Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


14. Jack....

Liam's POV

I've been planning my approaches to get Avery to like me, and the best one so far is just going up to her and act like i'm her boyfriend already. Complication: The guys. So I've been trying to get Eleanor to help me out with my plan's but she's usually busy, Plus i think Louis is getting curious every minute.

I heard a knock on the door, I opened it to see a package on the floor. Addressed to Avery, What could she possibly order? I thought. I look around then close the door. I turned on the TV trying to ignore the package, But my curiosity got the best of me and i slowly opened the package hoping no-one would hear me. I saw a note and began to read it.

Dear Avery,

I missed you so much! Do you miss me?

I've been dreaming about you everyday, And was wondering watcha been up to?

I'm coming to visit you and hopefully you remember me.

i Love You So Much!


Who is "Jack"? Does she already have a boyfriend? All these questions rolled through my head, Then i remembered it was a package, I opened it to see picture's and other's but the one thing that stood out was this necklace. ( The Neckalce)

Who is this person? What kind of relationship does he have with Avery? I was so confused and  at the same time depressed and empty. What if this person is Avery's Boyfriend? I frowned at the thought and laid on the couch holding the package. Then i heard footsteps coming towards me and it went black....


I'm so sorry i haven't been updating it's because i've been busy with schol and dance and other activities and my internet is slow and i'm very sorry :/ I've also been considering having a co-author on this story so if you would that spot please tell me in the comments below :) :) 



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