My Curly Haired Savior

Hey! Hows it going? My name is Skylar and I'm 18 years old. I had recently moved to London from my home on the quiet North-Western New York coast. I have been a fan fan of One Direction but i have never seen them in concert let alone meet them.
Oh i forgot to tell you i have a serious medical condition called Anorexia Nervosa. Ever heard of it? Yeah I thought so. Well one day lets just my whole world flips around as i meet My Curly Haired Savior.
(this is my first movella so if you dont like it im so sorry just no hate please)
Thank you!!!! <3


10. Yes


We were watching the movie, Love Actually when I started to fall asleep. I felt something soft touch my forehead and quickly opened my eyes to see Harry's lips on my head.

"What are you doing?" I was startled at him being so close to my face.

"Oh sorry. I wasn't trying to be rude." He said, kinda embarrassed. 

"If you're gonna kiss me. Do it right at least!" And with that I sat up and crashed my lips onto his and I know this is cheesy but I did feel fireworks, something I never felt with Tom. I could tell he did too because he started to smile during our kiss when he pulled away. "Wow" Is all he said.

"I know" I said, and I couldn't hold back my smile

"I have to ask you something" he stated. "I want to know if you would be m-my girlfriend?" I never thought he would ask me that, but now I knew I would make the right choice by saying "Yes"

With my answer his face lit up and he pulled me into a tight hug. He smelled amazing, I don't know what that cologne was but I can't get enough.

"Harry? I can't help but say........." I stuttered " I know we've only just met but I-I I think I love you" I whispered at the end.

Harry didn't reply but instead pulled me into another kiss which I have to say is AMAZING! 

We continued to watch another movie when I fell asleep in his arms.



Wow. In this one night I have a new amazing girlfriend and she said she loved me. I couldn't think of anything to say I said me too with a kiss. Soon she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I wanted to stay like this forever, with her safe in my arms and I will never ever let go. Later I drifted to sleep still with Skylar in my arms.

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