Just Let Me Go.

Terra comes from a long line of prestigious women. Terra only has one dream, and everything seems to be holding her back. Can she let go of every thing and follow her dreams?


5. Rain

Terra gazed out the church doors as the holes in the parking lot filled with water. Inside the fellowship hall the people were laughing and talking at a noise level that made Terra shiver. Her baby brother and sister had been christened at some point during the service, but the only thing she could remember was how they screamed when they were handed to her step-father, who was also the Pastor. The door of the fellowship hall opened and out came a new couple with their small infant. Terra grinned at the child and exchanged formalities with the couple before they went through the glass doors into the rain. She watched the couple walk to their car, the man shielding his wife from the rain with his coat. Terra smiled at the warm feeling she felt for the couple. She felt that they were going to make great parents. She sat on the bench and smoothed out the wrinkles in her skirt, bringing back all of the memories of this morning's confrontation. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of her mother, Rhonda. Rhonda hadn't always been this way she brushed a tear off of her cheek and took a deep breath as the old memories floated away.

The door burst open again and her mother looking furious spotted her on the bench. She marched over in her heels until she stood in front of Terra and she grabbed her face with her hand. She examined her cheek where she had smacked it earlier and a cryptic smile spread across her lips. "There is someone you need to meet," she said in a sing-song voice as she pulled Terra into the reception by her wrist. Rhonda pulled her to a couple sitting at a table at the far end of the room. People were starting to stare and Terra knew if she didn't smile and pretend everything was okay she would be chastised for it later. Terra plastered a fake smile on her face doing her best to make it appear sincere. She noticed people had returned to their chatter and it annoyed her that people were so naive. They had stopped and Terra's mind began to wonder what was going on. Rhonda grabbed her shoulders, a little too hard, and pushed Terra in front of her. Terra managed to hold her smile, and this obviously amused her mother. "This is Terra, the daughter I was telling you about." The man and woman eyed Terra's every motion. "Please, " the woman said with a slight sneer, "be seated." Terra sat down awkwardly across from the woman, while Rhonda remained standing. "Your mother tells us that you wish to attend school for Theology in the fall?" The man said trying to appear friendly. Before Terra could answer Rhonda assured the couple that Terra would be following in the path of all the woman in their family had taken. Terra felt like she had been hit. Her mother knew Terra wanted to go to school far away and become a writer. Rhonda smiled down signalling for an affirmative answer. She wanted Terra to mirror her words in some way, but Terra had heard enough."If you will all please excuse me I am feeling rather warm. I think I am going to be sick," she said before getting up and running towards the door. Rhonda was faster and caught her by the arm, "No deed goes unpunished Terra," she said dragging her into a nearby office.


Normally Terra would plead for Rhonda's mercy. but today she just stood there in silence as Rhonda cooked up a punishment in her head. One time Terra had cried for five days after Rhonda  forced her to kneel on grits, all because she ate before prayer. Terra was brought back to reality by her mothers hand smacking her cheek in the same place, she thought she tasted blood. "Do you enjoy being punished Terra?" her mother spat at her while circling her while she stood motionless staring into space. Rhonda grabbed Terra's chin and forced her to look her in the eyes, "You will do everything I tell you to do Terra," she paused looking for emotion. " I am you're mother and you will respect me, and do everything you are told." Another blow to the back of the head assured Terra that it was blood that she tasted. Rhonda stood waiting for a reaction, when it was obvious that Terra could not have given a crap about a word that Rhonda had to say, she made another move to hit Terra but this time Terra grabbed her wrist. Terra twisted her mother's wrist until she heard it crack. Rhonda looked fearful for a moment until she started laughing, " There ya go Terra, you'll be just like me before you know it." Terra got into her mothers face and planted a bloody kiss on her cheek and one on the sleeve of her white dress, " Mama's little girl," Terra said before she spit the blood in her mouth right into her mothers' face. 


Terra's Point of View 


I didn't care who saw this time. I walked right out of the room into the reception hall where everyone was happily enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Chattering stopped as I made my way through tables looking for my purse.  People began whispering, and a woman rushed to where I was searching asking me stupid questions like, "what happened?" "who hit you?" The questions stopped when my mother walked into the hall. Even Helen was quiet, which was strange she always had something rude to say. My dad came out of his office to see what had made the merriment cease only to see the scene set in front of him. He looked at my mother and shook his head, and for once she looked sorry. "This has gotten so out of hand Rhonda, " he said placing a hand over his face. Before he could even think to chastise me for this I found my purse and ran out of the reception hall. I practically took out the glass doors that had caged me inside for so long, it felt so good to be running through the parking lot in the rain.

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