Three Words...

When you lose your best friend...Think about how much your losing, Before there gone.


12. 1 More Chance for Liam

Liam's POV

What can i do now? she doesn't remember me, Know who i am....wait! She doesn't remember! She doesn't remember my mistake's i made when we were younger! I can have another chance! I could start over, She could like me! I began to smile. Everyone looked at me in a questioning look, "Liam are you ok?" Eleanor asked "Yes, I'm fine, No I'm great!" I yelled. Should i tell Eleanor my plan? She's pretty trustworthy. "Eleanor i need to tell you something." I said. She gave me a confusing look but stood up and followed me out anyway, I saw Louis give me a look when i asked her."Watsup?" She asks, "I've got a plan!" I quietly yell. "What kind of plan?" She asked raising her eyebrows, "I could undo my mistakes i made when me and Avery were younger! She could like me" I explain, She smiled at me "Awwww! But you do remember what the doctor said, She will start to gain back her memory through the weeks" She told me "Well, This may sound bad but, I need your help to lie to Avery so that i could have a chance" I said "I-i can't lie to my Best Friend" She told me "Please Eleanor, Please" I asked "I need you to help me" i said, She had a look on her face so i could tell she was thinking about it, Then she sighed, "Oh fine" She said I started jumping and smiling. We walked back in and Louis dragged me back out. 'Woa, Louis watsup?" I asked him, This wasn't like the happy playful kiddy Louis?, "Did you ask Eleanor out?" He asked me, "What? No Louis" I told me, why wouls he think that? He sighed and smiled, There's the Louis i know, and we walked back in. Louis tried sitting next to Eleanor but she wouldn't let him, He frowned and stood up in the corner. "So, What now? When can she come home?" Zayn asked. "the doctor said she can come home today" Eleanor explained, "Couldn't you have said that an hour ago?" Zayn asked Eleanor everyopne laughed. I tapped Avery's Shoulder "Avery?, Were going home now" I told her She slowly got up "Wait!" Eleanor yelled she ran and grabbed some clutches "She needs these" She said and handed them to Avery. Hopefully My plan will work, I thought...


Hey Gummie Bears!

Sorry it's a pretty short chapter but i had a case of writer's block but yea, i kinda worked it out. Whatcha think? are you hoping Liam's plan works out or do you want one of the other boys to come in and save her instead? Will Louis figure out what he did wrong? And will Eleanor forgive him? Find out in the next chapter


-Ariah <3 :]

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