Just Let Me Go.

Terra comes from a long line of prestigious women. Terra only has one dream, and everything seems to be holding her back. Can she let go of every thing and follow her dreams?


4. The Girl who was Hurt

Her eyes were a pale blue and her hair was red and beautiful. She stared blankly and for a split second and for a moment James could feel her pain. He saw the attempt she had made to cover the bruise on her face and he saw the rings under her eyes.  She was skinny and pale, but she was beautiful in her fragility. James tried to make conversation with the girl but she just lowered her gaze and went on with her business. He watched as she shrugged the huge robe over her shoulders, and how her posture slouched with its weight. He watched as she willed herself not to turn back to him and how she straightened her posture like it took all of the strength within her. James shook her from his thoughts and he went back to the piano until he heard the sweetest voice humming along. That is the moment when he realized he was in trouble. 

The choir members began filling the room and James continued to play in a daze. He was unaware that people were staring, until Helen closed the piano lid and almost crushed his fingers. James stood and smiled nervously as the people began circling him, praising his talent. He lost sight of the girl, and he made a break for the door. Once he was out in the hallway he took a deep breath and slid onto the floor and put his head in his hands. He hated being crowded like that. "Young Man, will you please come back in and accompany us?" a wrinkly old man said. "We do not have a talented pianist that can put up with our type of music. You play so wonderfully. Would you play for us? My hands are old and they hurt so much." The man extended his hand and James warily took it. James was introduced to the horde of people but the whole time he kept his eyes on the girl. She was smart enough to hide behind a big man in the back, James laughed at the thought and scanned the crowd for familiar faces, he saw Helen and frowned at her ridiculously tight choir robe. He missed his baby sister, the little girl that cried during scary movies and fled to their parents room during storms. This was not the same Helen, this was some carbon copy of Brittany Spears and he hated it. Helen glared at him until he uncomfortably shifted his gaze to his feet. Before he knew it the choir was leaving the room in a line, and he was told to follow behind. What in the world had he gotten himself into? The whole time he played the notes that flew off the page at him he thought of the girl with the red hair, and why anyone would want to hurt her. 

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