Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


6. 4 Guys, 1 Girl

Harry's POV

The Guys and I are discussing who get's to date Avery.

"So..How are we going to settle this?" I asked the Boys.

It went silent for a while, Then "How about,You let her chose, You know like in the movies" Louis decided

"Thats Perfect!" We agreed.

Louis jumped up and yelled "I KNOW!" happily. Avery walked downstairs and we all sat down like nothing happened.

"Hey Avery, I was thinking you and My Girlfriend should go shopping or something." Louis told her.

"That would be lovely!"She exclaimed

"Whats her name?" She asked

"Eleanor. She'll be here in ab-" He was cut off by Eleanor walking in.

"Hi!" She said in a cheerful mood.

( Eleanor's Outfit) 

Avery's POV

"It's a bit cold, Use a jacket" She said politely

 she seemed nice and was very fit. Is she a model? I put my hair into a messy bun

"Ok, i'll be right back." I said and went upstairs to grab a jacket. ( Avery's Outfit)

"Ready?" She asked

"Yep Let's go" I said excitedly.

We got into her white car and began driving. During  the car ride we talked and got to know each other. She was so nice, We arrived at the shops and when we saw Forever 21 we stopped looked at each other smiled than ran over to it. We got alot of clothes and accsesories and she asked me

"So, Do you like any of the boys?"she asked

"Well, actually i like one boy but, I'm not telling" I said smiling

"Oh you've gotta tell" She told me

"It's a surprise"I said.

"Can i tell you something you can't tell the boy's i told you?" She told my mysteriously.

I gave her a confused look than grinned

"Tell" I told her

"Well...Apparently all the boys

"Fancy" you except Louis" She told me. I hesitated, could this be true? "Really?" I asked still confused

"Yep!" She said popping the "p" I was shocked...



Hi 12 reader's Lol thanks for your comments. i really want to know who should Avery go with? you tell me and i'll come up with something and thank you so much! for your support :) :) <3 Sorry it's short by the way


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