Nightmares to reality *Daryl Dixon*

Victoria Marshall was having these dreams for four years. Her parents thought it was some crappy teenager drama. Now, it finally came true. Know how she and his brother would survive in this apocalypse. *The Walking Dead Fan Fiction*


2. Good Luck

"Hey. Wake up!" Mason said as he shook my body awake.
"What? What's wrong?"
"We're running out of gas." 
The first thing I saw was the dark skies above us. 
"Where are we heading anyways?" I rubbed my eyes.
"Atlanta, Georgia."  "That's 8.9 miles away from College Park." 
"Yeah. Where should we spend the night? It's around 10:30 pm now." he said. I  looked around to see bright words shinning in the dark saying "Palm Grove Inn Open 24/7". [A/N: Made it up. I don't live in USA, for goodness sake.] "How about there? Looks safe enough without that much walkers." I pointed the signage as he stepped on the brake. "Are we camping out?" he asked. "I don't think so. It's better be safe if we stay inside." I replied as he parked the car to the parking lot. He turned off the engine and I crawled my way to the back. I grabbed the pillows and blankets and made my way back to the passenger seat.
"Here." I handed him his pillows and blankets.
"Thanks." He took the pillows and made himself comfortable then cocooned himself with his blanket. Less than a minute, he started snoring which means he's asleep. I did the same except I kinda find it hard to sleep. I twisted and turned but nothing happened. I looked at my wristwatch that tells it's just 11:32 pm made me frustrated. Damn. I should've stayed awake in the daylight. I sighed and stared the dark skies.
"Can't sleep?"
I jumped in shock. "You scared me to death!"
"Sorry. I didn't mean to." he laughed.
"Do you think Mom and Dad are still al
iv e ? " that stupid question popped out of nowhere. I was really shocked about what just came out of my mouth. It sounded so plainly stupid that I instantly want to take it back.
"I don't know. Who knows? They don't care about me, so do I." he shifted and faced on his door. Within a minute, I heard some snoring again. I continued my moment with the skies and grabbed a gun and a suppressor. I screwed them together and rested it in my lap. I laid my head back and stared at the ceiling. I felt my pocket vibrate and I realized I have my phone with me. I immediately reached for it and checked my messages. Almost all of it were from my friends & acquaintances while the others were from our relatives bidding farewell and good luck to all of us. I kinda got the feeling that half of them are dead. I gave them a short but meaningful reply which was:

Hey Guys! I'm sorry I haven't replied to all of your messages. I'm glad to know that me and Mason are still alive and no bites. I wish you all good luck to your own journey and may the Almighty God guide us to this hell hole that has been happening lately. Good luck and take care.
PS: A bullet to the brain would take down those dead assholes. Good Luck! :)

I pressed send to all of the people in my contact list and placed my phone in my lap. No one replied me back so I assumed they we're gone. I sighed and reached for my earphones and shoved them in my ears. I played some random tunes and closed my eyes shut, hoping to fall asleep. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I gave up and just guarded the place. There were few walkers on the road but only one came to the car. It was on my side and I grabbed my suppressor then connected it to my pistol. I gripped my gun hard and and rolled my window down. I shot it in the head as its limp body fell to the ground. I rolled my window up and stayed on guard again.
As soon as you know it, the sun rose again. The walkers were sitting silently on the concrete and sleeping. Wait, they're sleeping?! Who knew? About three or four walkers were left in our area. I woke Mason up as he opened his eyes slowly.
"Fill up the car. I'll cover for you."
He stretched his long arms and nodded in agreement. He narrowed his eyes and stared at my window closely.
"Is that blood?"
"Yeah. I killed a walker when you were asleep."
He made the 'Oh.' face and checked if the coast was clear. He went outside and popped the trunk. I followed him outside and loaded my gun.
"Walker on my right side."
I aimed at its head and pulled the trigger without hesitation. The bullet went clean to its brain as the body plopped down on the ground. 
"You're really good at this." he smiled.
"Thank you bro." I replied back.
He continued to fill the car with gas when I spotted a walker coming close to us. 
"There's another one. Want to kill it?" I said as I pointed at the dead body coming towards us.
"Of course. Hold this." he replied.
I grabbed the can and continued pouring it all. I offered him my pistol but he refused to use it.
"No thanks. I have my own." he reached for his colt.
He pointed the gun at the walking dead's head and pulled the trigger. It was loud and the body fell down to the ground. 
"I've got to admit, you kinda looked like a badass when you pointed the gun at her face." I admitted.
He just chuckled went to the driver's seat to check the meter.
"I think that's enough. Should we go now?" he said.
I nodded and returned the gas can back to the trunk. 
"Grab me a sandwich or something. I'm starving!!" I smiled and nodded in reply then grabbed two cheese sandwich.
"Is my water jug there?"
"Yeah. Hurry up. They're coming. I can feel it."
I slammed the door shut and went inside. 
"Of course they're coming. You just rang the dinner bell." 
I handed him his sandwich as he muttered 'thanks'. He smiled at me as we went off. 

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't updated for such a long time. School just started here (for like, 2 months ago) and I don't have that much time to write and update. But I will update every week. I don't know when but I'll update. Sorry for the wrong grammars. English is not our mother language. BTW, leave a comment and suggest some ideas. Tell me if it's good or not. Favorite and share it if you liked it. Please follow me if you like. Thanks for reading and see you next week. 
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