next to Liam and Zayn aye? Well Surprise? Haha. ( Avery's Pajama's)

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