Teenage Kicks!

Harry Styles , an ordinary boy. Lives in Homes Chapel . When he meets some boys and they become a boy band. The Boy Band . One Direction


2. Reconise

HARRY P.O.V ; I remember that boy, the blonde haired Irish one, has he once talked to Harry, Or has Harry seen him before? "Harry!" Abbie called. Abbie ans Harry lived in an apartment together, "Your Mails Here!" . Harry ran to the door, he almost never gets mail, who would want to contact him , the only letter he would possibly even get was an acceptance letter from The X Factor , but that could not be for another 2 months . Harry picked up his ONE letter and ripped opened the envolope. It said : 

Dear Harry . Edward . Styles,

We wrote this letter to inform you that you have been accepted for an audition 

on The X Factor . 

Your audition is on September 9th 2010.

We hope to see you there and bring your best voice!


Simon Cowell , The X Factor.

Oh My God , I thought. "ABBIE!" I shouted, she came running in. "What? Do you need an ambulance?" I just shoved her the letter. "Omg , Harry!" We screamed together. "Lets call mum!" Abbie said . I walked out , grumpy. "Oh Harry, " Abbie said chasing after me."You have to , this is your big chance. Your mum HAS to be there with you." "I would rather dad!" I tucked the letter inside its envolope. Sat down and texted my best bud , Liam. 'Dude! I got accepted .' 'Wow! Hazza!'Congrats!'

Dad coming to my audition. Hell No!

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