Just Let Me Go.

Terra comes from a long line of prestigious women. Terra only has one dream, and everything seems to be holding her back. Can she let go of every thing and follow her dreams?


1. Terra

Terra awoke with a jolt. She checked her clock and groaned. She had to be up in an hour and she had not slept well at all. She had not always awoke before her alarm clock, this had just started happening. Terra sat up and stretched out her aching muscles. She had been sure that a late night jog would have cured her sleeping ailments but she had been wrong it only seemed to make them worse. The coming events only made her feel even more uneasy. She slid out of bed trying to remain as silent as possible, her attic room floor boards held the potential to awaken everyone in the house. She crept to the window only to see that it was fogged over. She frowned and wiped some of the cool dew away with her hand. Torrential rain poured down from the sky at an angry pace making her smile a bit. Rain was Terra's favorite, she was even happier when it stormed. She sat in the small seat at the window and got lost in thought. 

Terra awoke to the sound of banging below her floor boards. "Terra Lynn get your butt up before you are late for church," her mother shouted from below. Terra muttered something about the condition of her floor boards and hurriedly dropped the ladder so she could climb down into her bathroom. She checked her watch and rolled her eyes, she should have been up fifteen minutes ago! Since there was no time for a shower she did her best to freshen up and she put her hair into an elaborate updo. The style accented the multi-faceted tones in her red hair. She smiled remembering the fit her parents threw when she had dyed it. She found a pair of church appropriate jeans in her drawers; a pair with no paint splatters or rips. She put on a white t-shirt and a yellow vest and she put her make-up on as fast as she could. Terra admired her talent with her make-up for a moment before grabbing her purse and coat from the hook on the wall. She rushed down stairs only to see the family piling into the van from the bay window in the living room. "Good morning your royal laziness. Looks like you're driving. I will ride with you," Granny Roberts chirped. She took in Terra's appearance and muttered something about, "back in her day people actually dressed up for church." Terra smiled and grabbed her keys from their allotted place in the kitchen.

Terra had only been driving for a short time and yet Granny Roberts preferred her company over the others. "You know why I like you Terra?" Granny had said one evening at dinner. "You don't chatter on about nonsense. You may actually have a brain up there." Terra laughed to herself as she recollected the one sided discussion. The truth was that Terra didn't talk because she had no feelings on common things that her siblings discussed. Terra was the odd child, her twin brother Tyler had died when they turned seven years old after a tough battle with Leukemia. Terra stopped talking after she lost Tyler, the only friend she had in her family. Often on holidays when she was expected to participate in family gatherings she would grow so awkward and uncomfortable that she was punished and sent to her room abruptly. The one place that Terra could not escape going with her family was church. Even if they left without her she was still expected to attend. As one of the Pastor's children, Terra was criticized if even a hair was out of place, she cringed at what she had decided to wear because she knew that everyone would be watching her today. It was a very special day.

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