Teenage Kicks!

Harry Styles , an ordinary boy. Lives in Homes Chapel . When he meets some boys and they become a boy band. The Boy Band . One Direction


3. The Email

Niall P.O.V - Today when I was running back to my friend , Lukes, house . My phone started bleeping so I pulled out my phone and statred screaming "Niall! Niall? Whats the matter?!' Luke shouted. I was still screaming! "Niall Niall!" Luke ran like Usain Bolt! I showed him my phone. I fianally got it my acceptance. Luke hugged me . Luke rarely hugs anyone , not even his girlfriend , Zoe. Zoe Whealan. "OMG Niall! This is massive!"

The email read : 


Dear Niall Horan.

Your singing was very good. We have thought long and hard

and have decided to give youa audiition!

On the 19th Septemper 2010 , bring all your friends and family to The Irish Home (not real arena)

For your dreams to come true. 

Yours Sincerly

Simon Cowell.

"No Way!" Zoe squealed , she gave me a huge hug! Luke pulled us apart glarring at me. I gave him a confused look then looked at Zoes green eyes and her swift brown hair. "OH!" She shouted "Lets go to Nandos" Luke shouted. "I dont like Nandos Luke!" Zoe whinced. I laughed and said"Good joke , Zo!" She was serious! "Oh." I said! Luke pulled me out the door and pushed me in the car!


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