My Inspiration

"Truth or dare?" He asked.
"Hmm.. TRUTH!" I replied.
"What would you do if I died?"


1. Author's Note

 Hey! It's Auto! (My real name ish Autumn) I need three extras so..

If you want to date 

1. Louis Comment your name and Louis' Carrot Queen

2.Niall Comment your name and Niall's Nandos 

3. Liam Comment your name and Liam's Purple Dino 

 Sorry but I have something different for Zayn and Harry. Enjoy the book! 

 My twitter is @Autumnloverof1D So follow me! I follow back ;) 

P.S. You could tweet me who you wanna be! 

(Many Will Enter Few Will Win) 

XX- Auto 

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