Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


7. Getting Closer To....

Avery's POV

Eleanor and I came back, and i still couldn't get what she told me out of my head.

What if it was just a joke?, Yea, just a joke. I kept repeating it in my head but i couldn't believe it.

"Well, i gotta go" She said getting off the phone.

"Ok bye" I waved. I walked in and i don't think anyone was home.

I sat on the couch and turned on the TV, and started watching my favourite show...SPONGEBOB, yea i know it's for little kids but, your never too old for Spongebob I laughed.

"You still like Spongebob?" I heard a deep slow british voice behind me. I was startled and jumped It was only Harry, He laughed.

"Yes, yes i do" I said and laughed. He sat next to me.

"What other show's do you like?" He asked me.

"Well, I like Victorious and X factor" I told him.

"X FACTOR!!" he yelled in excitement. I laughed. My phone rang.

-Phone Call-


Eleanor: Hi, Its Eleanor *Crying voice*

Me: Eleanor? What's wrong?

Eleanor: I-i saw L-louis K-kissing a-a-another Girl 

Me: Oh my...I'll come over, Where are you?

Eleanor: Meet me at Nando's?

Me: Sure.

-End Of Phone call-

I stood up, "Sorry Harry i have to go" I told him

"That's alright, Is El ok?" He asked

"Not really i'm going bye!" I said and walked out ( Avery's Outfit) I started walking cause Nando's wasn't that far away.

Plus, I i walked closer and closer i see Eleanor waving to me With teary eyes. ( Eleanor's Outfit)

I ran up and hugged her "Awww, El are you ok?" I asked her,

She sniffed, "Y-yea i'm Ok, i just need something to get my mind off of things." she explained. We walked around the shops

"Do you know who the girl is?" I said

"No" She told me ( Miranda Cosgrove is The girl who Louis kissed No hate on her btw I just needed someone to be bad :/)

Just then we saw Louis with The Girl sitting on a bench laughing together...


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