My Inspiration

"Truth or dare?" He asked.
"Hmm.. TRUTH!" I replied.
"What would you do if I died?"


3. Your Coming With Us

 **Harry's P.O.V.** 

 "Guys! Kitchen now!" Liam yelled from downstairs. "Coming!" I yelled trying to get up. "What time is it?" Niall asked sleepily. "6:23 in the morning," Liam replied. How could he not be tired? "Why are we awake?" Louis asked taking a blanket off the couch. We all were at a hotel because we were supposed to surprise my mum and sister before we have to go to Australia for our music video for Live While We're Young. "I got a call from Paul last night, and we have to go to Australia in 9 days and start our Take Me Home tour," Liam said looking at Zayn who was half asleep. "Zayn?" I asked shaking him. "I heard what he said, now could we go back to bed?" Zayn asked while standing up off the couch. "Yes, but be up before 10:30, we have to surprise  Alex," Liam said. Zayn's eyes shot open when he heard Alex's name I wonder why.

**Zayn's P.O.V.**

 I forgot we were going to surprise Alex by taking her on tour with us. I better get off to bed so tomorrow will come sooner. I really like her. You could say I fancy her, but Harry has a strict no dating my twin rule. She has beautiful brown hair, and deep black eyes. Just perfectly beautiful. As I was thinking of Alex I dozed off to sleep. 

That's it for now! I will update tomorrow! Sorry me hands are hurting >.< So erm.. yeah. Uh byee me lovelies ;) 

XX- Auto 

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