My Inspiration

"Truth or dare?" He asked.
"Hmm.. TRUTH!" I replied.
"What would you do if I died?"


2. Introducing Alex

 Hello! I'm Alex Marie Styles. You may notice the last name, that's right i'm Harold Edward Styles' sister. Twin sister to be exact. I am now nine-teen just like him. I love the band's music. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry (of course) are like brothers to me. Zayn, well Zayn i've liked him more than a brother. I know he would never fancy me, but I have always loved the way he is like the way he smiles, the way I get butterflies around him, and the way I feel safe around him. Then there is Harry: he set up a rule that NONE of his band mates could date me. He has been like this since we were fifteen. I was dating he best friend, Dakota. Dakota dated me for about a month, Harry saw him kissing MY best friend Katie behind the school. Ever since then he had to meet and talk with EVERY guy I talk to. I guess he is just worried. I always wonder why doesn't he trust the lads to date me? Louis knows I like Zayn so when they spend the night he makes faces at me and Harry looks at him with confusion. Speaking of having the lads spend the night they are tonight. Great.

Sorry it was short, but it was just 'Introducing Alex' I couldn't make it too long ;) well who is ready for the next chapter? 

Here it is me lovelies! 

XX- Auto 

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