Just Let Me Go.

Terra comes from a long line of prestigious women. Terra only has one dream, and everything seems to be holding her back. Can she let go of every thing and follow her dreams?


6. Scrapes and Bruises

(I need to clarify, from now on this story will be written in either Terra's POV, or in James's)


The service ended and we were invited to a lunch sponsored by the pastor and his family. The food looked great, and I was starving. I get a little obsessed over music, and playing the piano for long periods of time completely wastes my energy. In the reception hall I sat at a table with Helen who talked my ear off about absolutely nothing important. I was looking for the red haired girl, searching every face trying to find her, I was determined to meet her. Helen grabbed my wrist suddenly, "Look there is Terra, the girl who used to come over all the time." I racked my brain for the memory of her. The only Terra I could remember was a large adolescent with braces and acne. 

Everyone was going on with their business but I got a sudden feeling of unease. I watched Terra and the woman dragging her long but they had disappeared. I scanned the room, and I caught Helen staring at me. She raised her eyebrows and said, "Terra is getting in trouble, again." She lifted a spoon to check her thickly applied lipstick and continued, "I wonder what it was over this time. She and I used to be such good friends, I even helped her dye her hair. She got her phone taken away and thirty licks of her fathers belt for that one." She continued chattering on and I fixed my gaze on a room that I was sure she was in. I stood and asked for Helen to excuse me and I began making my way towards the room.

Terra came out first, her face red and bruised. The blood from her lips had stained her white t-shirt. She wasn't hiding this time, she was trying to show everyone.  started to get irrationally angry, and I have no idea why. She bent down at a few tables, women flocked to her and she ignored each one. The door of the room opened again, and the woman who had drug her in came smiling out, unaffected. Her face was splattered with blood, Terra's blood I assumed. The room was silent, even Terra stopped her searching to stare at the woman for a moment. 

Pastor Roberts came into the hall, and he was obviously embarrassed beyond belief. I could not tell who he was upset with because as he turned to talk to Terra, she was gone. I slipped out a side door, and saw her run out into the parking lot. I followed her, catching up to her pace easily. She was crying when I caught her arm, not even the rain could hide her tears. "I know you don't remember me," I started taking a moment to catch my breath. "I'm Helen's brother, James. Please don't cry. It will be okay." She looked at me for a moment and her gaze fell to the ground. "You always say that," she sobbed, "you always say that and it never is." I grabbed her out of instinct and held her in a tight hug. She gasped in surprise and buried her head into my shoulder. The last time I saw her she had to have been 9.Helen, Terra and I were on a bike trail, my parents paid me to take them. Terra had fallen off her bike and her arm was caught in between something. I remember Helen complaining that we had to stop. I jumped off my bike and I helped her free her arm. Her mousy brown hair, and her blotchy skin were dirty from the dust on the path. Her tears then were more panic than pain, now she was broken and alone. She had grown up but she was still the same. She still needed me, and I would find out that I needed her.

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