Just Let Me Go.

Terra comes from a long line of prestigious women. Terra only has one dream, and everything seems to be holding her back. Can she let go of every thing and follow her dreams?


2. The Boy at the Piano

The drive to church was not far, just a few miles until they reached the center of town.  Terra hated the town, especially all of the nosy people that lurked there. Granny Roberts snorted signalling that she had already fallen asleep. Terra rolled her eyes as she pulled into the vacant church parking lot. She parked her car and Granny Roberts inhaled deeply as Terra tapped her shoulder. They walked together, Terra practically dragging Granny Roberts along beside her. Terra had not even made it to the door when Helen Klasky pulled into the parking lot with her green little sports car. Helen parked her car and rushed to catch up with Terra. Terra prayed silently that Helen would break a heel, but she didn't. Granny Roberts sat down once they got inside the building and Terra started to sit before Helen pulled her away into the bathroom.

Terra was adjusting her attire when Helen flushed and joined her at the sinks. Helen was at least 6 foot with bleach blonde hair and a tan that made the Jersey Shore jealous. Helen admired her reflection, obviously unaware that her skirt suit looked like it had been painted onto her because it was so tight. Terra fixed a stray hair and she caught Helen staring at her in the mirror. Helen smiled and said, "You are so pretty  Terra. Too Pretty for your own good," she added painting on another layer of lipstick. Terra blushed and dropped her eyes to the ground. The door of the bathroom opened and Terra's mother came bursting in, "Terra Lynn, what in God's name are you wearing?!" Helen giggled as she slipped out the door leaving Terra alone with her mother. Terra shrugged and tried to get past her mother who reached out and slapped her hard across the face. "You will not disgrace our good names like this," she spat throwing a black pencil skirt at her. Terra's eyes threatened tears but she took the skirt and did as she was expected to do.

By the time she finished changing her mother had left. Terra allowed one solemn tear before she tended to the mark on her face. Her mother would punish her worse if she did not cover it with make-up. She heard the piano from the choir room and she rushed to the choir room to put on her robe. To her surprise no one was in the room yet, just a boy playing the piano. A boy she had not ever seen before. His long fingers grazed the keys so delicately, and his arms flexed slightly as he changed chords. Terra could feel herself staring at his grey eyes, and his disheveled brown hair. She involuntarily began moving towards the piano and she stopped only a few feet away. His eyes flickered up and a small smile curled his lips to reveal a smile that lit up the room. "Do you always stare vacantly like that?" He asked with an angelic voice. Terra blushed and clumsily walked to where her robe was kept. She willed herself not to turn around. She knew he would tease her like everyone else did. To her surprise she heard the piano start again and she began to hum along as she prepared to lip sync through another dreadful service.

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