Teenage Kicks!

Harry Styles , an ordinary boy. Lives in Homes Chapel . When he meets some boys and they become a boy band. The Boy Band . One Direction


1. Down Town

HARRY P.O.V"Oh sorry mate ." said a boy with mop hair curls and swift blue eyes. He said sorry as he bumped into another lad , he was Irish, his name was Niall, Niall Horan . "Oi! Dont you worry, " the mop of curls was surprised to hear that the boy was irish. "Is there a Nandos up 'ere ?" Niall asked the boy amd what looks like to be his girlfriend. Her bag said Abbie. "Err, just up the way mate!" Mop of curls told Niall while pointing up the road. "Oi , Luke !" and Niall ran off. "Harry , are you alright, love?" Abbie asked . Harry was the mop of curls . Harry Styles. Sounds like an famous name but he is just a lad. Abbie was Harry's sister. "No." Hrry sniffeled . "Well , come on lets get you to Taco Bell." Tacos were Harrys favourite food. 


As they sat down at the table with their tacos : Abbie -1 , Harry -6 , Abbie asked Harry a question "Have you seen , mum? Well you know lately?" Harry shook his head "Sorry , no." "Then what is the matter , Hazza?" Harry just said "Nothing." and carried on eating his tacos. 

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