Just Let Me Go.

Terra comes from a long line of prestigious women. Terra only has one dream, and everything seems to be holding her back. Can she let go of every thing and follow her dreams?


3. James

The morning had began with a bang for James Klasky, when his father pushed him out of his bed onto the floor. "We've been yelling for twenty minutes," he said leaving the door open.  His sister, Helen, had hogged the bathroom leaving him only minutes to get ready for church. This was the first Sunday since James had returned from boarding school for the summer. His hair was shaggy, he made a mental note to have it cut soon, he didn't want to look like a poodle. He put on his Sunday best, a pair of black dress pants and a teal button up shirt and decided not to wear a tie, after all it was his first Sunday back, no one would give him grief.

He stepped into the kitchen and poured himself some juice. Helen came tromping down the hallway with her ridiculous heels, looking even more ridiculous in whatever she had managed to squeeze herself into. He rolled his eyes and finished his juice. Helen hobbled to the door and bellowed that she was leaving and offered him a ride. James declined seeing as the church was only across the street. James laughed to himself as he pictured Helen in her Mustang pulling out of their driveway, into a parking lot. James opened the refrigerator and grabbed a yogurt while reading the sarcastic notes posted on the refrigerator. It was no secret that his parents had been going through a tough time, but they now only communicated through notes. James finished his yogurt and ducked out the door before one of his parents could corner him and con him into playing sides. 

James thought about his mother which made him feel sad for her. He had been sent to boarding school by his father after James had found his father with another woman. James hated his dad, but he also was angry at his mother for allowing for him to be sent away. They obviously had made no progress in fixing their collapsing marriage. It seemed as though his home had fallen apart once he left. Helen bleached her hair, got a tattoo and drained her college fund all in one year, His dad lost his job at the law firm and started drinking and his mom had to pick up a second job at the grocery store just to pay some of the bills. The only stability that this family had left fell on Jame's shoulders.

James wandered the halls of the old church, the same church that had brought him comfort. He barley recognized it because all of the renovations the new Pastor and his wife had done. He found his way through the halls until he found a room with a piano. He checked the hallway to make sure no one was coming and he ducked inside forgetting to shut the door. The room was large and ornate in scriptural wallpaper. He touched the keys on the piano, it was the finest piano he had ever seen. He sat down on the bench and opened the music book that had been set on top and began to play. He lost himself in the music, and he was happy. He didn't stop until his eyes caught a girl staring at him blankly. 

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